Justin Wescot Leaves Amber Pacific

artist: Amber Pacific date: 11/03/2005 category: music news
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Amber Pacific has announced that guitarist Justin Westcott will be leaving the band upon completion of their ongoing tour with Number One Gun, the Junior Varsity, and SoTheySay. Westcott explained in a lengthy statement that he will "go back to school and pursue [his] life as a pastor." Wow, if that's not a wierd change of carrer, I don't know what is. Punk guitarist - Pastor. Hmm. The band's label's response mentions in part "the past few years have seen the band grow and mature into an incredible group [of] musicians, and we have been happy to be a part of that with Justin and all of the members of the band." A new guitarist and tour plans for next year are expected to be announced soon for the act, who released The Possibility and the Promise this past year. Thanks to PunkNews.org for the info.
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