John Paul Jones Announces New Band Minibus Pimps, Debut Album Due in March

Led Zeppelin bassist collaborating with Deathprod mastermind Helge Sten.

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Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones and dark ambient pioneer Helge Sten of Deathprod have joined forces on a new project Minibus Pimps and are already busy working on their debut album "Cloud to Ground."

Due on March 3 via Susannasonata, the record will drop a compilation of live tracks recorded at various live shows, musically fusing the '70s prog rock style with Norwegian new music movement.

As Fact Mag reports, the band's unusual name was coined as one of the titles from a Chinese experimental music compilation "The Sonic Avant Garde." According to the same source, the duo is using processors to sonically transform each of the instruments, which include guitar, bass, church organ and violin into "clouds of seismic drone."

Sten further noted that the band's music consists of "composed and improvisational elements on an equal scale," so it seems we're up for quite an intricate effort. You can check out the album cover below.

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    I hope I don't get down voted for this but I'm a little sad. I wanted so much a new Them Crooked Vultures album for 2014. It's still possible, I suppose, but each time I hear about a new Foo, QOTSA or JPJ album, my heart sinks a little...
    2015! Don't lose hope. Ive been waiting for a new TCV cd since I heard the first one. After this year it will happen. I can feel it.
    Yeah I think it'll still happen eventually. They've said it would, and Grohl and Homme seem to always come through when they say they will come back to a project after doing others. With both QOTSA and Foo Fighters being busy at the very least over the next forseeable year, its actually good for TCV that JPJ is staying active in the meantime. To add to this, the nature of the TCV project seems to be that the guys just get together, jam out some ideas, then cut em on tape. Its not anything like Queens or Foos where these guys spend months or years crafting songs and manipulating them in the studio. Point being, you never know when TCV might just knock out some tunes over a few weekends and surprise us.
    It hurts me to hear news about any of the guys if they aren't related to the new Them Crooked Vultures album. The new QOTSA album is very good, I have no doubt that the new Foo album will be as well, John is also doing his own thing and despite not knowing it, I suspect it should be pretty good. But Them Crooked Vultures is just something else. A new album is all I want from those guys, if it was up to me, their other bands would wait until another TCV record was out.
    at least they're still releasing music! and its three great new albums rather than one you get to add to your collection!
    i really wish that page would have been as active as jones. it's amazing to see someone who's been through so much still that hungry and fruitful. can't wait to hear that.
    Best news I've read all day, both JPJ and Sten are superb musicians. Looking forward to this.
    The best Zeppelin musician with a new project? It has to be awesome.
    Not as exciting as Vultures news would have been but still checking this out when it drops.