Judas Priest's Rob Halford: 'I Had a Diva Moment When I Heard About Metallica at Glastonbury'

Singer says organisers should put on a British metal band next time.

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Judas Priest singer Rob Halford says he had a "diva moment" when he heard that Metallica would be headlining this year's Glastonbury festival.

As NME reports, the frontman for the Birmingham rockers says he's a firm believer that a metal band can win over the Worthy Farm crowd this June, but wishes he was playing too.

Halford says: "I think it's great, but I did have a bit of a diva moment when I heard. I rang Michael [Eavis] and said I loved it. I love that he's bringing metal to Glastonbury, but I did say next time he wants to bring metal to Glastonbury, can you make sure it’s British?

"Metallica are our best mates, and I'm thrilled for them. I think when Michael Eavis sees how mad the crowd go he'll realise metal can work there, and hopefully he'll book Priest in a couple of years."

Halford also promises that his band will tour the UK and Europe next year, having started their latest tour in the USA. "We're doing a bunch of dates there, then having a Christmas break then we'll play all over the UK and Europe," he says. "We love coming home. We never forget this is who we are, and Britain is very important to us."

Judas Priest's new album, "Redeemer of Souls," is out on July 14. It’s their first album in six years, following 2008's "Nostradamus," and their first album with new guitarist Richie Faulkner.

Reaction to Metallica's headline slot at Glastonbury has been mixed. Johnny Marr thinks it will be "funny" while Arctic Monkeys' Alex Turner says it "doesn't add up." Fellow headliners Kasabian have endorsed the Glastonbury organisers' "bold" decision and Mick Jagger, who headlined the festival with the Rolling Stones in 2013, predicts the veteran metal band are "going to be great."

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    This whole Glastonbury gig is turning into a "will metal finally be accepted as a mainstream genre?"-like moment Maybe metalheads aren't so different from the rest: they just want to be loved
    Btw. UG, Metallica played The Frayed Ends of Sanity !!! and it was ... words can't describe it!!! Just check this out!
    And then they play nothing but deep cuts like Dyer's Eve and Trapped Under Ice, completely blowing any chance of Glastonbury ever booking a metal band again.
    but that would be amazing, metal millitia, dyers eve, harvester of sorrow, frayed ends of sanity, call of kutulu in full, no remorse, damage inc, all three unforgivens back to back. suicide and redemption, low man's lyric.
    Amazing, absolutely, but also quite amusing if they played songs that most of the audience was unfamiliar with. Also, must point out that Harvester of Sorrow isn't much of a deep cut - they've played it quite frequently over the years.
    Rob Halford ALWAYS has Diva moments. Sorry, I had to say it. Bring on the heat and downvotes
    I wonder if there is any people who say St anger is their only good album and everything else is crap. Hipster overload
    Judas Priest are still brilliant live, seen them a couple years ago with Megadeth and Testament. But I've brought non-metal fans to Metallica gigs, and they all loved it. I think Metallica are a great gateway band live to get this kicking off and increase popularity.
    Of course they'll win the crowd over, I bet all the hipsters in England are listening to their albums religiously just so they can recite to the other hipsters "I love their old shit like "No Remorse".
    You mean, just like the vast majority of Metallica's regular fans?
    I can imagine Metallica fans and hipsters all over the UK uniting for this gig. That'll be a picture...
    engish hipsters dont like metal. Its all about pretentious indie bollocks for them over here.
    I am also from "over here", and a worrying amount of skinny jeaned, large glasses, swishy hair cut, moustache growing indie boys, do seem to have a slight fondness for metal stuff nowadays. But then I'm from Essex, and f*cking everything is backwards down here. =/
    I'm from Birmingham and down here, it's all about singing in a Manc monotone whilst strictly playing a Telecaster and using stereotypically British expressions.... Help
    I can't sand the Teles only crowd. Their was a band I was playing with a few months ago - who's name escapes me - with two guitarists, both using Squier Teles both with Vox amps, with - I assume - the tone knobs broken off at full treble no bass. It sounded wretched. Some people say metal music is just noise, but some people haven't seen that band. It sounded like dragging shards of broken glass across a blackboard. Oh, and they had two songs featuring rap sections by some guy that did nothing at all for the other three songs they played... They'll probably headline Glastonbury next year.
    Air_Stryker, bradd101, HAHAHA! That's hilarious shit!
    if you've got both your hands behind your back whilst sticking your chest out and singing like a deaf person then yeh you are definitely British indie.
    Same with American hipsters. Indie has a big market in central Illinois in the States. I saw Conquering Dystopia last night and made sure to thank them for saving us from the constant indie/country shows we always get.
    Religiously listening to their albums? That's quite dedicated to be considered hipstery.
    Glastonbury can't make Metallica any bigger. The opposite isn't true.
    The way I was introduced to a lot of new genres was almost always by seeing a good live band in a genre that I had never listened to before. I was never a big fan of progressive metal until I saw Animals as Leaders as an opening act once, now I really like it. So I think Metallica could work well here
    WTF? judas priest is touring the USA and europe? then what the hell was that whole Epitaph farewell final tour thing i saw in november 2011 in cleveland? i heard they would still play shows here and there but touring was officially over after 40 years in the business
    They can't - and probably won't try to - win over the crowd. They just need to give a good show, definitely not toned down by avoiding all those nasty fast songs that will scare the poor little teenagers.
    I was born in 86, so the first album of Metallica I heard was the black album, it's still my favorite to this day... I personally dislike very much their older stuff as I feel james's voice was better later, and the more melodic riffs catch me... Although I will say I've never been a fan of kirks solos, at least most of them, I do really enjoy fade to black. I'm not very educated on the differences between the UK and Sweden etc, but I like very much Bullet for my Valentine and In Flames (Also their later stuff, clayman etc), bands like them, I find the slower and more melodic solos / power driven riffs to be more enjoyable, I'm not at all sure what the point of hipsters and indie has to do with metal, although it disappoints me a lot to read constantly people arguing over what metal really is or isn't, I imagine this Glastonburg is the mecca for indie hipsters?
    "he's a firm believer that a metal band can win over the Worthy Farm crowd this June, but wishes he was playing too." I hope the band would know about this and include Rapid Fire (of course with Rob playing guest vocals) in their setlist... That would be an epic moment.
    ..and Arctic Monkeys suck. If you want to try and be a riff based band with the big boys, practice more.
    Wow. Metallica is headlining a festival. Great news... Honestly though, doesn't Europe have enough metal festivals as is? Why does Glastonbury need to break into that market?