John Frusciante Streaming New Album 'Enclosure' From Outer Space

Stream the album via app tracking the record on the JF14 satellite, or just check it out on YouTube.

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Rather than launching a typical promotion campaign, former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante opted for a different kind of launch, the one involving a rocket.

As Rolling Stone reports, Frusciante has launched his new album "Enclosure" into space on March 29, at a "remote High Desert location in California."

So now that the "experimental Cube Satellite" Sat-JF14 is circulating the Earth, fans can download a free mobile app named after the satellite and track Sat-JF14's movement in real time. You can download the app here.

"When Sat-JF14 hovers over a user's geographic region, 'Enclosure' will be unlocked, allowing users to listen to the album for free on any iOs or Android mobile device," reads the official press release.

The album preview will be available until April 7, a day before the record's official release via Record Collection. You can check out the video of the satellite's launch below.

But if waiting for a satellite to cross over you head in order to hear the album sounds like too much of a hassle, you can always stream it via John's YouTube channel below.

YouTube preview picture
YouTube preview picture

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    This actually isn't an April Fools joke. Oh and John Frusciante doesn't have an official channel.
    Loving this album already. I'm a die-hard RHCP fan but I actually think this new direction of his is way more interesting than anything he ever did with them.
    Well **** i think it's great if he wanted to quit RHCP to try his thing, but only if 'his own thing' means progressive funk rock or something related. You know, the RHCP live @ Slane Castle improvisation quality. Or RHCP @ Chorzow outro-like stuff. Not this... crap. I mean c'mon, the guy is one of the best guitarists in the world! So why the **** doesn't he just... play guitar already?
    Remain Wise
    Maybe he doesn't ****ing wanna play guitar? He's a free musician he can do whatever he damn well pleases. And he gives no ****s at all if people think he's pretentious and should just play the same stuff forever.
    geez i'd never exptected people actually fall for that! you guys, are seriously easier that nu-metalheads on YouTube comments. You know, the secret is to not make anything up. Just copy stupid people. people will fall earlier. happy april 1st.
    It's also on his website. But I thought that too at first, which is why I checked his site to verify.
    A. He is the the most pretentious douche on earth. B. He has already stated in recent interviews he has no intention on playing guitar ever again.
    He kinda broke that when he released his EP last year, features a spontaneous 8 minute long guitar solo with underlying beats. Even his experimental albums are chok full of guitars, and if people dislike that stuff, then there's like 5-6 guitar driven rock albums to choose from. It probably isn't for everyone (Though i imagine that grunge fans might enjoy Inside Of Emptiness and fans of Acoustic songs could find something cool on Curtains) but saying that he abandoned guitar (even on Outside, Pbx and the new album) just seems ignorant, considering the amount of guitar featured on those albums.
    THANK YOU. All I was hearing befoe you and ulid was, "I want to hear the same song 48 gazillion times, but with a different name. Why change, the old stuff is good?" He's not a sell out and people turn on him, it's disgusting.
    Yeah. There's absolutely no guitar on the new record... First listen, then talk!!
    I wonder if you even know the meaning of pretentious. He just might be into different music than you. Did you ever think of that? It actually takes a lot of courage and artistic integrity to go in a new musical direction. As far as his solo stuff is concerned, I like some and some I'm not crazy about but a lot of people really love it. Maybe the best is yet to come from him. It is very difficult to take chances and go in a new musical direction. Many never find their artistic voice even once, let alone twice.
    Oh by the way this jerk is also on record saying that rap is the most creative music out there.... funny considering 95% of the time they are sampling someone's music
    He actually said that rap was the best at absorbing other types of music, not that it was the most creative and I agree with him.
    He should have put the CD in the rocket pre-launch, it's unlistenable.....
    Download an app just to listen to one album? Nah, I think I'll just wait until it hits the usual outlets. Can't blame him for thinking this is cool, though. I would DEFINITELY think it was awesome if my album was streaming from space.
    I like the new song UG posted above. It's better than most of the stuff from his last 2 albums.
    You have got to give it to the guy, i think this idea i great. Instead of just having your music leaked onto the internet, your giving the people who care a chance to hear it for themselves first, because if you don't care your not going to go through with the app downloading and what not. Great job
    Just streamed the album from the satelite. It's over florida now. It's definitely got a lot of the flavor from PBX and LL, but seems a lot more accesible and less abstract, doesn't feel so layered with odd timings and clashing melodiess. It also has a ton of guitar throughout. It's absolutely worth checking out. I'm freaking digging it.
    That rocket cannot go into orbit, seen on mythbusters, it might do 200 km or something like that, then crash in the desert.