Jon Bon Jovi: 'Richie Sambora Can Come Back Anytime He Wants'

Although singer admits he hasn't seen guitarist in weeks.

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Jon Bon Jovi has been speaking to the Mirror about guitarist Richie Sambora's latest absence from the band. And while the singer is still tight lipped about the reasons for Sambora's departure, he insists that it has nothing to do with money or in-fighting:

"We were all in Calgary. Richie was going to turn up on show day, but we went the night before because it's a long flight," says Bon Jovi (via Classic Rock).

"At 3.30pm on show day the manager said: 'Guess what?' He didn't even have to finish the sentence. Because we had been through it before we performed that night. We couldn't let down the fans.

"I talked to him once once in six weeks and 18 shows. He's not fired, we didn't have a fight, it certainly isn't about money. He can return when he is ready to die every night, the way I walk on stage. No one's mad, no one's sad."

Bon Jovi recently released a statement on their website explaining that Sambora's absence would extend to their scheduled South African and European shows. Stand-in guitarist Phil X will take Sambora's place for these gigs.

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    "[...] No one's mad, no one's sad." Seriously, what about the fans who think that Richie is an unreplaceable part of the band? To be honest, Phil X is an amazing guitar player, but he is not that one who made Bon Jovi what they are. I have a ticket for Cologne and I still have faith that Richie will come back till then. Maybe Jon or Richie should just tell the world what's going on, so we can understand what's going on there.
    Being in a band since the 80's is bound to take its toll on the members of Bon Jovi, however I think a hiatus for the whole band AFTER touring would have kept the fans happy.
    Guitarus Rex
    Richie is cool, but I'd rather see Phil X... *insert Phil X scream here* Imagine a wall of Evil Robot stacks!
    I agree with tjm91. We've got to know for sure what's going on! Bon Jovi has always been clear with their lives and the things that happened and their silence is much more strange than everything. We just have these rumours from more and more newspapers and websites and we can't know the truth! I've been a BJ fan for all my life, been to 17 shows in 13 years, once without Richie few years ago. Yeah Phil X is good, but he isn't good enough. Richie Sambora is Bon Jovi the same way that Jon is. We're not talking about a bassist like Alec John Such, who was replaable and been. We're talking about Richie Sambora. Sorry, but BJ without Richie isn't Bon Jovi. If all this shit is true, Jon has become a hell of a jerk and Bon Jovi will die.