Johnny Marr: 'The Smiths Invented Indie'

Johnny Marr has spoken out about his old band The Smiths ahead of the release of his solo debut album, "The Messenger".

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Johnny Marr has spoken out about his old band The Smiths ahead of the release of his solo debut album, "The Messenger", according to NME.

Speaking to The Guardian, Marr said: "We invented indie as we still know it."

He added that parts of "The Messenger" could be compared to his guitar work in the seminal Manchester band. "If people say parts of the record sound like The Smiths, I'm OK with that because hopefully it's got the same exuberance," he said.

Marr then said that he and his former band's frontman Morrissey no longer speak. "We don't have any reason to, to be honest," he revealed.

Of his new album, which is set for release on February 25, Marr explained: "I felt something was missing from pop. When you hit it right on guitars in pop, it can be vivacious and exuberant and shiny."

"The Messenger" was recorded in Manchester and Berlin, and mastered at London's Abbey Road by Frank Arkwright.

Marr heads out on his first ever solo tour in March. The run of shows starts at the Oxford O2 Academy on March 10, with shows in Norwich, Cambridge, Brighton, London, Birmingham, Sheffield, Glasgow and Liverpool. The tour comes to an end on March 22 at Manchester HMV Ritz.

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    Johnny Marr has been a huge influence in music since the Smiths, but it's amazing to see him stand on his own instead of being a gun-for-hire. He is yet to let me down with his playing, I am more than excited for this release.
    How do you "invent" indie? All "indie" means is that it's alternative music signed on an independent label.
    True, but he's talking about a specific genre of music that nobody ever really bothered to actually name.
    Johnny Marr paved the way for alternative guitarists. His use of effects and his chords progressions are just brilliant. That guy really knows how to write AND compliment a song.