Jonathan Davis on David Silveria Reunion: 'Never Never Again'

artist: Korn date: 08/16/2013 category: music news
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Jonathan Davis on David Silveria Reunion: 'Never Never Again'
Korn frontman Jonathan Davis recently gave a brief response to former drummer David Silveria's comments on current lineup's lack of groove, shunning any possibility of stickman's return. When specifically asked on Twitter about Silveria's statement and the original five reunion, Davis tweeted back with a pun, saying, "I will never never play with him again." Meanwhile, the drummer once again addressed the matter, asserting his allegiance to uncompromising rock 'n' roll. "I never lost passion for playing music," he noted through Facebook. "I lost passion for allowing producers to make cookie cutter Korn songs. I lost passion for nonsense egos and bullsh-t. I felt like I was the only guy that wanted to be in a real rock 'n' roll band. I had no interest in drama from girlfriends and whining and bitching about everything. I'm a grown man, not a little cry baby. I loved sex drugs and rock 'n' roll, not nonsense." In his original statement, Silveria revealed an intriguing set of details regarding Korn's early days, blaming producers and band members' docility to their demands for the group's demise after the first three studio records. "One of the great things about music is [that] there are no rules," he explained. "I was being asked to be a puppet and dumb down my playing and be a good boy. Pretty lame, right?" In his latest post, David unveiled six tracks from his new band Infinika. You can check the tunes out over at Soundcloud. The new Korn single, "Never Never," dropped earlier this week, fetching mixed response from fans and critics.
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