Kanye, Bieber, Miley Featured in New Korn Video 'Spike in My Veins'

Band strikes at government surveillance and modern data overload.

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Korn have officially premiered an intense video for "Spike in My Veins" track off their latest album "The Paradigm Shift," taking charge at governmental surveillance and modern data overload.

Overlapping important news reports of government lookout and major political figures with modern pop acts such as Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Kanye West, the video asks a clear question according to Rolling Stone - "Is news news or just entertainment?"

"We are the ones taking all the pain/Falling on our faces, they don't care anyway," Jonathan Davis sings in the track's opening lines, which has already entered the Top 10 of the rock charts. "We are all so caught up in watching crazy media on the internet and TV that we are manipulated into ignoring that our privacy has all but disappeared," Davis stated.

"The Paradigm Shift" saw its release in October 2013 via Prospect Park Records. Make sure to check out the video below.

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    I liked it. I liked the video, the message and the song, even though the guitars needed a lift in the mix.
    Reading the comments on Loudwire's Facebook regarding this video is so entertaining. Example: "Well then. Embrace all the crap in pop culture to go along with a crappy band. It works. I'm not watching or listening to this junk." *facepalms*
    Interesting video. It's nice to see Korn taking on the public's obsession with pop culture and ignorance of the real-life issues that truly matter.
    More like a Kanye West, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Barack Obama video featuring KoRn. Plus, they said they'd be showcasing a heavier guitar and vocal sound for this album cycle and instead they keep releasing singles like this one that features Jonathon Davis' obsession with dubstep. Should release more songs like Love and Meth
    matteo cubano
    the album itself is heavier on guitar and vocals so why does it matter if they release the more mainstream-esque song as a single to grab the attention of new listeners who may not stray towards the heavier stuff yet?
    At least the dubstep influence is kept to one sound effect in the chorus. And the guitars are more prominent on the rest of the record.
    Misleading title again. This video also features obama.
    This one of my favorite tracks off of "The Paradigm Shift", and the idea makes it that much better