Julian Lennon Publishes Father's Letters

artist: Julian Lennon date: 12/02/2010 category: music news

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A previously unseen 1965 letter from John Lennon to then-wife Cynthia is being published in Julian Lennon's new book of memorabilia. Beatles Memorabilia, The John Lennon Collection features some of Julian Lennon's most personal artifacts. One letter written to Cynthia in 1965 talks directly about Julian: "I really miss him as a person now. He's not so much The Baby' or my baby any more he's a real living part of me now. "I can't wait to see him, I miss him more than ever I think it is been a slow process feeling like a real father! I spend hours in dressing rooms thinking about the times I've wasted not being with him and playing with him. "I keep thinking of those stupid [expletive] times when I keep reading bloody newspapers and other [expletive] whilst he's in the room with me and I've decided it's ALL wrong." Thanks for the report to Andrew Vaughan, Gibson.com.
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