Julian Lennon: 'Beatles Anniversary Was 'Beatles Karaoke''

Lennon's son explains why he didn't attend Anniversary event.

Ultimate Guitar

Julian Lennon has been speaking with Brooklyn Vegan (via Ultimate Classic Rock) about the recent Beatles 50th Anniversary Celebration.

Lennon was conspicuously absent from the show, which saw former Beatles Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr perform. As the son of John Lennon notes, he didn't want to watch a "Beatles karaoke session:"

"To me, the last thing I wanted to do was stand in the audience with everybody else ... clapping my hands and being filmed in front of millions while watching a Beatles karaoke session."

While Lennon was unavailable to attend because of his involvement with charitable organization White Feather Foundation, he notes that he would have declined an innovation regardless, preferring a more personal celebration of the band's music:

"Give me the originals any day. I'll listen or watch the originals any day, and that's my cup of tea. That's why I decided that I much more preferred to be in a state of reflection and appreciation and doing something much more subtle and much more heartfelt, in my mind, than the glitz and the glam of those kind of shows."

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    matteo cubano
    "declined an innovation" my lord
    I'm as big a John Lennon fan as there is, but I will never understand how he could be such a dick to Julian. Especially in his solo career when he was singing, "Daddy come home!" you'd think it would click in his head that he's doing the exact same thing to his son.
    He ditched his wife Cynthia as well, totaling ****ing up her life as well as Julian's. Yoko also was practically torturing Julian too after John died by not letting him have any of John's stuff. She made Julian BUY JOHN'S STUFF WHICH SHE SOLD AT AN AUCTION, instead of trying to make amends and give Julian a ****ing break. Stand up guy that Julian for not talking shit about her all the time. I would.
    I never understood John. He's like Ozzy. He ditched his sexy wife for a broad like Sharon Osbourne and abandoned his other kids. The oldest one declared bankruptcy not to long ago.
    He just didn't wanna sit next to Yoko.
    I don't understand why everyone's just talking about their 50th Anniversary now because of a TV show they performed on. The Beatles formed around 54 years ago, not 50.
    It's the anniversary of them coming to the U.S.
    Still not the anniversary of their existence like everyone's making out, is it? If it was they'd be a younger band than the Rolling Stones xD
    No one's making it out to be the anniversary of their existence. Everything (literally, everything) I've seen says "50 years since the Beatles landed in America" or some such. Agree it's kind of silly, though.
    Personally I've been blind to the mentions of them arriving in America, and I've only seen a few mentions of them playing on a show xD
    Jacques Nel
    You know I can't wait for another Dave Grohl article to bring up the Everlong Bellend joke.
    Julian is truly a reflection of his great father. He's all about the music and an anti-popularity type of guy.
    His "great" father that abandoned him for a crazy lady and treated his brother better than he was ever treated.
    Julian has more talent that the people singing there except for Dave, Jeff, Dhani, and Paul and Ringo
    get all the beatles kids and do a dam album- etc hell paul and ringo concert
    do a beatles tour with ringo and paul and all the beatles kids.or hell just the kids.