John Petrucci: 'Why I Love Opeth'

The Dream Theater guitarist talks the Swedish prog metallers.

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Dream Theater's John Petrucci shared his thoughts on Swedish prog metal act Opeth, given them a lot of praises. Check out his thoughts below (via Teamrock) (also, here's Ultimate-Guitar's review for their latest effort "Pale Communion.")

"Blackwater Park" Is a Masterpiece

"I got turned onto them a while ago and I think maybe Brad Tolinski from Guitar World was like, 'You have to hear these guys!' And then I got really into them. The first album I got turned onto was 'Blackwater Park' - so that's the one that stands out for me. Sometimes it's that first record you hear that becomes your favourite one, you know? And to think of how much amazing stuff they've put out since then too!"

Next Level Musicianship

"Mikael [Akerfeldt] is an incredible writer with loads of personality and character, as well as a great voice. He's super talented and doing something really original with his band. And Fredrik [Akesson] is such an awesome guitar player! He has the whole shred thing down but with great feel, vibrato and sound. As a fan, I love that element for sure."

They Are Also Top Lads

"When you're on tour together you spend a lot of time together you know, in catering or after the show ... so it was really nice that they were so cool. We actually invited the guys to come down to the studios where we were mixing 'A Dramatic Turn of Events.' Mikael and Fredrik were the only people that heard the early mixes before the record came out. They were sat there with Andy Wallace and myself, and we cranked it to levels beyond the recommended hearing capacity ha ha!"

We Go Well Together Musically

"I think Opeth fans and Dream Theater fans have a lot in common. Whenever we've toured with them it's felt like a great pairing actually ... Such an super-talented and amazing band to watch night after night and as I mentioned before - really cool guys to hang out with."

Can you agree with Petrucci? What are your thoughts on Opeth and their latest album? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    Nice! Love these two bands! errmm I mean, HVRR Dream Theater is for fags & poseurs! Opeth sucks, hahaha what a bunch of fags, Akerstache sucks!
    It sounds like you were inspiret by the "10 signs You're a metal troll" list. -> Impressive. You almost included everything in one single comment!
    I tried at least
    Haha, and Akerstache was a good one! But you should work more on the the 1. rule = band-names. The more primitive the better. For instance; Gaypeth and Gay Theater are very good. Also, you have to mention that they play Progressive fag-core etc! Haha. But good bands though. Cheers!
    A gold medal? Wtf, that is not metal, DVRR I want a REAL METAL medal! Yes, I'm really really sorry -.-
    I wish dream theater would take a leaf out of opeths book, break the mould and take their sound in a new and interesting direction. Pale communion is great, and whilst I didn't enjoy all of heritage, I admire them for doing something different. I find myself not really looking forward to new dt releases because IMO they don't really push any boundaries anymore. Nevertheless, I have nothing but admiration for both bands, and definitely agree with petrucci on the level of musicianship within the band. It's the personality and character that is put into the music that makes opeth such a great band.
    I've always considered DT to be a band that constantly evolves, just at a slower and steady pace. The result of that is fairly simple - any two successive albums are not hugely different between them, but the further back you look, the more obvious the differences are. As a result, they haven't made a single weak album so far, and I return to every single one of them with pleasure. And also an example that big experiments are not always good. Sorry, but... I'd prefer a logical successor to Watershed (which was a noticeable change from Ghost Reveries, but did not try too hard) over Heritage. Cannot say about Pale Communion yet.
    Second Rate
    Agree and disagree. From about "03 to '09, Dream Theater did become somewhat stagnant. The whole band seemed to adopt Portnoy's propensity for writing "songs in the style of X" or basically reverting to the early garage band phase of hero worship. You heard songs that had huge passages lifted from Tool, Alice in Chains, Muse, Lamb of God, Metallica, and on and on. You didn't hear much that was in the style of Dream Theater anymore. With Dream Theater's last two albums, it seems like they may be going for a reset. Starting over again from an earlier form and expanding out from there. Honestly, I think we'll see something similar from Opeth before too long. You can't tell me that the criticism isn't getting to Akerfeldt. That's why he won't shut up about it. Opeth (or I guess I should say Akerfeldt, he writes all the music) have definitely reverted to the hero worship tendency. I hear plenty of songs from them in recent years that sound like the classic metal and prog bands that my parents introduced me to when I was a child, but I don't hear much that sounds like Opeth. If it gets half the backlash that Heritage did, Opeth will attempt to do what Dream Theater have done.
    That's one of the reasons i most dislike about Portnoy leaving, he really pushed the band to explore new ideas.
    Say what you will about Dream Theater's music, but they one of the few artists who aren't too insecure and afraid to look around and appreciate other peoples' music. Petrucci has been praising Periphery too.
    The fact that you should even have to say "Say what you will about Dream Theater's music" sucks, because I didn't see anyone on this site bash their music until all the drama with them and Portnoy started. If anyone is seen as a "douche", their music, no matter the quality, is automatically criticized in some people's minds, and it really sucks.
    Well I don't know about how UG's community feels about Dream Theater, but they've always been a polarizing band with most music communities I've been a part of.
    Would be awesome to see these two tour together! I believe they did a few years back. But, I missed that chance... :\
    Yes they did, in 2009 I saw them both with Bigelf and Unexpect. Saw Bigelf and Unexpect just waiting to see Opeth. Opeth was absolutely fantastic. 1/3rd into Dream Theater's set I and my friends were so bored by the band that we left.
    Progressive metal guitarist listens to another progressive metal band! What news!
    Opeth are a million times the musicians dream theater will ever be
    Well, when it comes to musicianship, Dream theater is way ahead. That being said, I listen to Opeth over Dream theater any day.
    I still miss Peter. but Freddy is kickass. One day I'd love to see the old band back together just to play Deliverance through. Peter, Mike, Lopez and Mendez (Eff keyboards)