Joe Satriani: The Guitar Thing Paul Gilbert Absolutely Beats Me At

"He just lifts everybody up."

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Joe Satriani: The Guitar Thing Paul Gilbert Absolutely Beats Me At

Joe Satriani sang praises of fellow guitar master Paul Gilbert, telling UCR:

"Paul's one of those guys that can really play anything, and I'm not.

"Paul's one of those guys who covers so much ground. He's so good at playing so many things.

"I definitely express to the campers [who attend the G4 Experience conference] how much I'm hoping to pick up, even at this late stage in my development.

"I'm always hoping that I'm going to pick something up from Paul that's going to improve my playing, because he plays so well.

"Besides the fact that his attitude and positive energy is so infectious that it's just fantastic to have him there as part of the proceedings. He just lifts everybody up."

This year's G4 Experience will take place from July 24 to July 28 in Carmel, CA, featuring Joe, Paul, Def Leppard's Phil Collen and Warren DeMartini of Ratt.

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    Very generous, as is to be expected of this man (and quite a few of his peers, not in the least Paul himself), but personally I've yet to hear this versatility superiority in Paul's front. No offense meant, but Paul seems very much more the type of guitarist to look inwards and dig out his personality to form it into his music. He's a rock/blues guy to the bone and you can feel that in everything he does.  Joe's music feels much more like he tries to look and search outside of himself, then apply his personality to that and shape all those new ideas into music. Mind you, I'm not considering one better than the other, but I don't see what Joe means here.
    Let's not forget how Paul is *always* talking about the blues.  To me, Joe is the more complete musician out of the two. When Paul improvises, he usually does so in the same keys and using the same licks/shapes. When Satriani does, there is always something fresh, something new. He isn't afraid to take risks when improvising, not even live. 
    this will surely be the most 80's inspired g4 tour ever. wish they could release a dvd of this.
    Ive always thought the coolest thing about Paul Gilbert was his upbeat attitude and his way of making me actually want to play again. He's always so damn happy when hes describing guitar. You can tell he LOVES it. Not too many other players have that.
    Paul loves the MojoMojo overdrive by TC Electronics much more than Joe Satriani does
    What I like about Paul is that he doesn't relies on guitar wankery, if he needs to play just 3 chords he will do it and still have a big ass smile on his face.
    You cannot expect less from Satriani. Do you have any idea how important is Joe Satriani for the guitar world? I can hear you telling 'of course!'.  Think again, go ahead.
    Paul Gilbert is such an incredible player. And he is a virtuoso who knows how to play for the song! Great compliment from Satch.
    Phil Collen...well I'm not sure how he and Rat's guitarist are in the level of. SATRIANI but interesting needles to say G4 not G3 ...ok Joe whatever