Journalist Supports Metallica's Removal From Glastonbury: 'Fans Are Horrified of Hetfield'

"James Hetfield went and p-ssed in the faces of the Earth-loving tofu-munchers who attend the festival," the article reads.

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As the "Remove Metallica From Glastonbury" campaign is gaining more momentum, an interesting report has surfaced over on San Francisco Weekly, supporting the protesters' stance.

"This week, just as the controversy was beginning to subside, Metallica's James Hetfield went and p-ssed in the faces of the Earth-loving tofu-munchers who attend the festival by narrating a History Channel series about hunting Kodiac bears in the wild, for fun, thereby also advertising his love for such activities," journalist Rae Alexandra wrote.

"Unsurprisingly, there is now a campaign to get the Bay Area metal titans booted off the Glastonbury bill once and for all - which would be a wise idea, given the plethora of problems Metallica now presents for attendees of the festival."

Trying to put things into proper perspective, the journalist noted, "Glastonbury started in 1970 and has always embodied Earthy values - and not just because of its close proximity to Stonehenge. The first time the farmer who organized the festival made a profit, he donated a large sum to the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

"And while the audience has recently become more mainstream, with anybody and everybody who's ever enjoyed indie music going to this thing, the left-leaning, non-violent, peace-loving roots of Glastonbury have never completely dissolved. Those values remain the backbone of the festival."

Explaining how Metallica's Glasto gig could have been and "interesting experiment," the article stresses that things have now gone over the line, calling the bear hunting issue a "massive problem."

"Let us not forget that the UK, even in a broad, mainstream sense, doesn't like guns," the report reads. "At all. The only people with guns in the UK are license-holding farmers, who generally keep one shotgun on hand, or a small number of gang members in inner cities who have acquired firearms illegally. It is such a gun-hating country that even most of the police force remains unarmed.

"The NRA (of which Hetfield is a proud member) is viewed by most British people as completely insane, and hunting animals with guns is widely viewed as abhorrent. So when James Hetfield declares a love for both guns and killing stuff, in a proud and public manner, it rubs regular Britain the wrong way and it thoroughly disgusts the hippie-types whose festival he's about to crash."

In conclusion, Alexandra noted, "Clearly, damage on all sides of this mess would be minimized by simply moving Metallica off Glastonbury's bill and sticking it onto a different one. Fans and non-fans alike would be happier, and the organizers of Glastonbury might retain some semblance of the values the festival was built on."

So the whole matter's clearly turning into something bigger with each day. A question for all the UG users from UK out there - is Hetfield's hunting passion really that offensive or just blown out of proportion a bit?

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    Why would Metallica want to "minimize" damage? Didn't they like, incorporate it or something?
    I bet they'll be banned from playing "Fuel" because it promotes damage to the environment.
    "Gimme solar power, gimme light, gimme that which is environmentally responsible AH!" just doesn't have the same ring to it.
    "End of carbon play, decommissioning away, I'm your source of eco-awareness" Agreed, it's very catchy but wouldn't be taken too seriously.
    They could get Marianne Faithfull on stage so they could do that awful "nah nah-nah nah nah nah" song.
    or Disposable Heroes, Fight Fire With Fire, Blackened, One, For Whom The Bell Tolls, since they are about war. and Ride the Lightning since it's about the Death Penalty.
    Those are actualy all songs where the Glastonbury folk would probably support the messages, as they (in no paricular order) are anti-war, anti-destruction of the environment, and anti-death penalty- except for maybe For Whom the Bell Tolls...
    "Ride the Lightning" isn't anti-death penalty, as stated by James Hetfield himself. It's just about how they pictured the experience. Hetfield is (or at least, was) pro-death penalty.
    No, James said in an interview that he does not like the death penalty because it is too extreme and he also doesn't like the smell of burning flesh. He says it gives him allergies
    Not exactly; I believe in capital punishment, but it was more like the idea of being strapped in the electric chair even though you didn't commit the crime. That song, and others on the record, were about not being able to escape a situation. Lars and I are both control freaks, and the idea of not being able to get out of a bad situation is a fear we both have. [when asked if the Metallica song "Ride The Lightning" was a statement against capital punishment] But hey, this is a silly argument anyway.
    James is definitly pro-death penalty, he's just as conservative as Mustaine but doesn't talk about it as much. He supports Gitmo too.
    I think James is just more aware that he isn't an expert on the topics so he keeps his mouth shut, whereas Mustaine thinks he is a professor of everything that exists.
    The difference is that Dave is like Ted Nugent. They're going to speak their mind regardless of what will happen, because they don't give a flying **** if you agree with them or even like them. James doesn't want to offend anyone or start a war with his fans.
    I'm not sure about the whole 'left-leaning' 'earth loving' Glastonbury image as the festival seems to attract more upper middle class attendees these days(see Bruce Dickinson's article from the other day). However, answering UG's question at the end there, I can say as a UK citizen, most of us do think that the USA's love for guns and the NRA etc is quite insane. From my own personal point of view, I'm against 'just for the fun of it hunting'. That said, I'm not sure if all this merits Metallica being removed from the bill as I'm sure you would be able to find controversy surrounding many Glastonbury performers' personal lives. Everyone on this site is aware of all the crazy stuff musicians get up to: Justin Bieber being racist, One Direction smoking drugs or even more serious incidents i.e. Varg Vikernes, Tim Lambesis etc.
    If Gastonbury is really such a hippy fest it begs the question of why they'd have put Metallica on the ticket in the first place. the type of audience who can have there musical appetite ruined by a grizzly bear being shot isn't likely to be receptive to a stereotypically macho metal band filled with abrasive often dickish personality's singing about different ways die.
    yea rly eh ^ didnt know hippies were huge into 80's thrash
    Well I'm kinda on the intersection of hippy and nerd and I love the first four albums, I feel the two different viewpoints keeps either side from getting to cocky or close minded.
    big muff pedal
    Who cares what musicians do in their spare time? Kesha blows 20 dudes, James goes hunting, Boy George blows 20 dudes. Live and let live.
    Wait so now blowing dudes is a bad thing?
    How is he letting the bears live?
    big muff pedal
    I don't condone hunting, in fact I think it's awful, but that's an issue for another day and shouldn't influence whether or not his band can play music at a concert.
    And here I thought it was music festival, not a political rally. Guess people just can't appreciate it for what it is. Oh well, hopefully they come back to home turf instead and give to the grateful.
    This is ridiculous! I hope they play regardless.
    It really is ridiculous. It's actually sorta pathetic to see something being made out of nothing. Literally nothing. It's just a matter of the hipsters not wanting to see Metallica and it's incredibly sad. TEAM HETFIELD!
    I hope hey play All Nightmare Long there. Just for that line "Hunt you down withou mercy, hunt you down all nightmare long!". That would be nice.
    It was part of their 'standard' set list last time I saw them, they said they're going to be playing their 'standard' set list so I think your wishes are to come true.
    This festival should be called vag-fest. All these terrible indie bands are threatened when a power-house group of talented musicians who will show up EVERY act there.
    Cara Gato
    Wasn't James already slated to narrate the show prior to being billed for Glastonbury? If so, I wouldn't be saying he pissed in the faces of the Earth-loving tofu-munchers.
    Yes. But the people who go to Glastonbury are all about the environment and stuff, man. Even if they do all turn up in Range Rovers.
    And leave tons of garbage after 3 days of straight consumerism in that fest.
    This just in: Far left liberals are almost exclusively hypocrites who don't practice what they preach (probably because even they aren't stupid enough to think their stances make sense). Stop the presses.
    Nice broad generalization there. I'm positive the internet could produce more than enough instances of of conservative hypocrisy to negate your unfounded opinion.
    Please do explain how my calling out of liberal hypocrisy necessitates that I don't acknowledge conservative hypocrisy, or that existence of said conservative hypocrisy would somehow cancel out or "negate" the liberal hyprocrisy. Nice broad generalization indeed. This might be news to you, but not being a left wing nut job does not make someone a right wing nut job, or vice-versa. There are more viewpoints than "conservative" or "liberal", and acting like it's all one way or the other is exactly why this nation (USA), along with a good portion of the "civilized" world is going to shit.
    Actually, I think you'd see way more Mini Coopers and Fiat 500s than Range Rovers at that festival.
    Here's how it's going to go down: >Everyone gets all angry for a while >A few journalists hop on the bandwagon to bump up their readership >Nevertheless, Metallica plays at Glastonbury >The only evidence of the issue is a few hippies in the back angrily holding up signs, chanting catchy little slogans and empty threats. MAYBE someone throws a bottle, but that would be littering and besides bottled water is a conspiracy by the corporations to make you sterile, man! >Two weeks later everyone has forgotten about it.
    I wonder if they'd kick this shite off with Muse or Arctic Monkeys if it turned out one of their members endorsed hunting
    There really just isn't a hunting culture in Europe the way there is in north America so it would be unlikely. If the Bear was a serious problem in the area or there was a larger population of bears in the area than is healthy for the ecosystem they where doing a favour, unless the population is unhealthily low in the area then it doesn't really mean shit. And it was for a goddamned documentary, this wasn't a surprise by any means. It's just like that seal hunt bullshit with Heather and Paul Mcartney, guess which overpopulated furry adorable animal is helping us wipe out fish stocks. Also as someone with asperger's it's great to know my kids will have the opportunity to experience polio and measles outbreaks because some sloppy scientist says vaccines will turn you into an abhorrent diseased social misfit such as myself, **** you very much yuppies.
    While I can understand and even agree with their opinions of NRA as insane and of USA as an overly gun-loving nation, by wanting to kick Metallica off the bill they've essentially shot themselves in the leg. They are in no way better than PMRC and their kind of bullsh*t was in the 80's.
    I'm not really a fan of hunting, but I would never dismiss a band I love because one of the members has a hobby I'm against. That's completely ridiculous, although rather typical of lefty tree-huggers. Having said that, I would still remove Metallica from the Glastonbury bill for no other reason than they're simply out of place at that festival. A good percentage of Glastonbury probably hates Metallica, and the thousands of Metallica fans who are attending metal festivals this summer are missing out because Metallica are playing to a crowd who doesn't want them. I know they're attempting to reach new people, but I still think it's a poor decision.
    The angry liberals complaining yet again. LOL
    they can't handle opposing viewpoints no matter how "open minded" and "tolerant" they claim to be.
    Yup. More often than not, those who accuse others of being intolerant or closed-minded are far more intolerant and closed-minded than those they're accusing. This situation is no different. The organizers of Glastonbury are ****ing despicable.
    More downvotes please, closed-minded intolerant people. But reply when you downvote, and tell me how closed-minded and intolerant I am.
    Oh, lookie...someone else who thinks only one group with a political opinion is capable of throwing a tantrum when they don't get their way, despite much evidence to the contrary.
    I didn't read the part of his comment where he claimed that liberals are the only political group capable of throwing tantrums. Could you point it out to me? Oh, it's not there? Are you just being an ultra-defensive liberal, assuming that anyone who criticizes liberal views must think that people of other ideologies can do no wrong, even though he's said absolutely nothing to suggest that he feels that way? Okay then.
    Go away James, you have a show to prepare for. You should be practicing your stage banter like "blahblahblah METALLICA FAMILYYYYY-AHH!" and "ARE YOU ALIVE?! FAMILYYYY-AH!"
    What would Ozzy say?
    ^THIS (eatfresh1736) James Hetfield, 1986: "ARE WE FUCKING NUTS TONIGHT!!!??" James Hetfield, 2014: "Metallica is hear to make you feel good"
    Even better if I recall he yells to a fan in the audience while playing a riff for Master of Puppets during the Seattle '89 concert "wake up ****!". Now that's what I want a frontman to say to me while I'm headbanging. Not, does everyone feel good tonight.
    "...hunting animals with guns is widely viewed as abhorrent." Does this mean that it's only bad to hunt with a gun? I hope that whatever journalist wrote that knows that guns aren't the only weapon one can use for hunting.
    Fuck Hippies , Fuck leftist liberals, God Bless you Hetfield .....(blasting "Don't Tread on Me" now)
    this is a stupid thing to get upset about. Guns are badass. Hunting kodiak bears with guns is super badass. end of discussion, really.
    There's nothing wrong with hunting as long as they aren't cruel or wasteful, it does seem to be that people were already biased against Metallica. And Glastonbury has already lost its values by becoming expensive and sponsored, there's a lot better things these people could be against.
    Animals aren't things to be used and exploited. That bear does not belong to you. They have as much right to life as you do.
    jpnyc · Jun 06, 2014 11:17 PM
    f*ck those whiny, liberal hipster British pussies, f*ck them right in the pussy with a shot-gun!
    Glad Iron Maiden left. Their reason was, "Glastonbury is middle class." Translation: We ain't playing for a bunch of over privileged upper middle class white yuppie hipsters.
    i don't see why the whole band and many fans have to suffer because of one persons views and actions. fair enough he did a horrible thing but at the end of the day its his own view we are all entitled to them doesn't you mean you have agree with them but still. i know a lot of people are going to to glastonbury to see metallica and many other artist so having metallica kicked off is a bit extreme. i know if i was going ands found out that they got kicked off for this reason i wouldn't be happy and I'm sure the rest of the band wouldn't be happy.
    2034 - All bands banned from all festivals, bend members drinking alcohol insult the alcohol abstinence community and rape victims protest after it is discovered that all band members have the potential to become rapists. Limbless audience insulted by bands with their limbs intact and the only running show on earth is a solo drum performance by Rick Allen.
    This is how the show should go down: The Ecstasy Of Gold plays and after that a bear appears on stage then BAM! A sniper takes it out and the band immediately opens into Blackened.
    Commercial festival crowds are generally horrid. The worst audience i have been apart of was Radiohead in Vancouver during the In Rainbows tour. My guess would be that Metalica fans are seasoned concert goers who can handle being in a crowd. Leave em be. Oh, and there's nothing wrong with hunting bears as long as the species are sustainable. All of the new age hippies these days who don't understand that it isn't alright to have a grizzly bear hanging out on the mainstream of your town need a reality check.
    If they're that worked up over this, these people should be protesting the whole damn festival, for reasons that have been pointed out countless times already.
    When was the last mass shooting in the UK tell me who's got it right & who doesn't
    Will typical Glastonbury goers not attend just because Metallica is on the bill ? what would that revenue loss be ? OR will Metallica increase revenue gained at this festival by "X" and what is that offset? and do the concert promoters who stand to have arguably the biggest band in the world at their show make more money with Metallica on the bill ? and do they give two shits what some journalist says?
    glasto this year was sold out last year when tix went on sale even before metallica were announced as head liners. tix go on sale in nov ( i think) for next year. also the fest it self is like a small city and there are loads of stages. don't like "band X" go see "band Y" on the other side of the farm.
    Remember guys, at any time, a bear could just walk in to your house, steal your jewelry, take advantage of your wife (although she'd probably be willing) and commit massive amounts of identity fraud on you! Killing bears is a matter of national security! WWCD?
    I would think Kirk's gawdawful soloing would be enough to get them kicked off the bill.
    I am opposed to both hunting and metallica as a whole, but this article is plain stupid...
    Jacques Nel
    If you are opposed to both issues at hand, why are you reading and commenting on this? Your comment is basically useless...
    People need to know the difference between ILLEGAL and LEGAL hunting. I hope the ones that are complaining are vegetarian, then I can respect that. If you're some hipster being left for sake of it, you can **** off. There are people who hunt for their food. Especially in Canada, hunting is part of native culture. Hunting is more humane than keeping an animal penned up in a shit hole to die for your consumption. A bullet is instant death. There is a limit of animals you can hunt. In cases of overpopulation, they are the animals typically hunted to prevent damage to the ecology and mass starvation. Rich dudes who go safaris in Africa to hunt nearly extinct elephants/lions etc... to show machismo can go to hell.
    If Jay Z (99 problems) and Prodigy (Smack My Bitch Up) can play then Metallica should be more than welcome to play. Metallica shouldn't grace them with their presence. They are the biggest band in the world! What a joke.
    You can be a non vegtarian but are opposed to one of the finest artists because of the hobby one of them has that u r stupid and double standard shit is that!!!
    I don't remember a huge commotion when they headlines Outside Lands. You don't get much more hippy than San Francisco.
    "Unsurprisingly, there is now a campaign to get the Bay Area metal titans booted off the Glastonbury bill once and for all - which would be a wise idea, given the plethora of problems Metallica now presents for attendees of the festival." Some butthurtness and offended sensibilities constitutes a "plethora of problems" now? Jesus ****ing Christ, die in a fire you moronic hippies.
    Why can't people just enjoy the live music and not get their panties in a bunch about what the band members do when their not playing. If you go to a concert, it should be for the music, not for the bands lifestyle. People need to chill out