John Lennon's Island Up For Sale

An island off the west coast of Ireland once owned by John Lennon is up for sale - and it can be yours for only $384,000.

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An island once owned by John Lennon is up for sale - and it can be yours for only $384,000.

The 21-acre "Beatle Island" is off the west coast of Ireland, which Lennon bought in 1967 for only $2,700. He planned to retire there, judging by this quote from a Rolling Stone interview in 1971 (via Ultimate Classic Rock):

"I hope we're a nice old couple living off the coast of Ireland or something like that - looking out at our scrapbook of madness," he said.

As we all know, he never lived on to see his retirement, but remained interested in the idea of living there throughout his life according to a local man.

"About a year before he was murdered his London solicitor inquired about reviving the planning permission which he had obtained shortly after the purchase," said Michael Browne who showed Lennon around the area at the time. "He was constantly panning a cine-camera to get a panoramic of the bay."

Yoko Ono sold the land to farmers in 1984, four years after Lennon's death. Those farmers have now hit retirement, which is why the island has gone up for sale.

Would you like to live on your own desert island? How about the Lennon island, which would face the full brunt of the Atlantic and more than a few days per year of bad weather? Let us know in the comments.

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    For only 400,000 thousad bucks that would be badass
    Plus all those sweet drugs that may still be there!
    lol. Also think about how easy it would be to pick up a girl just say "Yeah I own an island" that sounds way better than yeah I own a sprots car
    I think it will be good to held woodstock or other big event there hehehehe....
    am i the only one that thinks that the fact that the guy who sang "imagine no possessions" owned an island?
    $400k...+plus improvements for electricity, sewage, drinking water, shopping would be a bitch LOL
    If I go to the roof, will I see Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds?
    Well, forgot to mention "to the roof of the house". That'll teach me not to use a computer before a coffee.
    is that all?! that's amazing!
    Is that all??? It was originally $2,700! Imagine (
    It's called inflation. Not that it still isn't, but in the 60's $2700 was a shitload of money, that's equal to about $18,500 in today's money. 18 grand is still pretty cheap for an island I suppose, but you gotta figure how much of the purchase price is just cause it used to be owned by Lennon.