Josh Homme on Desert Sessions, New Eagles of Death Metal Album

artist: Josh Homme date: 03/24/2014 category: general music news

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Josh Homme on Desert Sessions, New Eagles of Death Metal Album
Josh Homme has revealed that he is soon to finish the new Eagles of Death Metal album, and has also discussed the future of the Desert Sessions.

As Gigwise notes, Homme and Queens of the Stone Age are currently touring Australia and New Zealand with Nine Inch Nails, where he told 3News about his musical plans to return to the US and complete the new Eagles of Death metal once the tour is finished.

"Jesse [Hughes, Eagles of Death Metal] is extremely contagious in a wonderful way," said Homme. "Ideally, everyone catches it, you know what I mean?"

He continued: "I intend to go home and jump right back in. It's been tough, and I feel like responsible for it not being done, because I am here! I hate being at the epicentre of what something isn't happening. So I am going to go home and jump into that."

When asked about the chances of a new Desert Sessions album (Homme's series of collbarations with the likes of PJ Harvey and Mark Lanegan), he said that it was about a year away.

"As far as Desert Sessions goes, I was going to do a Desert Sessions this year but we did some Eagles recording instead," said Homme. "Because Desert Sessions works best at a certain time of the year, when everything slows and everyone takes a deep breath out. At the end of the year, in that December-January timeframe, everyone has exhaled. And post-exhale is the time to do something like that.

"So if I miss that window… I miss that window."

Meanwhile, Queens of the Stone Age have been confirmed to headline Reading and Leeds festival with Paramore, Arctic Monkeys and Blink 182 this August.
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