Josh Homme: 'I Never Really Cared About Playing to the Guys'

Homme attributes heaviness to Black Flag in new interview.

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In an interview with Radio.Com, Josh Homme has revealed that he never considered himself a metal guy, and that the metal leanings of Queens of the Stone Age are actually derived from Black Flag.

"I'm not a metal guy at all. I was raised on Black Flag. I never thought of myself as a metal guy. I never felt like I was in a metal band. I like eerie and beautiful and sex to all be combined ... which I guess would be an Enya record..."

"Being a smooth operator has been the goal period. I never really cared about playing to the guys because, y'know, who cares? I mean, no offense. When you're a kid you play heavy because you listen to Black Flag and there ya go."

Homme recently announced that QOTSA are ready to hit the studio to record a follow-up to 2013's "...Like Clockwork."

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    Yesterday, I was listening to Black Flag's "Slip it In" and I realized how much it sounds like "A Song for the Dead". Bingo, I guess.
    So is he saying that playing heavy music is childish? Mmmhh.. Well he is still making some great music.
    If you know anything about Homme it's the fact you truly DON'T know him...He's always a sarcastic prick lol...but that's why we love him
    He wouldn't be the first musician to play strictly for the poon. But at least we know he doesn't play for the bellend
    some words are better left to professionals.