John Petrucci: These Are the Guitar Pedals I'm Using in 2017

"My pedals tend to change a bit over the years. Right now, it's primarily TC stuff."

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John Petrucci: These Are the Guitar Pedals I'm Using in 2017

John Petrucci gave a neat rig rundown to Total Guitar, including the latest selection of guitar pedals he's been using during Dream Theater concerts.

You can check out the whole thing below.

Jim Dunlop JP95 Cry Baby Wah [in rack]

"I'm not being a salesman - my wah is fuckin' badass! The sound comes from the rack wah, which we had made into a pedal.

"When I went to develop it, they had sent me all the other signature ones… I tried them all and took notes about the things I'd liked about each one. In the end, I realized the rack wah sound was my favorite.

"It's a throaty, aggressive wah that sounds like a monster!"

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TC Electronic Dreamscape

"My pedals tend to change a bit over the years. Right now, it's primarily TC stuff - and this is signature Dreamscape modulation pedal, which does chorus, flanger and vibrato. If I ever need to switch, we go old-school and do it all by hand on the fly."

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TC Electronic Helix Phaser

"I love the Phase 90 too, I like the Boss phaser and the MXR one - but I'm a big fan of TC Electronic stuff. They're really consistent, true bypass.

"The Helix phaser will come on for a short lead in The Bigger Picture and I might use it a little on 'Take the Time.' There are little clean guitar breaks here and there, rather than the long, arpeggiated song intros, which have a more of a chorus thing going on.”

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Strymon Sunset

"This is my newest pedal, I got it pretty recently. It has six different modes for all these different overdrives, which you can mix together at the same time. The overdrives probably change the most in my rig.

"Sometimes there'll be a Keeley Red Dirt here or a modded Tubescreamer or a Boogie model. With all the features of my Boogie, I don't really need an overdrive pedal.

"The Majesties also have a 20dB boost on the volume control! So we really don't need these, but in the spirit of fun, we thought we’d include a little something extra."

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TC Electronic Hyper Gravity 14

"This is a compressor used for just my clean sounds, like on 'Take the Time.'

"I'm a big fan of that big compressed sound, where you can hear the strings ringing out with a bell-like quality and with sustain. It helps tame those peaks, but you can do without it - the clean sound of the Boogie is so beautiful, you don't need much compression."

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TC Electronic Corona Chorus+

"Here’s a limited edition version of a similar pedal called the Corona Chorus+, it's just like the original TC SCF pedal. I can have this covering most chorus modulation if I want and use the Dreamscape as a flanger."

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TC Electronic Vicious Vibe

"This is TC's answer to a 'Uni-Vibe' kind of sound. The TonePrint ability is awesome, you can just beam things off your phone.

"Usually, I'll be in the mood to get a David Gilmour or trippy Robin Trower vibe, or old-school Rush. It's mainly used for clean parts - it will get used on 'Hell's Kitchen.' It almost sounds like a phaser but more distinct."

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    Weird... he endorses the Axe Fx II... and so, what does he use that unit for if he's using all the above items... what's left?
    Basically, John Petrucci advertises things for money sometimes. Don't blame the guy too much for it, he'd probably not consider repping products he does not or would not use himself frequently.  Like Devin Towsend says: Rock 'n roll has fame, money and women in it and Prog has none of those things. JP is just trying to look after his family's pension funds!
    I don't know much about his rig, but I would bet that the Axe FX does delays and reverbs, since none of the mentioned pedals can do that.
    That makes sense, although he previously indicated that he doesn't like using reverb (at least not live), which means using a $2k rack mount for delay only.  A bit of waste?
    I agree that it is waste, but it doesn't matter for him. He gets any piece of gear he wants for free since he's in a popular band
    Mountain Trash
    He gets every piece of gear free because hes John Pettrucci and by him saying "I use TC Electronics",  TC in turn gets free advertising... and most likely a boost in sales. 
    Not that they need it. If I hadn't switched to a Helix last year, my pedal board would be full of stuff like a TC Dreamscape which was one of my favorite chorus pedals. 
    This is what you would learn if you watched a Rig Rundown by Premier Guitar they did a while back
    I'm also willing to be that they're using the AxeFX for some weird routing combinations. 
    Next article: Kirk Hammett: These Are the Guitar Pedals I'm Using in 2017. "Those that say wah wah!"