Jurassic 5 To Call It A Day

artist: Jurassic 5 date: 03/21/2007 category: music news
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MC Soup of Jurassic 5 has revealed that his group have decided to call it a day and even hinted there's tension between the members. Speaking to the Gold Coast Bulletin in Australia, Soup said, "After the tour (of Japan), that's basically it. I don't want to sit here and fake around with it - we're not seeing eye to eye right now. People see us as a harmonizing, loving group, but that's far from the truth." Soup even went on to suggest that other members of Jurassic 5 were basically in it just for the money, by saying: "Some people may say it's a creative thing, but I'm not buying it. Some might say business, some might say merchandising, whatever, there's some really stupid shit, some really childish things, happening." "When it comes down to it, some people here want their own shine, their own thing. If that's what you want, I say more power to you. I hope it works out for you - just don't come up with lame excuses." He added. Thanks for the info to AngryApe.
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