John Frusciante Streaming New Album 'Enclosure' Snippets

Guitarist previews new record online.

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John Frusciante has posted a preview of his upcoming album on YouTube.

The video features four minutes of audio snippets from "Enclosure," which is scheduled for release on April 8th. As with much of Frusciante's recent work, the snippets reveal that the guitarist is experimenting with electronic, ambient, and hip-hop sounds on the record. Check it out below.

The full track listing for the album is as follows:

1. Shining Desert
2. Sleep
3. Run
4. Stage
5. Fanfare
6. Cinch
7. Zone
8. Crowded
9. Excuses10. Vesiou (Japanese bonus track)11. Scratch (Japanese bonus track/free download)

Speaking about the album in a statement on his official website, Frusciante had the following to say:

"'Enclosure,' upon its completion, was the record which represented the achievement of all the musical goals I had been aiming at for the previous 5 years. It was recorded simultaneously with Black Knights' 'Medieval Chamber,' and as different as the two albums appear to be, they represent one investigative creative thought process. What I learned from one fed directly into the other. 'Enclosure' is presently my last word on the musical statement which began with PBX."

YouTube preview picture

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    to all you guys that dont like this kind of music coming from john he says -'Enclosure' is presently my last word on the musical statement which began with PBX." - so all of you can expect new genre of music next album...
    I had a hard time getting into PBX when it released. But after a while it started to make sense. Now I think his new stuff is insanely cool. To everyone who does not like this stuff, give it time, give it some more time. Eventually you will start hearing the John Frusciante you know and love. His approach to songwriting is still the same, not predictable but recognizable in chord progressions and his way of singing.
    I probably shouldn't get my hopes up but " 'Enclosure' is presently my last word on the musical statement which began with PBX." really gives me hope the next one will be back to guitar
    I highly doubt a guitar centric album, he has some "snippets of guitar" in some songs, but even looking at his albums from 2004 and on ward there has been a push for guitar being pushed aside for some keyboard centric songs here and there that all came to a close with PBX. Come to think of it I'm surprised Stadium Arcadium sounded as great as it was, because if John was in charge of everything, there would probably be less killer guitar songs and solos if the band had not told him to do so, and be more like By the Way which in my opinion was a John solo album for a majority of the songs.
    I can't agree on this, how about Empyrean, Curtains, Inside of Emptiness, D.C Ep and large chunks of Sphere in the heart of silence. Not to mention his last EP that features 8 minutes of soloing in the first track.
    I'm a big Frusciate fan... but mostly for his guitar playing. I'm OK with this. I mean he's writing his own music and enjoys it. That's the point of music but I just can't dig this album.
    Such a shame that one of the best, if not THE best, guitarist of this time makes music like this
    You mean doing what he wants? I'll support this way more than a guitarist that is just going through the motions.
    I can dig some experimental music but this really isn't my cup of sounds better than his previous album though
    Listened to Scratch and loved it! The snippets were pretty awesome as well, cannot wait for this album! I would like to hear some more actual guitar work, but following his interviews and works as far as he's come, he really is a real artist. He's been growing and continues to grow, and as long as he stays true to himself and his music, I will faithfully support him. Although I actually liked his last bunch of releases, PBX and Letur more so than Outsides, but I can't say I hated that...