Jonathan Davis on David Silveria Reunion: 'Never Never Again'

Korn frontman responds to drummer's latest comments regarding band's lack of groove.

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Korn frontman Jonathan Davis recently gave a brief response to former drummer David Silveria's comments on current lineup's lack of groove, shunning any possibility of stickman's return.

When specifically asked on Twitter about Silveria's statement and the original five reunion, Davis tweeted back with a pun, saying, "I will never never play with him again."

Meanwhile, the drummer once again addressed the matter, asserting his allegiance to uncompromising rock 'n' roll.

"I never lost passion for playing music," he noted through Facebook. "I lost passion for allowing producers to make cookie cutter Korn songs. I lost passion for nonsense egos and bullsh-t. I felt like I was the only guy that wanted to be in a real rock 'n' roll band. I had no interest in drama from girlfriends and whining and bitching about everything. I'm a grown man, not a little cry baby. I loved sex drugs and rock 'n' roll, not nonsense."

In his original statement, Silveria revealed an intriguing set of details regarding Korn's early days, blaming producers and band members' docility to their demands for the group's demise after the first three studio records.

"One of the great things about music is [that] there are no rules," he explained. "I was being asked to be a puppet and dumb down my playing and be a good boy. Pretty lame, right?"

In his latest post, David unveiled six tracks from his new band Infinika. You can check the tunes out over at Soundcloud. The new Korn single, "Never Never," dropped earlier this week, fetching mixed response from fans and critics.

@waxworkdemon I will never never play with him again

JDEVIL (@JDEVIL33) August 15, 2013

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    I don't know if we are supposed to ignore the double negative or not.
    I believe we should... Davis probably doesn't understand what a double negative is anyway, judging from Never Never's lyrics...
    Shame. As much as I like Ray as a drummer, I'd still like to see original line-up.
    regardless whether Silveria is stirring up crap or bashing or not, fact is, Korn has sucked since 5 different covers of "Issues" hit the shelves. They lost their sound, they lost their appeal. The album was aptly named as the band clearly had issues. It's pop-crap, dime-a-dozen riffs and i'm sorry but I am SICK of hearing Jonathan whine like a little pussy on EVERY album. So what if you had a bad childhood. Your an adult now, you're rich, you're famous, get REAL!
    Jacques Nel
    You are right, but Silveria I believe is pretty much right about the producer thing. Look at Linkin Park, they used a new producer on MTM and that was their first sucky album. I can understand Silveria's frustration here. Many bands have been ruined by terrible producers.
    FUN FACT, Korns producer on this album is the same as the first two Linkin Park albums.
    He was just talking about how he has chronic depression and anxiety in a recent interview.
    Basically we still don't know. Either its a double negative or double never for emphasis. That JD is clever
    Dave is right. Korns 4th album was on a completely different level and everything after is less than Korn. They innovated a sound, only to let Producers change it to be more radio friendly. F the Radio!
    Little kids pretending they know the band personally or something. You have no clue what happened in the writing process so saying something like "only to let Producers change it to be more radio friendly." is ****ing retarded. You have no clue who did what or if anyone actually made anyone do anything. You can not like the music. But stop spouting things you have no conceivable way of knowing.
    JD uses Twitter now? Could have sworn I just watched an interview from 2011 with him where he said he'd never use Twitter or Facebook and now look at him... right in the game.
    just like he said The Pardigam Shift will have no dubstep influence and the first single is all synths....
    Everybody in the band said that the album had some electronic elements on some tracks.
    very brief and to the point. What ever happened between them should stay like that. Silveria is being an ass in my opinion. He left the band and now is bashing them and saying he is not bashing but then he is bashing them....being in a band is hard and requires a lot of compomise.
    you're in the band to make the music you love as a collective group. Not to have some producers come in and tell you how to record your tracks and how to play your instrument.
    Then the band should produce it themselves. I think the biggest thing I dont like about his ramblings is that fact that they are his side of the story, the way he sees everything. I mean the way he went on about not playing to a click in the studio and all that kind of stuff. Recording is a completely different ball game to being in a band. a producer walks in (chosen by the band as well) to bring the best out of a band. I think Salivera is full of shit and lacks the maturity to progress in band. Korn changed and became more commercial. Things change and move on. Simple. I believe they are bigger than they were a few years ago. Saying he wants to be in a rock n roll band blah blah blah...well, I think he is full of shit there: being in a band invloves dealing with various personality issues, ego, highs and lows. Fact of the matter is deal with it in human way as it is a human problem and win back your friends or walk out and risk creating enemies. He walked out. simple. I also think he should move on.
    Do you not realize how hard it is to produce yourself? Not only that, but even if you do produce the record yourself and make a your record, your label can decide not to distribute it. If you're signed to a label, they have control over everything, and if what you do doesn't please them, then that sucks for you.
    that is a very narrow minded view of labels, they are not by a long shot evil machines. They are however a business and need to be treated and approached as such. and I do realize how hard it is to do anything in a band. first hand experience actually.
    To write music as a collective group the whole group has to be on the same page. They obviously were not. David could've left then instead of going with it for so long. It seems that he left korn because their sales were lowering or because head left. Now he want's back in? David has also talked crap about the band and how Jonathan Davis's Wife was a "slut" that slept with everyone in the band. I wouldn't want him back in the band either. He is doing this to try to force korns fans to push for his return, so he can pay off his debt from his failed restaurants.
    Jacques Nel
    "Shunned any possibility of playing with him again" Yeah UG, we all say things on Twitter in such brief statements that can be taken seriously enough to write an article stating that that statement will hold true.