Joey Jordison: 'The Urge to Make New Slipknot Material in a Way Led Me to Form Scar the Martyr'

Drummer talks helming his own project in new interview.

Ultimate Guitar

Joey Jordison has been talking to Musik Universe about the debut Scar the Martyr album, and its relation to Slipknot. As Jordison notes, while the songs were never intended for Slipknot, he definitely had Slipknot fans in mind when he wrote them: "While those songs could have possibly fit with Slipknot, they weren't intended for Slipknot. At the time, when I was refining these songs, I already having the band [Scar the Martyr] in place. Basically, I wanted to create an album that was super heavy, but catchy, with a bunch of great musicians, while I'm away from Slipknot that I think will fill a void for a lot of fans. I definitely had the Slipknot fans in mind, which might have influenced some of the sound." The multi-instrumentalist also reflected on being at the helm of the project, and playing guitar, bass and drum parts on the record: "It wasn't intended to be that initially. I didn't have the full band in place. The lead players didn't come in until the end of the record, also the keys. The initial record; the drum tracks, the percussion, the rhythm guitars and the bass, I handled pretty much all that, just because I was the main songwriter. With this project, I wanted to make sure it was done the way I wanted it, so it was was really easy for me to play guitar along to the drum track, because it was the same arms, the same heart."

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    Is it just the beard or does it look like he's grown up/ aged a lot? I don't mean that in a bad way.
    Personally, I'm really into it, I agree with him on the songs being catchy, I've had My Retribution and Prayer For Prey stuck in my head for days!
    Im not surprised he did a side project, after reading this. STM songs cud never b passed off as Slipknot, altho ther r similarities. The majority of AHIG did sound like Stone Sour tbh, so no wonder most fans got annoyed with that album.