John Lydon Loses Public Image Ltd Songs In House Fire

artist: Public Image Ltd date: 07/25/2011 category: music news
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Former Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon has revealed that songs he had written for his other band, Public Image Limited (PiL) have been lost after his house burnt down. The singer said he was on tour with the group when his wife told him about the incident. "I was in Italy. My wife rang me up just before we were going on stage." "[She] said 'Oh John, I don't want to disturb you. The house has burnt down'". Lydon blamed a faulty spin dryer for the fire, which started in the kitchen and spread throughout the house, reports BBC News. He said that he wasn't concerned about the lost songs, but added that hearing his wife was unharmed "was the best news I've ever had in my whole life." We peviously reported that Public Image Ltd. have confirmed that they are writing and recording their first album in nearly 20 years. Thanks for the report to
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