John Frusciante on Leaving RHCP: 'It Was Never an Expression of Who I Was'

artist: Red Hot Chili Peppers date: 08/21/2013 category: music news
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John Frusciante on Leaving RHCP: 'It Was Never an Expression of Who I Was'
Former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante recently opened up about his departure from the ranks of funk rockers, naming longtime love for electronic music and zero desire for live performing among the key reasons. As the axeman told Billboard, it wasn't until bassist Flea made a decision to take a two-year break that he actually considered leaving the band, mostly due to massive success they reached. After saying that delving into electronica domain was always a great desire, Frusciante focused on his departure. "So it was always something that I wanted to do but we were so well-received as a band that it didn't really occur to me to quit until Flea came to me at one point and said, 'I want to take a two-year break after this tour,'" he explained. "And he said that to me about halfway through the [2007 "Stadium Arcadium"] tour, and when he said it I was kind of shocked, 'cause I thought we were on a roll, let's just keep moving with this, you know? But once he said it to me, my mind started thinking, 'What would I do with that two years if I had two years to just do whatever I wanted?'" The guitarist went on to explain that the idea of quitting made him rather excited, getting to a point where he felt he never wanted to be a member of the band. "And by about four months later I was so excited about quitting the band I didn't even want it to be a two-year thing anymore. I just knew that I didn't ever want to be in the band again, you know? And I didn't actually quit until several months after we were already on the break, but I knew I wanted to quit months before the tour was over. I was determined to." When asked on whether he'd ever consider performing his new music in front of the audience, Frusciante categorically refused the idea, stressing that he never was a live performer in the first place. "No, I have no interest in playing live," he responded. "I really don't think of myself as a performer anymore. It was never something that came naturally to me. It was something that I adapted to, but it was never really an expression of who I was ... I'm not a performer. I don't appreciate the effect that audiences have on me, because for me music is something that comes from inside of me." He elaborated further, "And music is something that I immerse myself in, and when I'm in front of an audience, I can't ignore my surroundings and I can't ignore the way they make me feel. They make me feel good, the audiences. But then I find that I'm not so much reaching inside myself to create something, but Im more trying to meet with their expectations. And I'm trying to do something thats entertaining to them. And that's just not me." Frusciante's new EP "Outsides" is set to drop on August 27 via Record Collection. You can check out one of the record's four tracks, "Same," in the player below.
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