Justin Bieber's Ticket Sales and Prices on Constant Decline

Singer's bad boy image blamed for slump.

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According to News.Com.Au, Justin Bieber's recent media controversies have had a direct impact on the singer's ticket sales. As the website notes (via NME), tickets for Bieber's upcoming tour of Australia are selling on eBay for less than half their face value, with many auctions failing to attract any bids at all. Alex Levenson, the head of Asia Pacific at ticket resale site Viagogo, has noted that there have been 187 per cent more Justin Bieber tickets for resale in Australia than One Direction at the same point in the tour last month. Levenson has offered the following reasons for the decline in Bieber interest: "With their squeaky clean image, One Direction is popular with fans and their parents alike. Bieber on the other hand is doing a very good impression of an enfant terrible, which seems to be putting off his fans and driving their parents to resell tickets. One Direction won the battle for hearts and minds and Bieber has been left trailing behind in the fan stakes. His new bad boy persona seems to be putting people off." Could this be the end of pop kid?

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    Mr. Von Eichel
    I never ever expected Justin Bieber to die out, I thought he was a fantastic musician who would last the decades, just like Motorhead, Metallica, Maiden & Priest.
    M Shadows: "Soon you'll be including US in that list, man. Please? Pretty please?"
    Not an appropriate application of this reference. We absolutely care because it is a big time plus that an annoying pop sensation that we UG readers so often complain about (even when he hasn't been mentioned) is going out of style, thus making room for better music at the top of the charts.
    Different music. One Direction certainly isn't better.
    As a lifeguard at a hotel I had to listen to both all summer and I'd much rather 1D. They made me cringe less.
    'Could this be the end of pop kid?' Maybe, until in 15 years or so when he'll pop on some reality TV show as another washed up 'former star'...
    Honestly teenage girls have a short attention span. They've probably moved onto One Direction
    Does this really surprise anyone? Sure i can see why he was popular when he popped up, he was young, "adorable" if you believe my sisters, and showed people from youtube could make it big. Theres only so far before the fame can goto your head and obviously its hit JB hard. One D will probably have the same thing in a year or 2. He'll fade into the shadows, pop up in time on a reality TV show or something like Sam said above me, and probably release a sextape for the publicity before a comeback album.
    He's not a "bad boy". Bad boys are what parents call Elvis or Johnny Cash or Pete Townshend. The ones with a rebellious image that had kids sneaking out of their houses at night to go see, simply because they didn't conform to standards. This kid is just a shitty human being who even the kids are disliking. He is at the apoapsis of "bad boy".
    Don't lump Johnny Cash in there - he was always a bad man , never a boy.
    I hate this prick and im glad to see his careers going downhill.Hes quite possibly the biggest douchbag in the world
    Standard for the big pop artists. Only a few of them manage to really make a strong comeback. More commonly the fame brings self-destruction. What a cruel business it can be.
    This poop kid should play some more electric guitars and all those instruments, cause his music would be more edgy and emotional.
    After seeing what he can do, and does, who'd want him to go into rock music? Even if he tried to, it'll still be like FOB's recent album at apparantly saving rock and roll
    It finally happening I no longer have to here haw he is a dude and a "real musician".
    What difference does it make, if justin bieber goes someone else will take his place, generic pop music isnt just going to dissapear with justin bieber
    I like it when everybody pretends they don't care while actually they take time to read the article and post a comment - or bitch about how this doesn't belong to UG. If you don't care about the article, why are you reading it and commenting? As long as you read these articles, UG will post these articles. And I can admit that I care. But yeah, I think Justin's success was based on the fact that he was so young. Now he's not that young any more - he's too old to be a teen idol. I guess most of his fans were under 15 and now they lost their interest on Justin. But Justin had a reputation of being a teen idol and now older people can't take him seriously, no matter what he does.
    Someone else will take his place and the cycle will continue.
    Well, of course there's always somebody who's "in fashion". But will the next "Justin Bieber" be as hated and will he remain famous as long as Justin did (five years is a pretty long time - usually this kind of artists are one hit wonders and get forgotten in a year or even less), I don't know.
    Has it really been 5 years? I was still in High School when Bieber became popular... damn I feel old... and I'm his age!
    why is this even relevant. I feel like it's just immature for us to even care about the drama of celebrities, can we just enjoy the music of the bands we like and stop bashing the ones we don't?
    lol you guys are eating it UP, **** these news, this isn't the b.s. I wanna see on a guitar website, **** whoever writes theses pieces of SHIT
    And just think in a few years he'll be as dead as the Jonas Brothers... that will be a glorious day for the world of music :')
    If we want him gone just ignore him..... He'll just disappear up his own ass and vanish out of existence!