John Frusciante Playing on Upcoming Duran Duran Album

Details regarding guitarist's appearance unknown, more info inside.

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John Frusciante's front cover feature on the May 2014 issue of Japan's Guitar Magazine revealed an interesting new detail - the guitarist is making an appearance on upcoming Duran Duran album.

However, the specific details regarding John's involvement with pop icons remain unknown, Invisible-Movement reports.

"So far, we don't know much about the interview inside, other than these two bits:

1. The guitar used on 'Fanfare' is, as a lot of us assumed, his good ol' Strat.

2. He's playing on the upcoming Duran Duran album," the article reads.

As for the magazine's 14-page Frusciante feature, it includes fresh photos and tabs to "Cinch," "Enough of Me," "Shining Desert," "Scratch," "Before the Beginning" and more. Stay tuned for fresh info.

John's latest solo effort "Enclosure" saw its release on April 8 via Record Collection. Stream it in full below.

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    If you're like me and haven't been a fan of the last few releases you should still check out Enclosure. Even people who don't like all of the electronic stuff he's been doing will probably like Fanfare and Stage.
    It'll be really interesting to hear his guest appearance since rehauling the way he plays guitar.
    play on someone else's album john. there are other artists we'd like to see you collaborate with rather than duran duran
    That's not the point though. It's about him playing with the artists that he likes. Sometimes as a fan you have to realize that's all that you are. You can like everything, or choose to dislike some things. It's not the end of the world.
    Nero Galon
    I find it weird how I had a dream this week and Duran Duran were in it. I don't even like them XD
    I've been listening to a lot of Duran Duran lately and i thought the last album was pretty cool (especially blame the machines and Girl Panic) so i'm pretty excited about this. Looking forward to hearing it.