Justin Bieber Not Retiring, Was 'Just Messing Around'

Biebs continuing with his career, confirms manager Scooter Braun.

Ultimate Guitar

More details regarding the supposed retiring of pop sensation Justin Bieber recently surfaced, revealing that JB wasn't even considering to throw the towel in the first place. As reported, the brief clip previously showed Justin telling Power 106 radio about needing some time off from the showbiz. "The new album ... I'm actually retiring man," he said. "I'm just gonna take some time - I think I'm probably gonna quit music." However, it was clear that the footage just abruptly ended. The full clip now shows that the part where the singer adds "No, I'm just messing around" was missing. Furthermore, Independent reports that Bieber's manager also noted Justin was "just kidding," telling ITN: "Next year he's taking a break just to make music and relax, take some time for himself for the first time since he was 12." As most things Bieber, the story of his retirement spread across the web like wildfire, garnering young star copious amount of attention and media space from both fans and haters. Check out the clip below for the full chat and share your thoughts in the comments.

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    I am embarrassed this guy is a product of Canada. You're welcome world, we gave you Justin Bieber AND Nickelback. Canadians are the ultimate trolls. Haha
    I clicked this article just to see the top comment, was not disappointed.
    Since When did he actually make "Music" though?
    Well, you are right that he didn't really make music, but the stuff he sang was most definitely music.
    Lol @ the downvotes. I really hate it when people start defining music. JB's music has melody, lyrics, harmony, rhythm. What else does it need to have to be music? I understand people when they say that JB's success wasn't all about music (it was more about his looks) and I agree with that. But still, the stuff he sang was music.
    Are his hat and glasses too big for him or does he just have a really tiny head?
    Well, he has no brain which is able to fill a normal human head, so his head has had to adjust. Plus, he likes wearing big hats, makes him feel more like an adult, when from a distance, he looks like a toddler wearing clothes which are just too big for him =)
    Since he's taking a break chances are when he tries to return no one will care, it's all about One Direction for now and they'll be replaced in 3 or 4 years to.
    Well that's a relief. Phew.
    Please tell me that's sarcasm..
    Of course it was. Or maybe that was. Either way, if he retired UG members wouldn't have anything to complain about.
    This was just a marketing stunt. This gave him even more attention, which was exactly the goal of it.
    Lol Natures
    I know you're not suppose to wish bad things upon people, but... it would be really nice if the next microphone he grabbed was actually a Stielhandgranate.
    link no1
    I like the part where this doesn't really effect me since I don't recall hearing his music within the last 12 months anyway and I can easily not read anything about him either if I just stopped clicking articles with his name in the title. He's dropping in popularity anyway and One Direction is taking over as the most hated 'pop sensation'. In a few years Beiber will be irrelevant and the only person who will mention his name will be his mother. In a few years, they will drop in popularity and somebody else will take over as most hated 'pop sensation'. A few years later they will be irrelevant and the only person who will mention their name will be their mothers. A few years later the same will happen again, then again a little later and yet again shortly after that. It's always happened and will always happen. It still surprises me that it shocks people that it happens and baffles me that people still think that if the current 'trend' retires/dies/just goes away (At the moment, that's Beiber) then the cycle will be broken and 'superior music' will become universally liked instead.
    And who cares?? this is ultimate-guitar come on!! stop posting about pop
    Well, wasn't it pretty obvious that he isn't retiring. I mean, even if he had taken a longer break, it's pretty obvious that he would have made a comeback a couple of years later. But really, what would it change if he retired? OK, we wouldn't have anybody to hate. But really, you don't need to listen to his music if he releases an album. I don't even find his music that annoying. It's basic mainstream pop, not any worse or better than all stuff that you hear on the radio. I haven't even heard that many of his songs. So I think they are pretty easily avoidable.
    Do you think he makes his own decisions? His handlers wont allow him to quit, the money is to much still even if it is in decline at the moment. They will squeeze every last cent out of the biebs then throw him out with the trash and move on to the next tit to suck on.
    Well apparently aside from being a Metallica and GNR fan, he seems to be quite the fan of the Dianno-era Iron Maiden
    "LynchMobster posted on Dec 18, 2013 046 pm # Let's just hope he doesn't pull a Paul DiAnno and say tomorrow that his retirement isn't an actual retirement retirement" I hate to say I todaso but I todaso