Judas Priest Streams New Song 'March of the Damned'

Stream the tune here!

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Judas Priest is streaming another new track from their upcoming album, "Redeemer of Souls," HenneMusic reports. The track is titled "March of the Damned" and, as Glenn Tipton explains, the song is a tribute to Priest's devoted fan base:

"It's just simple, straight to the point. It's not really a song about zombies or the walking dead. It also has a reference to the all the kids that come to our concerts that march along and can't be stopped. And so it's not Judas Priest and the audience ... with all the anthems we've done and all the singing the audience does, it's one in the same thing."

"Redeemer of Souls" is the first new Judas Priest album since the release of "Nostrodamus" in 2008, and the first to feature new guitarist Richie Faulkner, who replaced KK Downing in 2011. The record is due for release on July 14th.

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    Sounds terribly muffled to me... maybe my laptop has got some sound muffling virus overnight. O_o
    No bad actually, still sounds like Priest at least. I wish Halford could still howl like a banshee on the moors, and that Downing and Tipton remained as the guitar duo, but for what they are now the song was good I thought.
    Just remember, the guy is 62 years old. You can't expect him to scream like he did when he was younger. This song is actually allot closer to the classic Priest sound when compared to redeemer. It sounds like it was meant to be a live song too. Like Glenn says, "It's just simple, straight to the point" so enjoy it for what it is.
    the sound needs to be more dynamic for that kind of music, the vocals especially...
    If this is the most "zen" song on the album, then Im fine with the song. If this turns out to be one of the "heavier" songs, Im afraid for the new album..
    If Redeemer of Souls is anything to go by, this is one of the most "zen" songs on the album.
    I don't mind Halford's lower-pitched vox here. Reminds me of [i]Turbo / [i]Ram It Down , both of which garner too much disdain IMO. And like 'Redeemer Of Souls', I'm really digging the thick production here. The guitars sound nice and chunky without having that annoyingly muffled, 'towel over the amp' quality embraced by too many guitarists these days (I'm looking at you, Mr. Satriani... Gilbert... Petrucci)
    It doesn't seem like Halford sings much these days. It's almost like just 'talking'. When i bought the Dio tribute album last month i was disappointed in Halford, the song Man on the Silver Mountain, basically just talked his way through the lyrics.
    He probably would have done the vocals an octave higher if this was recorded 30 years ago, but it still sounds like Judas Priest.
    Cool, the sound's cool, Halford's weak though. The solo's pretty nice. Overally an average song.
    Soooo..... Halford has resorted to talking through songs, he sounds like hes suffering from manic depression, hell they make a simple boring song like this its fine people like it, megadeth and a7X do it and it should be thrown to the cleaners