Josh Klinghoffer Unveiled As New Red Hot Chili Peppers Guitarist

Josh Klinghoffer has been unveiled as the new Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist by one of the band's leading fan sites.

Ultimate Guitar

A posting on confirms that the 30-year-old will replace long-serving guitarist John Frusciante, who announced his departure last month.

An editor of the site wrote: I've managed to establish contact with Josh through the previous owner of, Katrina, who has personal contact with him, and was able to get him to reply to an e-mail asking if he was in the band. He confirmed that he is in the band earlier today! now has direct contact with Josh and will be able to bring you updates from him personally in the future!

It's expected that Klinghoffer will make his live debut with the band on January 29 at a MusiCares show in honour of Neil Young.

Kilnghoffer, who toured with the Chili Peppers in 2007, has worked as a studio musician with an array of acts including Beck, The Butthole Surfers, Neon Neon, Sparks, Gnarls Barkley and PJ Harvey.

He also formed the band Ataxia in 2004 with John Frusicante and Fugazi's Joe Lally and performed with The Bicycle Thief at the turn of the millennium.

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    here here. Just because froosh is gone doesnt mean rhcp automatically suck, or that just because he's the replacement Josh sucks... I've got all the albums including from the Jack Irons/Hillel Slovak days, and they are all great. Cant wait for the new one, congratulations to Josh and good luck to John in the future!
    Aw this is still bittersweet John had the most heartfelt solos around but Josh is a great player so this may give their music some great new ideas woulda loved to see them live with john though...
    im just gonna miss frusciantes style, his solos and the stage presence. but klinghoffer was playing with the chilis during the stadium arcadium tour so im actually looking forward to this
    crazy8rgood wrote: I don't know why, but I have a feeling that this is actually going to be really good.
    exactly what i was thinking
    Huge Frusciante fan, he was the reason I began playing guitar. It will be interesting how this incarnation of the Red Hots will fair. I have faith.
    I don't know why, but I have a feeling that this is actually going to be really good.
    As long as Flea and Anthony are in the band, it's RHCP. Though I will miss John's backing vocals...
    Yo Josh, I'm real happy for you and imma let you finish, but, John Frusciante is the best Chili Pepper guitarist of all time.. of all time! But honestly, I think he deserves a chance.
    h1soka wrote: vaca11 : ok frusciante is a cool guy.. but come'n my own songs are harder and better than his solos.. i dont even play same solo when playing RHCP.. im sory for it but lets give a chance to new guy Stop making music, you just don't get it.
    lmao. you get it. hopefully josh can funk it out like john, but then again, it would still be interesting to see what other styles the chilis could explore. but yeah, johns harmonies were badass. thats something theyll never get back. but here to another decade (hopefully even more) or the red hot chili peppers!
    I'm not a big fan of the band. I enjoy them, but I don't rave about them. And a band that has been around for as long and gone through such an evolution, I'm curious to see where they go from here. I think it could definitely be good. They tend to pick some real talented people to be part of them.
    iheartgun with lotz222.... i believe that he is very over-rated....thats just me
    WHO'S GONNA GO "OOOOO" IN THE BACKGROUND NOW?!?!?!?!!? Lol. Well I'm not happy about John leaving, but I'll still probably get the album and see what happens. Obviously things are going to be very different, as John had been the main creative force in the band since he rejoined, and particularly during Stadium Arcadium. John is one of my absolute favourite musicians, and I'm really going to miss RHCP without him. But we'll see what happens.
    to be fair, Flea and Chad Smith make the Chili Peppers
    ^ you may see it that way but most people know him by (that dude who plays guitar?!??). Any way i really wanted to see them live with him but i got banned from the ticketmaster website so i didn't get to see the stadium arcadium tour. Anyway I hope the band gets a refresher cause it would be awesome. the best of luck to josh (he has some giants shoes to fill) I believe at least. John your still my man, The empyrean was amazing. I WANT TO SEE YOU TOUR. please come back eventually!
    Lotz222 wrote: Am i the only one who thinks john is a tad overrated?
    probz not, but johns guitar ability wasn't the most important part of his involvement with the chili peppers. It was his songwriting and his chemistry with flea and chad which i don't think can be replicated. not saying that the new album with josh will suck, i just can't see it matching up to anything they did with john.
    ^one good song? Really? I think they have many amazing songs... josh does like techno but he played half of the empyrean and many others, he plays guitar just fine. I think the new album is gonna be amazing and that whatever john foes will blow my mind. Just thinking positively
    Now can they start playing a few OHM tracks at their gigs??? it'd be about time
    vaca11 wrote: ok frusciante is a cool guy.. but come'n my own songs are harder and better than his solos.. i dont even play same solo when playing RHCP.. im sory for it but lets give a chance to new guy
    Do you realize how bland music would be if every guitarist decided the only way to prove how talented they are is to shred every note of every song they write? You obviously have no real appreciation for music.
    Glad they found a replacement this fast, actually looking forward to hearing the guy play on their next album.
    Oh man. I cannot believe this ! When Stadium Arcadium came out I had my fingers crossed that it would be their last album. I just had this nagging feeling that if they made a new album, John would leave (isn't he the youngest ?). I was born in "91 so for me Anthony, Chad,Flea and John ARE the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I just cannot imagine a better line up. I love all the band's music. But at this stage in their life, the band is mature.. why have a line-up change now ! There's nothing sweeter than a favourite band of yours that stays together and keep jamming right into their old age. I know that this Klinghoffer guy is a regular back-up. I have no doubt that he understands that RHCP style. But .... this is gonna take some getting used to. Can you imagine if Coldplay were to have a line-up change now ? It just .. doesn't feel right
    ok so just so everyone knows Josh is actually pretty good a guitar and will fit in quite nicely....especially since he has preformed with them on a pretty regular basis. and here is a vid of him playing Snow:
    im sure the next album will be good i cant wait for it!
    not that josh will suck but he and john have different styles and RHCP probably wont sound the same but lets hope their next album sounds good gotta give props to josh for being the new guitarist in RHCP
    this is my personal life lesson regarding procrastination, they have been on my need to see live list soooo long that I've missed the chance to see my favorite RHCP lineup. Luckily guitarist issues aren't new to them, they'll still rock.
    i think we should really respect josh for what hes doing, without him they wouldnt have a new guitarist this fast, and the album would be delayed. and another thing: would YOU dare to get in johns boots? i mean, now-one in this universe plays like the man, and still josh tries it, and we havent heard anything yet so just buy the album and listen, there are gonna be some good sounds in it for sure
    I've heard most of their new stuff is mainly piano based, so i'm guessing that theres gonna' be a big change in their style. I'm really sad that Johns left but he had to do what he had to do. Good look to Josh cause I know Frusciantes boots won't be easy to fill.
    Get your facts straight: Information is currently circling the web that needs clarification, regarding Josh Klinghoffer and Red Hot Chili Peppers. is currently undergoing a change of ownership, and in transferring data and relevant correspondence to the new owner, personal communications between Josh and Katrina (Cavadino, former editor of JKDN) were mistakenly sent out, leading to a story that should never have been run. Katrina is completely mortified and disappointed at her betrayal of trust, no matter that it was a freak accident and miscommunication. She wishes to sincerely apologise for any embarassment or hurt she has inadvertently allowed to be caused. Until official notice comes from the band or management, Josh's role in the band is not confirmed and remains subject to speculation.
    I'm personally really excited to hear what they'll sound like with Josh - he's a damn talented guy and I'm sure he'll be as good as Frusciante.
    Raizer Sabre
    i'm not the biggest rhcp fan, but good luck to the guy. yes, he has big shoes to fill, but that doesn't mean he'll automatically suck. it's like when stratovarius brought in a new guitarist to replace timo tolkki and he turned out to be awesome. let's hope the chilis have as much luck as strato did with the next album
    I'm not really too concerned with the new album, perhaps it will suck, perhaps not, either way we will still have the old stuff. What I am concerned with is when I go to a Chilis concert all the old stuff better sound just like it would have before, so I can close my eyes and be at the chilis concert I always dreamed of. I want this guy to be able to recreate the chilis songs we love just like john did.
    I was devastated when John Left, to me he was the most important part of the band. But i do look forward hearing what Josh can do, i really like his previous work with Frusciante, especially Sphere in the heart of silence, so im optimistic
    Anybody remember when Dave Navarro was in the band..? that really sucked.
    Anthony and Flea are the backbone of RHCP - their drummers and guitarists in particular have always been changing yet the band has been pretty outstanding all the way through (IMO). So I'm sure the next album will be fine, and even then, as shackman13 said, don't bash the album before you've heard it - it might surprise you.
    Mr Pringle
    I hope their next album isn't arse because of the new chemistry added, can't wait to see what will happen!
    lets just clear some things up. josh is an awesome guitarist, he's john's friend and has worked with him on several occations. although thier music style is similar, ive always thought josh is more experimental, especially with his equipment use. josh can also fill the missing void of background singing, his voice is higher than johns. listen to john's song 'omission' or 'at your enemies' to get an idea of what to expect. overall, i'm really looking forward to the new album. firstly, i'm glad there is going to be a new album, because i was very unsure the band was even going to stay together. secondly, i am interested to see what direction the album heads in, although i wouldnt be holding my breathe for a funk/rapping album a la freaky styley or uplift mofo. overall, i think we, as rhcp fans, shouldnt be crapping on the new album before its out- who knows, it could be their best one yet. make your mind up AFTER it comes out, not before. cheers guys, long live rhcp.. thanks john for your years of cosmic crazy mind bending playing.
    i love the chili peppers and i wouldn't be worried about josh joining as much if it wasn't for chad saying that they were writing more piano based songs. i think the majority of RHCP fans want another funk album, not an album of piano ballads which is the direction they seem to be going in
    im gonna miss John not being in RHCP, but whatever, everyone is free to do what they want to. we''l see how RHCP work with Josh on guitar soon
    I think this could be pretty awesome.Josh has already been playing with them since stadium arcadium,and presumably beforehand even if its just jamming with them,i could imagine john just bringing him to a jam one day.its going to be good
    Zeppelin Addict
    Obie wrote: but im eager to hear what this new guy is gonna be like. if hes good enough for the rest of the band to want him as guitarist then hes good enough for me because i value the rest of the chili peppers' opinion.
    you have my full respect man, why cant anyone else look at it like Obie here? clearly whats best for RHCP is known only by the RHCP and if you cant accept it dont call yourself a fan. ill miss john just as much as the next guy, but lets look forward, its the end of one era and the beginning of another, embrace it.
    ill admit that im a little sad about john leaving, but then again alot of my favorite chili songs were done by slovac and navarro. i say give this guy a chance! even if hes not as good as john im sure that flea and anthony can find a way to work around his playing and still make it kick ass!!
    ok frusciante is a cool guy.. but come'n my own songs are harder and better than his solos.. i dont even play same solo when playing RHCP.. im sory for it but lets give a chance to new guy
    I have officially stopped caring about the RHCP's future since the day John quit. Don't rash bashing me... I idolised John fromk the very moment i heard the Californication album. It went out when i was 11. Half a year later i picked up guitar. Exploring his older works and coming through BSSM and Mother's Milk just took me to the next level of admiration. To put things straight, i don't believe the next album will shuck at all. flea is still the best bass player around, anthony is still one of the most influential frontmen and a very characteristic persona indeed. Chad is always Chad. Josh, having worked with Froosh, i'm sure he won't be of Navarro material, but of pure Johnny-inspired melodies. Even so, my travel with the band has ended. Why? because RHCP is not on the point they were with slovak/Irons, which was all great and i love it. RHCP is not on the point they were with Navarri either.(though i really like some of those songs). Over the last decade the bands songs are based on JF's minimalist melodic guitaring and Flea's bass experty. After all, the last decade of RHCP IS John. Maybe the next five years the band will change to a new style, but it will never be Californicatio, Otherside, Road Trippin, Scar Tissue, Under The Bridge, Give it Away, Soul to Squeeze again... Just as it was not the same never again whe John joined the band for the first time... good luch Josh... Good luck RHCP
    i'm sad frusciante left also but the way he is it was going to happen at some point. I'm happy that josh is going to be the new guitarist as he's been with the band enough and worked with john to have a feel of what it takes to be in the peppers. also i'm happy that it's not some high profile guitarist theyre bringing in like when they brought in navarro. i think this will be good