Justin Hawkins To Go Solo

artist: Darkness date: 11/17/2006 category: music news
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Justin Hawkins To Go Solo
Former The Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins will launch a solo career, after he has recovered from his split from the group, reports PR-Inside. Hawkins left the band last month (October 6th), after winning a long battle with drink and drugs. After his departure the flamboyant singer spoke of his plans to leave music behind and even considered a career in counselling. But the 31-year-old is now planning to go solo, once he has taken a break. Hawkins says, "I'm enjoying the break. "I'm planning on taking a very long holiday and doing things I enjoy, like ice skating. "Then I'll probably start work on a solo album." Also, Justin told the following to Neil Sean of Sky News: "I'm planning a solo career but I may rejoin the band again at some stage. We all need some space right now."
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