Judge Warns Kyuss Lives! To Change Name

John Homme took the band to court when he suspected they would steal the original Kyuss trademark. Now a judge says to move on under a new title.

Ultimate Guitar

A judge has ruled on the spat between Kyuss Lives! and former founding member Josh Homme, and has set strict guidance on how they must use the title.

Homme who now fronts Queens Of The Stone Age was a member of Kyuss until they split in 1995. In 2010 the other three members reunited under the banner Kyuss Lives! and performed live with Hommes blessing that is, until March this year when Homme uncovered their plans to drop the "Lives!" suffix and steal the original Kyuss brand.

The band accused Homme of double standards: "They don't want to mention that they trademarked the name Kyuss after I left the band [in the 1990s], assuring that I had no rights in Kyuss' future," said drummer Brant Bjorn.

Now Judge James Otero has issued a preliminary injunction which prohibits the band from using "Kyuss" unless the word "Lives" follows in equally prominent lettering, according to Classic Rock.

Judge Otero also banned them from ever recording under either name, to support Homme's wish of maintaining the Kyuss legacy.

However, the group may yet be banned from using either title in a future court hearing. "It may be in Defendants' best interest to begin re-branding under a new name," said the judge.

The lineup is expected to record a new album, but are yet to confirm when or under what name.

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    Everyone involved here just ends up looking bad, and this is doing exactly what they all claim to want to avoid - tarnishing Kyuss' otherwise stellar reputation.....
    Homme could have used time spent on this case to finally finish that QoTSA record...its been 5 years.
    Anyone else notice that in the short description headline on the link UG put JOHN Homme?
    Meh. I could see wanting to keep the "..Lives!" part. To not be allowed either way though, when everyone else in the band wants to continue? But whatever I haven't listened to QotSA in forever, so great job ruining what little I still cared Homme.
    For christ sake, it's just a f***ing name. No one could care less what you call yourselves, its not like anyone involved is an up-and-coming artist trying to make a name for themselves. Besides, don't you have better things to be doing Josh? I read an article quoting him all pissed off and saying this fiasco forced the new Queens record to be pushed back again. Unacceptable!
    "'It may be in Defendants best interest to begin re-branding under a new name,' said the judge." I can agree that the whole case is childish as hell, but wouldn't this be the easiest solution? This way, Garcia, Bjork and the other members of Kyuss Lives would be able to have sole control over their future material without Homme's permission. Sadly this almost feels more like a sandbox fight over the marketing capacity of the Kyuss name. Complete waste of time and strength.
    I don't see how 1/4 of a band can prevent the 3/4's from using the name.