Kasabian Rip Today's Fans: 'Form an Opinion After 20 Seconds, Then Tell Everyone on Internet It's S--t'

"You can see why there's no bands left," says guitarist Serge Pizzorno.

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Kasabian guitarist Serge Pizzorno gave today's fans quite a bashing, ripping the online culture and the lack of attention among modern listeners.

Chatting with Digital Spy, Serge was asked on whether Kasabian would be equally successful if they were formed today.

"It's mental now, it's really f--king hard," the guitarist replied. "You can see why there's no bands left almost, it's really really tough. I remember if I had a CD that was like 15 quid or whatever, y'know half your wages and you would go 'Oh no this is rubbish what have I done? I've got to listen to it again!' and then 5, 6 listens in you're like 'This is amazing.'

"When you just give something 30 seconds on some laptop speakers and then you review it and go 'Oh this is s--t - bang, I just hate that'. It's horrible, that culture of form an opinion after 20 seconds then tell everyone on the Internet it's s--t," Pizzorno added.

The latest Kasabian studio effort, "48:13," saw its release on June 6, featuring a total of 13 fresh tunes.

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    I know people who habitually flip to another song before the one playing has ended, he's right, they're mental.
    Oh wow yes. People who cut into songs before they've finished make me rage RrRr
    When you're showing someone some really cool song and they get up and change it to like, Iggy Azalea or something 30 seconds in. NO NO NO NO
    Oh my God this happened to me, I had Comfortably Numb playing, build up to the solo, suddenly it stops and I hear the shrill cry of Taylor Swift and her 1x10^48th relationship issue. I've only ever shouted at a girl once.
    I hate this, I agree with him on so many levels, I cannot count how many times I've driven people home from parties and I put on a song I really like, and after just the first few seconds the passengers demand me to play something they like... I usually tell people "how the **** are you going to discover new music if you won't let it play for more than a minute or two?"
    I understand what you mean. You are the driver so you turn on what you want anyway. But on the other hand, when someone turns on a song I just hate or that sounds so bad I really wanna stop listening to it, I might ask if they can change it too, now I dont want to discover that song any more, that still does not make me "musically limited". Just all take it easy if a tune is getting on my nerves ill turn it off withing a few seconds, ill do the same if food doesnt taste as good, I wont keep trying it until I may like it.
    There's no song that's so bad that you can't listen to it from the start to the end. Or that's my opinion. I can listen to any song from the start to the end. I mean, if it's a basic pop song, it will only last 3 or 4 minutes. It's not that long time. But if it sounds bad to me and the "DJ" is going to play another song from the same artist or a similar song from another artist, I may ask if we could listen to something else.
    Dude If you can listen to Nicki Minaj's song "Stupid Hoe" From beggining to end, the you deserve a ****ing medal because that song is musical torture.
    A friend of mine actually tried this, in his own words he wanted to tear his eyelids out and use them as earplugs (he has a way with words!)
    I was curious so I did. Wasn't that bad besides the lyrics, the vocals, the synths, the percussion, the electronic manipulation, the...ok it was shit
    I have. I didn't like it, but I don't consider any opinion I have of a song or album valid unless I've heard the whole thing.
    I usually tell people "The **** do you want? I'm the driver, I pick the music!"
    Not a fan of his band but he's dead on. Worse still are the people who talk garbage about a band's live performance because some crappy phone video on youtube doesn't sound like the professionally recorded/mixed one they released on dvd.
    Not proud to admit that i can be guilty of this sometimes. Although i do have some moments where a song i didn't like at first ends up growing on me after a few more listens.
    Hey Serge - heard your new song the other day. Only managed 20 seconds or so and guess what: its shit.
    on the flipside, some people listen to nonstop garbage precisely because it sucks, and they dont have the attention span for good music.
    Or the other way round and get ripped off
    although I disagree with how Spotify is a bit cheap towards the artists, especially the newer, upcoming artists, it does have a pro in that you can really get a good listen before you buy. I've listened to the new Jack White album a few times, both on Spotify and through other friends who bought it, and still don't like it.
    "You can see why there's no bands left almost" What the ****? Is this guy blind? I'm pretty sure there are thousands of bands left.
    Yup, because if there werent then our atention span should be much longer as there is lesser music to actualy listen to. Now since there are so many more bands today than 10-20 years ago while all have the possibility to produce music in their homes. Its the same with advertising, when it was new and not everywhere people really looked at it, cared and payed attention, now that isnt the case today, is it? There is so much music most people dont wanna spend 2-3 album runs to figure out they wanna listen to something else.
    There's always been large amounts of bands. Everywhere. Exposure is another thing.
    well he did say in another article something along the lines of them being the "last rock band".
    I wish these stupid whining rock bands would invest more time into writing decent music instead of bitching about every goddamn aspect of music culture. Say it in a song for christs sake, maybe someone will listen then...
    He is right to some extend, still you are a musician you cannot expect to make a living of it, so stop whining. And to be honest, most albums that I dislike after 1-2 minutes hardly ever turn good the more I listen to them, so yeah I'm all mental, but so what, cant listen to every shit over and over until it turns good.
    Man, you can't expect to make a living off anything really. It takes so much more than just crafting produce.
    It's so so true. Some of my favourite albums I've found ridiculously boring/disappointing on first few listens and then a week later or so they've become pure classics. Two from the top of my head are humbug (arctic monkeys) and High Violet (the national)
    Hmm... "48:13" very inspiring and interesting album title. No wait! Nope, that is just s--t. Or maybe if I think about it again... no, it's still s--t. But what if I give it another try? No, that's s--t!
    Been waiting for an article on an issue like this for a LONG time...thank you Serge
    I think the issue is more so that there are too many bands, and most release filler shit albums with 1 or 2 good tracks. It becomes nature when that's what you're used to.
    Yes, this is the truth and not limited to music. We are overwhelmed with information and have wide, but not deep knowledge. In my case, I will listen to 10 albums of a band instead of listening 10 times to one album of this band. 15 years before, I remember buying Blind Guardian's "Nightfall in Middle Earth" or Helloween's "Better than Raw" and listening to them all day for a month, until I knew the lyrics of each and every song.