Journalist Supports Metallica's Removal From Glastonbury: 'Fans Are Horrified of Hetfield'

artist: Metallica date: 06/06/2014 category: music news
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Journalist Supports Metallica's Removal From Glastonbury: 'Fans Are Horrified of Hetfield'
As the "Remove Metallica From Glastonbury" campaign is gaining more momentum, an interesting report has surfaced over on San Francisco Weekly, supporting the protesters' stance.

"This week, just as the controversy was beginning to subside, Metallica's James Hetfield went and p-ssed in the faces of the Earth-loving tofu-munchers who attend the festival by narrating a History Channel series about hunting Kodiac bears in the wild, for fun, thereby also advertising his love for such activities," journalist Rae Alexandra wrote.

"Unsurprisingly, there is now a campaign to get the Bay Area metal titans booted off the Glastonbury bill once and for all - which would be a wise idea, given the plethora of problems Metallica now presents for attendees of the festival."

Trying to put things into proper perspective, the journalist noted, "Glastonbury started in 1970 and has always embodied Earthy values - and not just because of its close proximity to Stonehenge. The first time the farmer who organized the festival made a profit, he donated a large sum to the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

"And while the audience has recently become more mainstream, with anybody and everybody who's ever enjoyed indie music going to this thing, the left-leaning, non-violent, peace-loving roots of Glastonbury have never completely dissolved. Those values remain the backbone of the festival."

Explaining how Metallica's Glasto gig could have been and "interesting experiment," the article stresses that things have now gone over the line, calling the bear hunting issue a "massive problem."

"Let us not forget that the UK, even in a broad, mainstream sense, doesn't like guns," the report reads. "At all. The only people with guns in the UK are license-holding farmers, who generally keep one shotgun on hand, or a small number of gang members in inner cities who have acquired firearms illegally. It is such a gun-hating country that even most of the police force remains unarmed.

"The NRA (of which Hetfield is a proud member) is viewed by most British people as completely insane, and hunting animals with guns is widely viewed as abhorrent. So when James Hetfield declares a love for both guns and killing stuff, in a proud and public manner, it rubs regular Britain the wrong way and it thoroughly disgusts the hippie-types whose festival he's about to crash."

In conclusion, Alexandra noted, "Clearly, damage on all sides of this mess would be minimized by simply moving Metallica off Glastonbury's bill and sticking it onto a different one. Fans and non-fans alike would be happier, and the organizers of Glastonbury might retain some semblance of the values the festival was built on."

So the whole matter's clearly turning into something bigger with each day. A question for all the UG users from UK out there - is Hetfield's hunting passion really that offensive or just blown out of proportion a bit?
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