Joey Jordison Uncertain About Slipknot 2014 Comeback

"I’m going to be on tour for at least a year if not more with Scar the Martyr," the drummer explains.

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As various statements from members of Slipknot seemed to confirm a definite 2014 comeback, drummer Joey Jordison now expressed uncertainty over the entire matter due to touring plans with his new band Scar the Martyr. While chatting with Metal Insider, Jordison stressed his intentions of taking his new project out on the road for at least a year following the October 1 release of self-titled debut record. When asked to explain what does 2014 mean for both Slipknot and Scar the Martyr, Joey commented: "Well, honestly, with all the he-said-she-said crap that goes on in the internet world or interviews or anything like that, I mean, it's been well known that the 'Scar the Martyr' record is now coming out October 1 and I'm going to be on tour for at least a year if not more with that band. That's my plan."

The drummer still gave somewhat of a reassurance to Slipknot fans, saying, "We’ll still do Slipknot shows here and there, but as far as a Slipknot record, we're all just working on material. There is going to be another Slipknot record, I promise. It's just that timing factor, you know? We all have other things that we're doing right now."

The interviewer followed up by asking whether there's a definite time plan for Slipknot, just to have Joey answer "No, no there's not."

Jordison also touched on his Murderdolls stint, saying that although he respects the band's work, they're simply not pushing any boundaries and are not a place where his "heart lies in music."

"Not saying anything really negative against the Murderdolls, but, it’s not like we were pushing any boundaries or anything like that," he said. "Not knocking the Murderdolls, because it was awesome and I loved that band, but it ran its course, you know? I wanted to get back to doing more music that pushed boundaries more, took more involvement and that was more constructive."

It now seems that 2015 might be the Slipknot year after all. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    OH MY GOD. Just give us an article when there's 100% confirmation of a record. Until then stop with the bloody "will they wont they" stories. It's getting boring.
    Well, they are working on an album (well, writing music), that's for sure. As long as that's happening, an album will come... eventually. It's only the time plan that's not sure.
    At this point I just don't care now, they aren't going to release an album that will live up to all the hype after this will they wont they crap. I like Slipknot but but I'm not holding my breath for this new record.
    Joey, it doesn't matter how much touring you do. In a year nobody's gonna care about your horribly named side project. Don't hold up a reunion because you're desperate to squeeze your "verb the noun" band for all its worth.
    Selfish prick, holding up progress so that he can go run gallivanting around with a bunch of sucky songs that are overly filtered and processed to sound "edgy" but they sound "cruddy" like there is a bunch of poop stuck in the pipe pushing this crap out. I'd much rather they be working on a Slipknot album. Even if I'm not a huge fan I can always find 2-4 songs per album, if not more, that are decent from the KNOT.
    This really makes me mad. Everyone did their own side projects and got what they needed to get done. They all made sure that 2014 was going to be the SlipKnot year. And then Joey goes and ****s it all up and pulls this shit. STM isn't even good anyway. Way to dissapoint the fans...
    I don't know about anyone else but Murderdolls got me into horror themed music (after Rob Zombie)so that's something I guess And Joey if you're being honest Slipknot hasn't really pushed the envelope that much (if at all)
    I can't agree on Slipknot not pushing boundaries. They totally changed the game of metal, whether you like it or not.
    This suck,Corey said that in January 2014 Slipknot were going to start writing the new album but with Joey in Scar The Martyr we will have to wait a little longer. Wasn't joey the one who wanted to start writing the new slipknot album in 2010?