Joey Jordison: 'Slipknot Will Always Exist'

Drummer states that band "will never go away."

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Joey Jordison has been talking to Metal Hammer about new project Scar the Martyr and the status of Slipknot. As Jordison notes, while his focus is currently on the new project, he doesn't see Slipknot going away anytime soon: "I always look at Slipknot as a gig for life. In a good way and a bad way. It'll never go away. It's a virus. Slipknot will always exist, and we can't be disrespectful to the f--king art and craft that we created and gave so much to, and that allows us to do all of these other projects. So there's always gonna be Slipknot." Jordison also reflected on Scar the Martyr's debut album, which was recently released on Roadrunner Records: "I'm really proud of it. It was mine during the recording and the mixing, but now that it's done, it belongs to other people. It's someone else's music now, to enhance their lives or see hat they get out of it. Maybe it'll inspire them, and hopefully they enjoy it. That's the whole point of this, to reach people and try to connect on a musical level, because honestly, I really do think that music makes the world go round. It's the universal language. And as long as I can connect with that one person, I'm happy."

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    New album, new tour. MAKE THE MAGGOTS HAPPY! But you know, take your time 'n stuff. We want real quality material. Hazardous material. Yeah.
    Fuck man! They've been dicking around with "news" of a new album for a year. Give us REAL information! Don't overhype the album if you haven't even started recording! AAGGGGGHH! Anyway, sorry bout' that. Hopefully they actually MAKE the album soon.
    I'd rather wait for them to produce a decent album, than a rushed one to be honest, as long as one is produced in the near future. Good time to check out other music out there while waiting.
    They will when people get tired of you talking rather than, oh what's that thing that bands do? MUSIC.
    I was in my teens during Slipknot's first and second albums. Great stuff, very unique. Everything after that is just noise, not art.
    I'm a fan of all their albums, but I don't understand how someone can look at IOWA compared to Vol.3 and say that IOWA is art and Vol.3 is noise. Surely the uninitiated would look at IOWA as more of a "noise" album, with Vol.3 being so much more melodic. TL;DR: I disagree with you but am interested in why you consider that IOWA is art and Vol.3 is noise.
    I've never been a fan of Slipknot, but I do really admire their staying power and Corey's versatility. Going from something like People=Shit to a cover of Every Rose Has Its Thorn isn't easy.
    Just waiting for their next album. Let's see if they can beat their previous masterpieces
    dude its the KNOT trust me I was never disappointed with them have faith in the Knot