Kaiser Chiefs Stream Teaser of New Album Online

The "Voice judge & Co." unveil new material.

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The Kaiser Chiefs are giving fans a taste of what to expect from their new album "Education, Education, Education & War" by streaming a sneak preview online. Check it out below.

Featuring the single "Coming Home," the band's latest album offering sees the band return to form with a politically fuelled offering, paying homage to Britain's heritage.

After founding member and key songwriter Nick Hodgson left in 2012 it's also an album that captures the Kaiser Chief's evolution in sound.

Talking to Gigwise about the hardships of making the new album one man down Ricky Wilson said: "When we got in a room again it did feel a lot like it was in the beginning. It felt like our first record because we didn't know where it was going, we didn't know if we had an audience, all we wanted to do was sit down and make music together."

The new album is out on March 31 and is available for pre-order now.

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Full album tracklistings below:

1. The Factory Gates
2. Coming Home
3. Misery Company
4. Ruffians On Parade
5. Meanwhile Up in Heaven
6. One More Last Song
7. My Life
8. Bows & Arrows9. Cannons10. Roses

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    Their recent single sounded a lot different than what they used to write, but I understand bands change their sound, though hanging around those on The Voice may have affected his style of writing...
    Long Distance
    Well, their drummer, Nick Hodgson, left the band and he used to write most of their songs.
    Actually sounds decent. Better than the last 2 albums they put out from what this sounds like.
    I remembered that they also became a singles band... I guess not any more. Still, it's nice that this band is still going, since I grew up listening to them.