Johnny Cash Tribute Act Play Prison Gig

artist: Johnny Cash date: 01/15/2008 category: music news
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Johnny Cash's infamous gig at Folsom Prison took place for a second time January 13th, as a tribute act re-enacted the performance in a Suffolk Prison. Forty years to the day since Cash played the American Prison, Cashback took to the stage at Highpoint Prison to perform some of the singer's greatest hits. Although Cash's 1968 performance was witnessed by 1,000 inmates, Cashback only drew a crowd of 100. "It was more exciting than any other concert we have ever done because it had an edge and an air of unpredictability, lead singer Lee Gillett told the BBC. "We were not apprehensive about the gig until journalists kept asking us if we were nervous." Gillett said the performance went really well, adding, there was no trouble at all and the prisoners clapped along in all the right places. The Suffolk prison has previously held the murderer Myra Hindley and farmer Tony Martin. Credits for the info to
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