Josh Homme Says It Is a 'Misconception' That He Changed Arctic Monkeys Sound

Queens of the Stone Age frontman worked with Sheffield band on their third album, "Humbug."

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Josh Homme has said that the idea that he was behind Arctic Monkeys' change in sound since their debut album is a "misconception."

As NME notes, Homme worked with the band on their third album "Humbug" and also provided backing vocals on the songs "Knee Socks" and "One for the Road" on last year's chart-topping "AM." However, in a new interview with BBC 6 Music due to air on Sunday (July 13), Homme disputes the idea that he had anything to do with the Sheffield band's evolution.

"I think there's a misconception that I slowed them down or weirded them out when we worked together," Homme said. "They've been playing this dangerous game of changing on every record, reaching like a rock climber for their next grip. I just love them as people."

Earlier this year Homme revealed that his band will record the follow-up to 2013's "...Like Clockwork" later this year, commenting that they have "more than enough songs" for a new LP.

Queens of the Stone Age and Arctic Monkeys will headline Reading and Leeds Festivals 2014 alongside with Paramore and Blink-182. It will be both Queens of the Stone Age and Paramore's only UK festival appearances of the summer.

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    Humbug is their best record imo. So much deepness on this one. A warm psychadelic embrace Hope they do an album like this again one day.
    Saw them on tour for the first, second, third, fourth and fifth album, btw. They were, they were beast on the Humbug-Tour. One of the best concert i visited.
    I adore every AM album. Which every release, they prove they can do whatever they want to, and do it crazy well. I wish I had half that talent.
    I loved Arctic Monkey's first two albums, but personally, Humbug is my favourite one and Suck It And See is also quite enjoyable. Not quite keen on AM, but you can tell these guys are really talented and versatile, every album is different from the others. Now, regarding Queens Of The Stone Age, I'm really eager on the new album, ...Like Clockwork was my favourite album of that year.
    Hmm. I always though of Suck it and see as their worst album...AM was incredible
    Humbug for the win here! The lyrical content on that album appeals to me like no other.
    So good to see positive comments and not the usual "Alex is a tosser lololololol" Hands down one of my favorite bands right now. Every album has been solid if not incredible.
    I was listening to Pandora the other night on the QOTSA station, and Arctic Monkeys came on and I could have swore it was QOTSA till the vocals came in.
    I saw Arctic Monkeys open for The Black Keys a couple years ago, and as soon as I heard their singles from this new album I thought, "Man, they must have taken from them."
    I don't get why this was downvoted. Patrick Carney has said that he spoke with Matt Helders (Arctic Monkeys' drummer) when The Black Keys were touring with them and told him that they'd be successful in America if they "slowed down" (they weren't a very popular band in the USA back then).
    I was at that tour too, honestly Arctic Monkeys blew the Black Keys offstage that night. And most people in America didnt know who they were before the set.
    Hard for one guy to make an entire band change their sound. And even if he did change their sound, it took all the band members to agree to it, so blaming Homme in either regards would be wrong.
    Each band is incredible in their own way. I love each sound that both bands have gone through so far. Humbug was a stellar album, especially the super heavy Sabbathy/Kyussy "Pretty Visitors" and the incredible slower songs like "Secret Door" and "Cornerstone", and of course "Do Me A Favor"