Joe Satriani Discusses The New Van Halen Album

artist: Van Halen date: 02/24/2012 category: music news
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Joe Satriani Discusses The New Van Halen Album
While doing interviews to promote his upcoming concert film, "Satchurated", guitarist Joe Satriani was asked for his thoughts on the new Van Halen album, "A Different Kind Of Truth". Classic Rock Revisited says they wanted to get Joe's opinion because of Chickenfoot's ties to the band, with singer Sammy Hagar and bassist Michael Anthony sharing a history between the two acts. "I kind of like it," begins Satriani. "I was talking to Sammy about it the other day. I said, You know Sam, I have to congratulate you on the enduring success of Van Halen. It is something that Mike and you should be proud of.' Mike and Sam were at least as successful, if not more so, than when Dave was in the band. If you turn on any classic rock radio station then you hear just as much Sammy era Van Halen as you do David Lee Roth era Van Halen. As uncomfortable as it might be for those guys to try to sort out business between them, from my perspective, I'm just a guy and I like it all. If I hear Eddie and Alex playing together then I'm pretty much all the way there, immediately" "I think that both Dave and Sam brought interesting things to Eddie's musicianship, as he wrote different kinds of songs with each," adds Joe. "Dave is more vaudeville and Sammy is more rock. For me, just to have a new record with Eddie Van Halen I like that. When you think that we've been missing him for so long the crime is that we don't have three new albums." Satriani's "Satchurated" will appear in select US theatres in March; it was filmed live in Montreal on "The Wormhole Tour" in support of Joe's latest album "Black Swans An Wormhole Wizards". "Satchurated" will be the first 3D theatrical concert film release with 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound for the ultimate cinematic experience. The concert will also be released on both DVD in 2D and Blu-Ray in 3D in April. Thanks for the report to
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