John Lydon: Green Day Are Rotten

artist: John Lydon date: 02/01/2011 category: music news
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John Lydon: Green Day Are Rotten
John Lydon slammed modern punk this week. Speaking to the LA Times, Lydon said, "Many of the punk bands are cop-outs and imitators and have made it easy for Green Day, who I hate. I really ... I can't stand them." The aged frontman, who turns 55 next week, also showed distain for the news that Green Day could be taking "American Idiot" to Broadway. "To me, they're like coat hangers, and haven't earned the right, they haven't earned the wings, to be wearing the mantle of punk." Judging by his statements, it appears he felt personally responsible for the resulting music culture that followed his band, the Sex Pistols. "I don't think I've done anything good if it ends up with Green Day on Broadway. But I have done something good that Lady Gaga is so quite as mentally insane as she is. "The lyrics are so good. They really are. And so every now and again, as corrupt as the music industry is, there is one in there that can manipulate it properly. She's one. So applause to her." There is no doubt that his leading 70s punk group had a huge effect on several genres of music in the long term, but Lydon seems to forget the degree that manager Malcolm McLaren manufactured the Sex Pistols. Perhaps manufactured punk has more going for it than he realises. Thanks to the LA Times and Rock AAA for the report.
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