Johnny Marr on Metallica at Glastonbury: 'It Will Be Funny'

Former Smiths guitarist speaks from the red carpet at this year's Ivor Novello Awards.

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Johhny Marr has said he is looking forward to seeing Metallica headline Glastonbury as he thinks it will be "funny."

Speaking to NME from the red carpet at this year's Ivor Novello Awards in London earlier today (May 22), Marr is one of a number of musicians to discuss the controversial booking, with Everything Everything confident the band will triumph. Johnny Marr says he thinks the set will be the musical moment of the summer.

Elsewhere on the red carpet NME spoke to Nile Rodgers, Palma Violets, Carl Barat and more about the art of songwriting and what they predict will be the music event of the year.

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    Well, I don't know about the "pop show disguesed as a rock band" part, but Metallica shows definately don't surprise anyone anymore, I'll give you that. They're fun anyway though.
    Well, they're a stadium band, so of course it's not going to be like seeing Dillinger in a 500-person venue.
    Look, the reason why you put a band like Metallica in a festival like 'bury is to shake s**t up. It's about the energy. The Smiths could never energize a crowd like Metallica.
    Because The Smiths and Metallica go for different types of energy... It's an unfair comparison. Not everything is only about getting the crowd hyped to the point of screaming. I saw Neutral Milk Hotel at Tower Theater a few months back. The crowd sure wasn't loud and rowdy, but the energy in that room was a lot more electric than when I saw Metallica.
    Metallica is kind of cheesy and safe when they play live like the Foo Fighters. A fun-for-the-whole-family pop show disguising as a rock band. And there's nothing wrong with that. We need a couple of bands like that where you can just go and clap your hands and sing along and have a good time.
    "cheesy and safe", sure.
    I f*cking love 'Tallica dude, but you're not making your strongest point by posting 25 yo footage I get why people are frowning upon the decision to book these guys. Festivals aren't just about the music but also about the overall experience. Even those who book artists from all kinds of genres end up attracting a certain mix of people because of their lineup choices I for one applaud and enjoy going to festivals that like to stirr things up a bit without getting too ridiculous (say, Pussycat Dolls at North Sea Jazz :\), but it don't work like that for a lot of people. I mean, imagine a mainstream rock/metal festival like Rock am Ring booking Kendrick Lamar or somtehing. I can pretty much guarantee you, Metalheads will lose their sh*t
    They are anything but cheesy and safe live. Thrilling is how I would describe them live. I don't know what all the fuss is about people get so snooty and stuck up about Glastonbury. As one of the largest 'rock' acts in the world they are entitled to be there. They will be brilliant.
    They are a great live band, but I do have to agree that they maybe a little cheesy nowadays. I mean look at this from download 2012 (4 minutes onwards) how is that not cheesy?