Josh Homme on His 'F--k Imagine Dragons' Rant: 'I Was Really Drunk'

QOTSA frontman also open for performing at Grammys again.

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Queens of the Stone Age mainman Josh Homme recently addressed the Grammys "finale debacle," sharing a much mellower stance than Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor.

Answering fan questions via Faster Louder, Homme also touched on his "F--k Imagine Dragons" rant, noting he was misinterpreted and "really drunk" at the time. The frontman also stated that he is willing to perform at the Grammys again, as long as the organizers "got their sh-t together."

"I'd play anywhere," Josh said. "I don't care about the drama. I don't think it's necessary to worry or sweat the rest of this stuff. Just go and play your music ... I don't like to be disrespected, but nobody likes that."

Sharing advice to young rock musicians, Homme definitely had a few wise words up his sleeve. "My advice would be - play for yourself. Because if you expect too much from music - if you expect anything from music, you expect too much."

During the rest of the chat, Josh discussed plans for another Desert Sessions album, the new version of Kyuss and the crucial matter of favorite ice cream favor. In his opinion, "vanilla gets a lot of bad rep." Check out the clip below for details.

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    drunk words are sober thoughts
    This. He obviously thought what he said, but had the tact to not say it...unless he was drunk
    It sounded to me like the crowd turned on Imagine Dragons (**** you guys very much, providing the dragons is your job) and he just joined the dogpile in the moment, I think it seemed kind of fun and silly. I don't know how much respect he has for their music but I don't think he is one to habitually put down other musicians. If I went on stage and the crowd booed Biebers name I'd probably join in with some sort of joke but I would feel bad for being malicious or hateful towards him. Josh Homme gets to enjoy more career freedom than those guys will have for years or possibly ever so I think it would be straight up douchey for him to pick on them out of nowhere.
    "John Homme" " ... I don't like to be disrespected, but nobody likes that" Be careful UG. Be really ****ing careful.
    Don't worry, he's probably just assuming that the writer is a fan and even if he hadn't smoked up yet he probably got a contact high off his friends. Besides I think where all quite enjoying this meaningless noise more than people just agreeing that they feel uninterested by imagine dragons (although I was at least impressed with their stage presence when they went on snl).
    He was so drunk he changed his name for a UG article.
    hahahahah nice catch
    UG Writer on his John Homme article: "I was really drunk"
    vanilla ice cream on his meeting with josh homme: "I was really eaten"
    Finally someone agrees with me about vanilla ice cream.
    Despite the word being associated with blandness, vanilla is actually a very complex flavor. Anyone who doesn't like vanilla has deficient taste buds.
    I agree, I think it is just because it's white and we associate the lack of colour with a lack of flavour.
    Who the **** is John Homme?
    No one knows
    "and the crucial matter of favorite ice cream favor." ahh yes, I love when I owe vanilla a favor for the time he covered for me at work.
    Is Homme ever not drunk?
    I heard from the drummer for a band that opened up for Them Crooked Vultures that Josh almost always had a bottle of Ketel One with him.
    Being drunk is never an excuse for anything
    "I don't like to be disrespected..." but he'll disrespect Imagine Dragons. Congratulations, Mr. Hamme, you Sir, are a ****tard. Your music is shit, too. And before anyone flames me (not that I give a rat's ass), I'm sure you can "see what I did there"...
    Congratulations, Mr. Axe, you Sir are a ****tard. Your music is shit too. See what I did there?
    The fact that you had to point out that you actually did something involving conscious thought says all I need to know about your comment.
    Isn't it true that if you want to know who a person really is, get them drunk?