Josh Homme Hints That Another QOTSA Album Might Arrive Sooner Than We Think

"I think six years is far too long..." the frontman says.

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Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age has hinted that new band's record might arrive sooner that we think.

Being interviewed by The Skinny, frontman referred to the dark before the dawn of Iggy Pop's first two "Berlin period" solo albums, written, recorded and released in swift succession within the same year.

"Part of me thinks it would be great if this was the point-counterpoint that 'The Idiot' and 'Lust for Life' are, y'know?" says Homme. "I love those records so much; they came out in a quick period of time. 'The Idiot' is very dark and 'Lust for Life' is sorta like 'Tah-daaah!' I would love to answer this album with a 'Tah-dah!' at some point.

"I think six years is far too long..." he concluded.

The band has recently released their sixth high anticipated record "...Like Clockwork," featuring a plenty of guest appearances including Sir Elton John, Dave Grohl, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, Arctic Monkeys' Alex Turner and ex-QOTSA's Mark Lanegan, Nick Oliveri and Joey Castillo among others.

The band is currently preparing to start their "epic world tour," which includes the band's perfromances at iTunes Festival in London, Jay-Z's Made in America festival in Philadelphia and Lollapalooza in Chicago among others.

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    Quality over Quantity, Megadeth I'm looking in your direction.
    A new album next year would be amazing!
    Not sure... Well, if they have a lot of material been made in period between Era and Clockwork, it might be okay, but if we talk about something brand new, it think they should wait for a while.
    So first album they made very public, all over the place... then boom a month later they hit us with more shit, and all of us are like 'what?', 'where?' and shit hits the fan for all QOTSA fans
    I didn't think this poor guy meant that the music was shit. He just wields the word shit too frequently as a replacement noun.
    The only person made out of excrement here that's throwing shit at others is you.
    The final twist in the Like Clockwork riddle is that they actually recorded two albums... A man can dream!
    I feel like that would be a good thing. The new album, even though I love it, doesn't have those big, huge, bare-bones garage rock songs like "Song for the Dead" or "3's and 7's" made purely to kick your ass. And a complete and change of tone would be cool too, like he said it'd be awesome to have some ta-dah. I think they could get away with that with just maybe half a full length record instead of a full release, as a sort of palette cleanser. And to be clear, I really love ...Like Clockwork, I just wished there were more songs that made you want to grab a guitar and learn the riffs.
    If felt that way originally, but that is kind of the genius of Like Clockwork. There is so many different parts to listen to that all stick out really well that it feels that there isn't a whole lot of cool riffs because your are too busy listening to the other parts. But after a while of listening to the album you slowly start noticing them. I sat by the ocean, If I had a tail, Smooth sailing and Fair Weather friends stand out as good examples of fun to play and awesome sounding guitar riffs.
    I get what you're saying and you are right, when I bought the album I just drove around town for an hour listening to it track by track and it was an experience, I remember when I first heard Songs for the Deaf and I just drove around skipping songs and getting to the heavy ones and kinda ignoring the softer ones, (I can't now though, that album is a masterpiece) but now I can't just skip around willy-nilly on ...Like Clockwork because each song plays into the next so well.
    Fred Bob
    'I appear missing' is brilliant, especially the crooning that plays the song out. Ill admit Im a fanboy (and with good reason!!) but I dont think they will ever really fit a straight mould. they are overhyped (which people get confused with over rated) and alot of people say they like them and have only heard 'Go with the flow'. On the other hand, their latter albums dont get the credit that they deserve or the time that they require. ...Like clockwork is not an album I would recommend to everyone, it has catchy songs and a poppy sheen but with the Queens there is a sense of unease too. Like 'Smooth Sailing' the way he sings its like this really cocky character but in the context of the album the guy doesnt realise that its going to be anything but smooth sailing... like clockwork the song itself, is making it to the other side and having learned some hard lessons... that maybe you cant depend on the idea that things will come around again but that you have to start again with new possibilities but no guarantees.... Most people that listen to this album based on the reviews will be like 'nick oliveri's back!' 'Dave's on drums!' 'Ow Elton's playing?'... forget all that interference... Forget the context and listen to the album, you may just get your teeth into the nuances and really get some inspired.
    Actually the person telling everyone they have a poor taste in music listens to the worst sh*t in the whole wide f**king world in most occasions. Think about it.
    Hey, I still disagree with him and think he is really overlooking this band's appeal here, but... Porcupine Tree>Linkin Park
    LOL what was the reason of comparing LP with PT? I also admit that, but it's not the point.
    "Actually the person telling everyone they have a poor taste in music listens to the worst sh*t in the whole wide f**king world in most occasions."
    you're the only one getting worked-up and bossy around here. I think you oughtta think about it more than anyone else has to think about anything else.
    I think we found another smartest guy here. Or just a man havis SO nothing to do, so he's sitting here and trying to figure out EVERYTHING
    Well good for you! And just so you're so interested, it's the weekend in this part of the world and though I don't feel the need to figure out everything, your cheap attitude really doesn't make me ponder over what kinda house you were brought up in
    Yeah I think I can wait a few more years for a quality album. Like Clockwork took too long (I understand why though) and was almost killed by the hype. Still an killer album though, and it would be awesome to see where they go from there.
    An upbeat album with more songs like "My God Is The Sun" would surely satisfy
    Compared to your taste, which you're implying is excellent just because you like QOTSA?
    I think Josh Homme realized how ****ing overrated he is/his band is/his music is, so now he's just going to keep releasing as many ****ing albums as possible because he knows all you fanboys will keep drooling over everything he puts out. If you haven't guessed by now I don't find a single song off the new album worth a second listen.
    And now we can see here, the QOTSA haters in their natural habitat. These amazing creatures come out every Wednesday morning to graze on fresh opinions with which they disagree, and then play in the field, touting their musical intellects. I'm going to move in with a Porcupine Tree record to see if I can get a better look.
    That's because songs like I Appear Missing and Smooth Sailing aren't supposed to be listened to just once.
    If the next album can be more mainstream... that'd be great
    I thought you must have been joking, but I see you've made a Kesha tab, so I guess you must have been serious... *shudder*
    christ hopefully not. The new album is bad as it is already, don't need more of that utter garbage filling up the music industry. We've got enough of them poser-wanna-be-rockstars already.
    Why would you defend this guy? I know you made some comments about how you don't like them, which is fine, but this guy is just being a tool about it. "Utter garbage"? "Poser-wanna-be-rock-stars"? That crap is just uncalled for.
    I'm not defending the guy or his opinion. I don't agree with what he said. But I support the fact that he has an opinion and he shared. Just because it doesnt fall in line with what you guys think doesnt make it wrong. You can downvote it as much as you want to, that would be fine. But giving him or me or anyone else a ton of crap and lecturing us over how we should behave/react/comment on posts of artists loved by the majority of you is wrong on many levels. He has an opinion, so what?
    You are either a loser metal elitist loner or a washed up classic rock virgin snob.
    Just cuz he/she disagrees with you guys?
    No, because no one likes pretentions guys who imagine they are the greatest experts in music.
    Dude, you're the one who's sounding like one now.
    In his defense you can share an opinion without referring to calling them "poser-wanna-be-rockstars". Actually I'm not even the biggest QOTSA fan (loved LC though) but they're pretty much rock through and through.
    Arite so he oughtta be careful choosing his words against QOTSA like its some kinda massive blasphemy, and this TryTheKetchup fella can go on to say "...No, because no one likes pretentions guys who imagine they are the greatest experts in music." and that qualifies? That seems pretty outta line, don't you think? I mean, they guy has to watch his mouth regarding QOTSA or he'll be called a pretentious guy who thinks he's an expert in music by a guy who apparently doesn't know how to keep his cool in an argument? Hah!
    Hohohooooo this Leperdog's on a freaking ROLL right here. Goddamn, this guy has ARGUMENTS and EVERYTHING! Personally I support fjagi's opinion. Latest QotSA-album doesn't even sound QotSA to me, the album just sounds "I'm Josh Homme this is MY music". To each his own. BUT we're on Ultimate Guitar here where everyone has to hold in place their comfortable little bubble and as soon as anyone even says "meh, newest didn't do it for me" they go all raging. Happens to a lot of people with little to no identity. They have to fill it up with music. Ergo, you don't like their music, YOU INSULT THEM!!!! Sad. Personally I don't care what anyone else thinks about the QotSA album, as should these people think about my opinion, but, as said, have to fill up the gaping holes in their identity with music taste. Sigh.
    No, it has nothing to do with keeping words against QOTSA. I'm saying that having an opinion doesn't make an excuse for acting *****-ish in your posts. Whether it be Bieber or Led Zeppelin you can still discuss in a way that doesn't resort to empty controversy and stuck up attitude. That just leads to more heated arguments which will most likely do nothing to contribute to discussion on the topic (these comments are a perfect example). I also never approved of the reply. When did I even imply that? Someone else making a stuck up post after yours doesn't justify your original post, that would be silly. What someone replied to was irrelevant to what I was saying. But in general, I will say that if you act like an ass online you shouldn't complain when someone might cross the line and do the same thing to you. Doesn't make either better but it's more likely to happen. tl;dr Don't be a prick online. It accomplishes nothing.
    You're the one acting like a prick dude, lecturing me and others on how to behave online. I don't believe it's your domain or responsibility. If we stray from the argument, we've lost our purpose entirely.
    Well I'm trying to clarify, sorry if I came across like that. It's not really QOTSA fanboys going at it as I have seen plenty of negative comments about it. Wording does provoke people. Funny how you got dragged into it when you didn't even write the post that started it all. But yeah, I'll just withdraw from this.
    QOTSA are "wannabe" rockstars? Are you high? They are some of the biggest rockstars in the last decade or two. It's kinda hard to be more of a rockstar than Josh Homme.
    You probably just heard My God is the Sun and asumed the whole album to be like that. Not the case. Not the case at all.