Joey Jordison Leaves Slipknot

Band confirms parting ways with longtime drummer due to "personal reasons." Details inside.

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In a surprising official statement, Slipknot have confirmed parting ways with longtime drummer Joey Jordison. Apart from citing "personal reasons," no details regarding the split were given as of yet. "To our Maggots and fans around the world, It is with great pain but quiet respect, that for personal reasons Joey Jordison and Slipknot are parting ways. We all wish Joey the best in whatever his future holds. We understand that many of you will want to know how and why this has come to be, and we will do our best to respond to these questions in the near future," the statement reads. "It is our love for all of you, as well as for the music we create, that spurs us to continue on and move forward with our plans for releasing new material in the next year. We hope that all of you will come to understand this, and we appreciate your continued support while we plan the next phase of the future of Slipknot. Thank you, The 'Knot" Jordison was a member of Slipknot almost from the very beginning, joining the 'Knot fold in 1995. He had recently formed a new band Scar the Martyr and released a self-titled debut record. Apart from expressing uncertainty over Slipknot's 2014 comeback plans at one point, Jordison gave no signs whatsoever about departing from the band and even noted having loads of material for the band's new album. Therefore, his decision came as quite a shocker for the fans. Slipknot are currently working on their massively-expected new album, a follow up to 2008's "All Hope Is Gone." More info on the Jordison split is expected to drop soon, so stay tuned.

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    did not see that one coming.
    They should get that joeyjunior15 or whatever his name was. I remember seeing him blow up on YouTube. Or mike Portnoy. that would be hillarius.
    matteo cubano
    what would they do for a mask?
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    Metal Hammer drummer of the year Joey Jordison. Damn why leave Slipknot right b4 recording the new album. Who could replace this
    a drummer
    Plenty drummers could replace Joey as drummer. He was good, but nothing outstanding. But as a member, i don't see how Slipknot is going to continue without him
    well, there goes the expected 2014 album plans. RIGHT OUT THE FUCK1NG WINDOW!!!!!
    "When reached with the news of Jordisons split, Dave Lombardo was sitting in his cavern. 'Finally', he said, throwing his last dart towards the image of Kerry. 'It has begun...'"
    I understand that Phil Collins coming out of retirement was a big part of this. I hear he will be joining the 'KNOT as a full time member and the new record will feature AOR type hits and a bonus disc of acoustic standards.
    Maybe that's why Jim is taking the time off the Stone Sour tour, so he can get Phil up to speed with the bands back catalogue!
    I wander if Clown or Chris Fehn are competent enough to replace him on drums, or if they'll bring another guy in. I pray they don't shove the drums back stage like they do the bass
    I would definitely say Shawn was, but Shawn and Chris' stage antics is a major part of slipknots live act, so it'd be a shame to lose that
    I saw Shawn play for Dirty Little Rabbits - he was pretty good, but it's hard to tell if he's Joey's level. Also I too highly doubt they'd put the drums backstage - was in jest rather than serious =P
    Clown should go on drums and Chris should go on bass. Then they'd no longer be useless to the music.
    Hmmm... I was thinking they would get a replacement drummer who plays off stage for live performances, but what they hey. Still can't believe this... He was a massive influence to me when playing the drums...
    Can Chris even play the drums?, he was brought to the band especifically to do "custom percussion", which is waaaaay easier than playing an actual drum set, let alone play like Joey.
    Dr. Knox666
    This sucks on so many levels I don't know what to say. Except BRING IN FUCKIN DAVE LOMBARDO!
    After time to allow myself to believe this is real, we should have seen this coming after Joey tried to push Slipknot on "with or without Corey"
    Wow, absolutely shocked to see this pop up on the news feed. Did not see this coming at all
    I'll be honest. Never really liked Slipknot and as a drummer I've never been a huge Joey fan, but this is pretty much as big as when Mike Portnoy left Dream Theater. That kind of magnitude. Joey will be asked about this for the rest of his life.
    technically speaking,mike never left dream theater..he went to record "nightmare" && on tour with a7x && dream theater assumed he had left the band so they replaced him..pretty grimy but that's what happened..
    That is so incorrect its not even funny. Get your facts straight before saying things like this. Portnoy asked DT to take a 5 year hiatus so he could pursue other projects and they said no, therefore he left the band. Seriously bro, do you even google?
    Shredder is correct. Who knows, there could have been a similar frustration on Joey's part because in the past couple years we've seen a couple side projects from Joey. Maybe playing the same songs and recording another album that the fans didn't like as much as their 2nd or 3rd record wasn't something that interested Joey anymore. I don't know.
    When i first read this, I was like 'what the fuuuuu...' still haven't finished. How!? He's been writing so much music for the band lately! Slipknot's not Slipknot without Joey. What the hell happened?
    I was totally expecting yet another misleading article title. I figured I'd come in here and have the article say something like "Joey Jordison Leaves the airport. He'll take a bus instead."
    I click on this article expecting this same thing. I went through all the other news articles first, to prolong what could be some very bad news.
    Slipknot haven't renamed themselves. So Slipknot IS Slipknot without Joey.
    Jim #4
    portnoy would be available i think
    Also I don't think they will shove em backstage, it'd leave a big gap on the stage for a start! I think they do that with the bass so that they aren't replacing him as such since he died, where as Joey is leaving on his own accord.
    so... maybe something for Mr. Lombardo to think about doing? That being said. Joey is a great drummer and it's a shame to see him go. I'm curiously waiting for the real statement now.
    The guy doesnt look good in recent pictures. Put on quite a bit of weight. So I hope its not health issue.
    Wow. That's surprising. I agree, they should pick up Dave Lombardo, or have Clown replace him.
    Aw, this sucks. Jordison's drumming was not only a lot of the heart and soul of Slipknot, but a real high point technically speaking as well. This is about as painful a blow to that band as could be dealt, musically.
    I hope he's doing it because he can't face writing an album without Paul and not so he can focus on Scar the Martyr fulltime. Seriously, that album is so mediocre it's unreal
    Agreed. I haven't heard the album but I saw Scar the Martyr on tour with Korn and Zombie last month and they weren't all that good...
    Irwin Navarro
    From what I've read Clown is suppossed to be the drummer of Slipknot until Joey came in. "Jordison subsequently joined the band as their main drummer, moving Crahan to custom percussion" (taken from Wikipedia). With that being said, given that Clown's drumming can match Joey's past work, I think he should be take up Joey's spot.
    We don't know if Clown can play like Joey (my bet is on that he can't). Clown was the original drummer, but that's extremely early Slipknot (at that time, Paul and Shawn were the only ones from "the 9"), they got Joey probably because Shawn sucked or he was good but Joey was way better than him.
    I thought he'd died for second. Relieved that he isn't. It sucks because he was definitely one of the top three musicians in the band. I'm curious as to why he decided to leave when they finally got some traction into making the new album.
    In that case, the Ultimate-Guitar headline would be: "Joey Jordison Leaves Slipknot..." *clicks article* "...because he died."
    People were talking about it on Facebook and the way people were acting it sounded like he'd died
    They'll probably get the drummer from Stone Sour (I forget his name) to fill in considering 3 members of Stone Sour are/were in Slipknot.
    Very good point. On Paul's bass lesson videos Roy does the drums and I have to say, he does an amazing job of Duality and Surfacing. No reason he couldn't fill in for the album and a tour after.
    I can honestly see this pretty much just turning out to be a clashing of egos between him and Corey. They've both been pretty "band leader" type characters, in their own respects and within Slipknot. Then bring in the multiple contradictions about their future, the side projects, the delay because of other commitments. Just a boiling pot waiting to explode.
    After Paul's death and now this, Slipknot should just pack it in. It's not like most of the other members don't have side projects they could focus on.
    ...oh dear On days like these I thank my lucky stars I got to see them live in '09 with Paul and Joey. I remember there was a little congregation of squeeling teenage girls near me who kept on squeeling 'We're going to see Joey! We're going to see Joey' before they started playing (which is sorta ironic seeing as how he just vanished behind his massive drumkit)
    Is anyone really that surprised by this? I'm not trying to sound like a dick or anything but Joey as been going on and on for quite a while now about how he's ready to do a new Slipknot album and now with Scar the Martyr going, it doesn't seem like much of a stretch that he would get fed up with waiting for Corey and switch over to the side project full time. I'm sure he'll be back though. Scar the Martyr is really only getting the attention they are because of him, so once the gimmick of having the now former drummer of Slipknot in the band wears off they'll break up or go on hiatus and Joey will be back in Slipknot.
    When the news popped up on my Twitter timeline this morning, the only thought I came up with, was "oh, **** no".
    My 2cents? After paul grey died things really went south, im just surprised it took them so long to actually get over it and continue slipknot, i mean look at deftones, Chi passed on and they still continued because im sure chi would have wanted it, but Slipknot as brutal as they seem, too weak at heart, guess Joey lost interest, im pretty sure he moved on and was ready while the rest was still sulking, corey....god i dont know what he does anymore he is like a social butterfly of the metal world, the guy is all over the damn place, well good luck joey in what he does, hope he looses some weight too
    everyone saw that coming....he couldn't stop complaining about how new slipknot new record would not let him tour
    This is probably the biggest surprise in my musical-life since Adam left Three Days Grace. Wow...
    I think that there is a good chance he has ruined his career, unless he is in another project we don't know about. Scar the Martyr is good, but i dont see them staying around for very long.
    Skort Zial
    It was always going to happen, once his side project got traction, he was always going to leave his stale long term band for it.
    Wow Slipknot is going to be sooooo different now, I totally forgot they haven't released anything in about 6 years
    He probably got p*ssed off with everyone pussyfooting around making a new album. There's been so much talk and nothing to show for it. I'm getting a bit irritated by it. Fair play to him if he wants to leave the band and actually do something.
    I saw it coming.
    Totally. Corey was all like yeah. New album after Stone Sour. Wait double album. Double tour cycle. Knot time. Wait, solo book tour with acoustic gigs. Knot time. Wait, playing withslash. Wait. Joey is like I've written 6 albums and the dude is avoiding me. Later guys.
    the guys in Slipknot knew that Corey was going to do a double album. I just think He did all that extra stuff to kill the time until Joey got back from his tour wit STM. I blame joey. When HoGB was finished, They were going to start writing. But joey decided to start a year long tour with "Verb The Noun" as soon as HoGB 2 was released.
    "Verb the Noun"... seriously dude you have just changed my view on Metalcore Bandnames forever!
    Is that why Corey said a hand full of knot members are writing music yet he is somewhere else?
    Ahahaha this cracked me up! Everyone writing about not seeing this coming, and suddenly I read this comment! Why is everyone down voting it, this is great!
    I actually didn't see it coming but yeah, it was meant as a sarcastic joke xD I'm glad at least someone got it
    It is now obvious what must be done. Craig Jones must be the new drummer of Slipknot.
    Today Joey Jordison announces his departure from Slipknot. Tomorrow Slipknot announce their break up. Next day Stone Sour announce they are recycling music from the new sessions for the next Slipknot album.
    I really didn't expect this, like most everyone. I thought I heard that he was diligently writing new material for the band last I heard of him. It must have been mistaken. This sucks.
    Really hope this doesn't spell some sort of end to slipknot, just as things were looking up for those guys with the new album talk. Talented drummer, strange one this
    I'm really shocked to hear this. He said in an interview not long ago, that he was very excited about the new Slipknot album, and he had material, so i i'm really curious to what could have coursed this :I