John Frusciante Named Top Guitarist

Former Red Hot Chili Peppers star John Frusciante has been named the greatest guitarist of the last 30 years.

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Former Red Hot Chili Peppers star John Frusciante has been named the greatest guitarist of the last 30 years.

The musician left the rock band after they embarked on a two-year hiatus in 2007, choosing not to rejoin the group when they reconvened last year (09).

He is now focusing on his solo career, but his work with the Suck My Kiss hitmakers has helped propel him to the top of a new list to find the best guitarists of the last three decades.

Frusciante topped the poll by BBC 6 Music, seeing off competition from former Guns N' Roses rocker Slash, who claimed second place and Muse frontman Matt Bellamy in third.

Former The Smiths star Johnny Marr came fourth, while the top five was rounded out by Rage Against The Machine's Tom Morello.

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    It's all a matter of taste. Maybe I wouldnt've picked him myself, but I totally understand. The guy is amazing
    I voted for Tom Morello, definately the most innovative guitarist there. Though the choice was terrible, half of the guitarists were from awful landfill indie bands, but they completely missed out players like Guthrie Govan (who I would have expected to be there due it being run by the BBC), Jason Becker, Paul Gilbert, Yngwie Malmsteen, or even Vai and Satriani, the more famous guitarists outside the guitar community.
    acshadow25 wrote: johnny marr??? are you SERIOUS???
    I lol'd a little too, but Froosh is a deserved winner. Not sure I'd place Slash that high, or above Matt Bellamy anyway; Matt brings something new to the frame, were as Slash is just very good at using the same formula over and over again.
    agreed, but the whole reliability of this list goes down the drain when you read the 3rd place
    acshadow25 wrote: johnny marr??? are you SERIOUS???
    Hell yes. His ability to combine different genres of music, as well as being able to combine lead, rhythm and melodic counterpoint simultaneously, and writing some of the best intelligent music of the 1980s and beyond, this guy is a much better player than some of those above him (I'd say Bellamy's more a talented pianist than guitarist. Most of their guitar songs were written on piano, after all). Froosh is awesome, although I often find that his music (at least with RHCP) can be a little formulaic.
    ^Actually I would say that Bellamy is more skilled as far as technique is concerned than Marr.
    Uh, Eddie Van Halen, Kirk Hammett, SRV anybody? And Slash is definitely better than Frusciante
    bluesnd63 wrote: where is Jack White?
    My thoughts too. If Froosh, Bellamy and Morello are that high then Jack White should be about there too. Still, like with all of these lists, everyone disagrees with them. And Johnny Marr?! Eurgh...
    flemflames wrote: agreed, but the whole reliability of this list goes down the drain when you read the 3rd place
    Sorry but try again, all things considered (as far as the contest criteria was considered and considering the competition in the contest) I'd say Bellamy making the top 5 would be fairly reasonable. Granted I'd put Morello over him since Bellamy is highly influenced by him but since it was a public poll I can let it slide. All things considered though I'd say Bellamy most definitely is one of the best guitarists/frontmen/musicians to come out of these past 30 years. If people want to know the criteria it was pretty much guitarists whom the people at BBC 6 Music felt were the best from the past 30 years, they favored influence over technique and their picks were guitarists from bands whom were fairly often played on that radio station (so that took away your Steve Vais, Derrick Trucks and your SRVs.) All in all I'd say the top 5 is pretty decent.
    flemflames wrote: agreed, but the whole reliability of this list goes down the drain when you read the 3rd place
    Bellamy > Frusciante any day. To me, that is. Goes to show exactly what this is: subjective. Checked.
    | Lightning |
    This is ridiculous... Dave Mustane, Marty Friedman, James Hetfield, Kirk Hammet, Adrian Smith, Dave Murray, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Jason Becker... Hey, I like Frusciante but come on...
    roger that!
    | Lightning | wrote: This is ridiculous... Dave Mustane, Marty Friedman, James Hetfield, Kirk Hammet, Adrian Smith, Dave Murray, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Jason Becker... Hey, I like Frusciante but come on...
    Hell yeah go Bellamy. He may not have the technichal skill as some of these guys but he's 100x more inspirational than all these random shredders people are naming.
    Froosh in unbelievable , he hasnt "changed" or infulenced the way guitar is looked at, but simply judging by how many people he has inspired and connected with, through the emotion of his music, he is number one I wonder what he'd say?
    somebody suggest a song by them that showcases his talent. I have no idea what all the hype is about and I would like to know.
    He's a brilliant guitarist, no doubt about that, but the best in the last 30 years??? Hell No! That top 10 list should have people like Slash, Stevie Ray, Kirk etc
    F-ING WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! he sucks jeff loomis's balls. so many better guitarists out there. what about dime? muhammed suicmez?
    Yeah, this one's got to be based on pop music...I mean, he beat out Tom Morrello? Seriously? I dont even know what happened to the music industry...
    Randy Rhoads, Dimebag Darrell, Dave Mustiane, Marty Friedman, Ol Drake. These are merely a few, i hate to hate on another guitarist, but seriously, some of this guys leads sound like they're being played by a retarded 10 year old who has played guitar for a month and a half. JF really isnt all that great a guitar player.
    I think he absolutely deserves this. However, these top guitarist ranking systems are obviously prone to argument. I don't like to rank guitarists specifically in numerical order, I prefer to just say that my top are x, not necessarily in any order. So, I would say that those top five are all great and I don't think you can really rank who is better than who. They are all great guitarists and deserve props.
    Makes sense to put a soft rock guitarist over, I don't know, CHUCK SCHULDINER! Where is Chuck? Where is Buckethead? Where is Paul Gilbert? Nowhere, because these people don't know what great guitarists are.
    when you really think about it, naming the RHCP guitarist best of the last 30 years is kinda disgusting... I mean, there are so many better guitarists with better technique and skill, as well as those that have a lot more influence and have actually influenced the chili peppers... he is a good guitarist tho, i just think that naming him best of the last 3 decades is a bit too steep. maybe best of the last decade? maybe?
    People are always trying to decide the "Best Guitarist of All Time." these list are always opinions and a lot of people will argue. My favorite guitarist is Dave Mustaine, and i know for a FACT that there are a lot of people who dont agree with me on that statement, but hey, thats my opinion. To also add, the more mainstream bands are going to get higher on the list.
    #1 of the past 30 years??? I don't think so. I mean I like him and he's good but he's NOWHERE NEAR other guitarists. For me its always been like this: Top guitarists = Petrucci, Gilbert, Satriani, Vai, Malmsteen. Then every is below them haha
    mario.10 wrote: Wakisazhi wrote: mario.10 wrote: Wakisazhi wrote: To all the twats who think Plug In Baby isn't the new Sweet Child O' Mine: otal-guitar.jpg /matt-bellamy-total-guitar-2.jpg d And I quote: "2. He wrote the biggest riff of the decade. If the sheer number of attempts at music shows and in music shops is anything to go by, the Plug in Baby riff is this generations Sweet Child OMine or Stairway to Heaven. Like its illustrious forbears, Plug in Baby grabbed guitarists by the balls by virtue of its sheer inventiveness. The sick fuzz tone didnt hurt much either. Its one of those riffs that sounds fresh and unique, and it makes everyone wish they could play guitar." your links don't even work so my conclusion : your full of shit! Its called copy and paste, my conclusion: you got brown matter where you should have gray matter. obviously i did copy and paste you douche bag, the files aren't found so maybe you should get some good credible sources before you start trying to spread bullshit
    You need to calm the fu ck down, you're being a troll and you're going to get warned for calling him a douchebag. Yes his sources didn't work. But they were JUST PICTURES anyway. Calm down. Jesus Christ. I don't know why he posted them, but saying it's not from "credible source" is retarded. They're just pictures, probably of him playing guitar.
    As much as I like Frusciante, he is VERY far from the best guitarist ever. Not to mention this list apparently didn't consist of anyone with real guitar talent since slash is as well VERY far from the top and Muse just sucks period. (Not saying that with music taste in mind but technical skill.) Either way, there no such thing as a real "best guitarist" since it all comes down to different things for different people.
    Kid B
    Tom Morello at 5th? I mean I love me some rage but he's not exactly an amazing guitarist.
    palm mute
    mot7 wrote: tru tru
    But then we would've only had David Gilmour on the list haha
    It wouldn't be my choice. Great guitarist no doubt, just not one of my favs. Congrats to him though.
    palm mute wrote: ironman1478 wrote: he's good, but not as good as a player like steve morse. steve morse can play nearly any genre except metal and plays those genres better than anyone. blues, jazz, country, classical, shred, fusion, funk, anything. obviously its all opinion, but to not even consider steve morse is ridiculous (he isnt that popular however even though he played in kansas and now plays in deep purple) I second this, add Gary Moore to the list of underrated guitarists too
    fitterhappier34 wrote: I vote for PAT METHENY!!! Also, I think Frusciante and Marr deserve their high positions.
    EDIT: Nels Cline needs to be up there. Saw him live with Wilco and I wet my pants.
    How the **** does Muse make this and not jonny greenwood? people realize that that andy mckee has been recording in the past 30 years right? Fuck Sungha Jung is a ten year old kid and he owns everyone on the list. This list was obviously compiled by some layman thinkers who just shat out opinions. "Well Muse is my favorite band, so their douchy singer is one of the best guitarists of the past THIRTY years. Here are some others. Google them. Marco Sfogli, DIMEBAG DARRELL (?????) **** even Kirk Hammet, What about Elliot ****ing Smith? I'd love to see Bellamy try Memory lane or Angeles, or Southern Belle. Herman Li? Buckethead? Not to mention cats like Satch, Vai, Petrucci, and classic rockers that are still touring (Young, Page, Angus) Seriously that list is a ****ing joke.
    good guitarist but not the best, i would go for slash only becasue i think he puts the most emotion into his guitar work, imo dont get mad people