Kasabian's Serge Pizzorno Says Rock 'n' Roll Is Dying Out

The guitarists says he hopes the group's new album will inspire a new generation of bands.

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Kasabian's Serge Pizzorno has said he wants the bands new album to inspire a new generation of rock 'n' roll bands, as he thinks the genre is dying out.

Speaking to the Evening Standard (via NME), Pizzorno said he thinks there aren't many rock bands left and that he hopes the experimentation on his group's new album "48:13" will help push new bands to look to the future.

"It's weird to think of ourselves as one of the last rock 'n' roll bands around," he said. "But it's important because there just don't seem to be many left.

"This new record we've done is important because it's our best work yet," he added. "It's so much a forward-thinking record. It's a new and futuristic version of a rock band, which is important for kids starting bands, going 'Ah we don't just have to do that ... we can experiment'."

Yesterday, Kasabian announced a one-off London gig in aid of charity "War Child."

The band will play London's O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire on June 18. It is the only London show the band have announced so far and comes three days before their homecoming show in Leicester and 11 days before their headline slot at Glastonbury on June 29.

Tickets to the gig are £50 and go onsale on Friday (May 30) at 9am. All profits from the show will go to support War Child's work with children in war zones across the world.

Kasabian's forthcoming fifth album, "48:13," is due for release on June 9.

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    Mr Winters
    "It's weird to think of ourselves as one of the last rock 'n' roll bands around" No, it's not weird. It's pretentious and arrogant. And you're wrong.
    Rock has been dying since before the Beatles. Frank Turner says it best: "Somebody once told me that music with guitars/ was going of of fashion and I had to laugh/ This shit was unfashionable when I fell in love/ If the hipsters move on, why should I give a ****?
    Look, just because rock isn't dominating the Top 40 charts anymore doesn't mean it's dead.
    The fact that people keep thinking rock is dying is just proof that all they care about is the Top 40 charts. Which means they're idiots, whose opinions don't matter.
    Maybe he should go out and form a rock band then...
    Say what you want about Kasabian, but they ARE a rock band.
    Yeah, but they are producing music with more of a pop feel, whereas Foo Fighters (one of many examples) still make rock music with no pop. He needs to get his head out of his ass...
    Isn't it weird when people notice that you only pretend to know what you're talking about?
    "Foo Fighters (one of many examples) still make rock music with no pop." Even Dave Grohl would laugh at this statement.
    What's a Kasabian?
    Ka • sab • i • an (noun) - A mediocre, arrogant Oasis ripoff. So basically a ripoff of a ripoff. [BRITISH SLANG]
    Rock and Roll is alive and well, the underground is thriving with great bands.
    Being in a local band in Baltimore, I would say there is a ton of untapped talent
    Name one of them cause really I don't see... I think rock is repetitive since a few years and nothing new has been brought since the early 90's... That is kind of sad... All the new band are trying to make this 'Indie Rock' and they all have a singer with 0 personality who try to copy Black Keys or Whatever and a real lack of originality...
    Porcupine Tree, Tool, Black Light Burns, Queens of the Stone Age, System of a Down, Muse, A Perfect Circle, Lunatic Soul, The Kills...
    Wait . . . Tool and System of a Down are underground? Am I missing something?
    Dude , all of those bands are dark and fairly similar... NOT the epitome of rock (possible exception maybe QOTSA)
    What's wrong with music being dark?
    Nothing at all, I love plenty of dark music... But to say rock isn't dead, and name a bunch of bands that's play similar sounding music doesn't really do anything to combat that argument...
    Tool, Porcupine Tree, Muse and Black Light Burns sound similar to you?
    I think they can be generally lumped in a similar category, yes... but of course they sound different... EVERY band sounds different
    A category including all four of those particular bands must be an insanely broad category, that could apply to damn near any rock music, and even some electronic pop. I mean... Tool... Muse... Pretty sure they sound different enough to not be lumped in with the other petty differences between "EVERY band" in any given genre. Are you listening to the same Tool and Muse that I am?
    Look, I'm not one who sits around for hours methodically trying to determine what specific sub-genre a band fits into... If something sounds similar to me, then that is just the way it is... Early Donovan and Bob Dylan sound almost identical, yet they also sound completely different... Try wrapping your head around that
    Graveyard, Witchcraft, The Black Angels, Unknown Mortal Orchestra.. Just a few bands I suggest checking out. If you are willing to search hard enough you will find bands that you enjoy.
    I hate to break it to you, but music evolves. Just because it doesn't sound like rock did in the 70's doesn't mean it's not rock. Sure, mainstream indie stuff can be bullshit, but that doesn't mean it all is. Look into Garage Rock Revival/ Garage punk bands. Tons of energy in the underground. You probably won't like them though, since they're not writing rock opera double albums, and playing arenas.
    Ever heard of bandcamp? Search that site for rock bands. It's fairly easy to do.
    I must admit I'm always am searching through bandcamp and soundcloud and it's hard to find stuff I like. I usually find music on those sites I enjoy from a link from another site.
    You do have to sift through an awful lot of crap to find a few good bands, but I have found some killer stuff on there. You generally have to be more specific with your searches.
    Indie rock tends to be more pop-ish than The Black Keys, who are (or were) more straightforward and heavier. Been listening to Elephant-6 era stuff lately and wouldn't mind the indie scene going back to those distorted/folk loud styles and stepping away from the reverb.
    Dark Crayola!!!! Yes, they are a metal band but that is a definition of a great underground band.
    Monster Truck, Scorpion Child, Rival Sons, The Sheepdogs.. yeah rock n roll is sure dying out. Never even heard of Kasabian. Where the **** are all these guys looking who claim rock n roll is dying? Much Music?
    I swear every band keeps saying rock 'n' roll is dying out, its not dying out its just no longer in the spotlight like its was n the 70's/80's
    Rock isn't dying. It's just different. It's not pop anymore. Pop is it's own thing and has co-opted more of the R&B genres. So being in a band with a bunch of guitars isn't a guaranteed ticket to mainstream singles success today. But rock albums still dominate many of the best sellers and tours make way more money. Saying Rock is Dead has been around since about 5 minutes after rock started. It's just a way to say 'No we're keeping it alive with this new band' again. It's the same as every 40-something journalist writing that 'kids only love beats and hate guitars now' - but Fender and Gibson are selling MORE guitars than in their entire history - especially of their cheaper models. Lots of kids (and older) play guitar - it's just that some love beats and synths too. Rock will just accept influences from other genres. The same way that HipHop and R&B artists started using more guitars and live drummers for live excitement. Rock's not Dead. It's just changing.
    Fender and Gibson selling more guitars is completely irrelevant... 1) Guitars are used in a myriad of music forms other than rock, and 2) Of course they are selling more guitars! Every spooled kid in todays consumer society get mom/dad to buy them a guitar, they pick it up for two weeks, decide their fingers hurt, and then the guitar either rots or goes to craigslist... I am not trying to belittle your statement, but what you said about more guitars being sold is just NO
    That was kind of my point. Rock as defined solely as 4 white kids with a guitar and drums and bass and a singer and saying 'this is dead' is a stupid statement. Just like saying all electronic music is soulless, empty dance fodder made by some 45 year old Nordic DJ. There are plenty of non-rock bands using guitars, drums, bass and there are plenty of rock bands using electronic beats and a whole world of other set ups and instrumentation. My point is that journalists are always putting up articles saying 'ROCK IS DEAD! NOBODY PLAYS GUITAR ANYMORE!' and people play into it. You get the hardcore rock fans getting defensive and you get anyone who hates rock sneering that it's outdated. You even get rock bands going on about how it's dead and they are the last proponents of it. I guess I was trying to say that the clear definitions don't exist anymore. You'll find people will happily pick up a guitar and play a rock riff for an electronic song, or a band with instruments will use all sorts of samples and influences outside of 'traditional' rock to make what is still basically rock music. So yes, I probably worded it badly - but if you read my statement again I was saying this situation was 'similar' to Journalists saying kids hate guitar music (which is a common article you'll read in other publications).
    I don't know who thinks of rock as "4 whites kids with guitar, drums, bass, and a singer". REAL rock and roll was starting by early soul and blues music, which was predominately African-Americans. Rock is a sound and a "feeling" so to speak, and like it or not, that general sound and vibe has been slowly dying since the Grunge era.
    Memory In Death
    Their latest single isn't exactly helping haha Though, I'm pretty he means it's dying out as in there's no one pushing the boundaries and such.
    To be fair, Kasabian are a rock band, but like he said not in the typical rock sense. Furthermore, you have to look at it from his perspective; as a musician in a still relatively young band in comparison to most that headline Glastonbury, there is no denying there are few young bands with such success around. He didn't say he'd save rock music, merely that he's using the platform he has to try and at least show young people rock isn't boring and you can do new things with it. I for one have always loved classic rock music, but Kasabian's first album blew my mind. As a kid piano/synth player it really did give me lots of inspiration. Stoked for the tour.
    ... and this is Rock and Roll is it Serge? IS IT? You ****ing lemon.
    "im cooler than everyone, im cooler than everyone, im cooler than everyone, this music is about how cool i am, this music is about how cool i am, this song isn't for anyone but me, nobody but me!"
    I don't even need to see more than the pose in that still-frame to know that video sucks balls.
    Ah, rock prophets, always saying that rock and roll is dying and all that bullshit. Funny bunch, they are.
    Can any one tell me what you guys hate about Kasabian?
    They're fairly pretentious and their music is average
    Pretty much nailed it. The music is half decent at best, absolute shit at worst, and, if this article is any indication, they're also a bunch of morons.
    Ok all I wanted to know. I know a couple of songs and I don't mind them so I didn't know what all the hate was about.
    This is hilarious being as Kasabian's sound is part of the reason rock sucks... I may be wrong, but Kasabian's has always sounded very "club" like and electronic, with a little guitar and drums sprinkled in... NOT ROCK, at least not REAL rock
    Rock is not dying out...but bands like Kasabian aren't helping it any with their generic radio tripe
    Serge is gonna rock his casba..... Who the freak are these guys? Call me when they save rocknroll.
    Can't wait to see DJ's in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. "No one presses buttons like this guy!"
    Watch out you guys. Rock is dying out. It's been over 40 years coming, but it's finally going down. Shit is going down.
    Four-piece rock bands still have a lot of potential and decades to go until rock is dead. There's thousands of bands out there fighting to keep it alive yet we choose to focus on pop charts (Miley, Rihanna, Avicii) and short-lived trends (dubstep, EDM, chillwave). Pizzorno sounds like a knock-off frozen pizza brand too.
    About every year or so, some arrogant ass says, "We're the last rock band around". And then...bandcamp searches for "rock" reveal that they're completely f*cking wrong.
    Hell the Swedes make better rock n' roll records than we do. Its embarrassing.
    Kasabian was a shitty band that appeared in a Need For Speed videogame in the middle of the last decade...However, I'm not sure he's entirely incorrect. New bands nowadays from the U.S are just sounding bland, boring and with no ambition. No one tours 250 days out of the year with 25 dollar tickets anymore, no venues listen to bands anymore and their wishes, they only listen to the regulations that the city has imposed on them. People are happy with being YouTube stars and television appearances...that's why Rock N' Roll is dying, and it doesn't ****ing matter whos buying guitars. That doesn't matter at all, because in 6 months, most of those guitars go un-used in someone's closet. Rock N' Roll is dying and this generation is simply putting the final nail in its coffin by not getting out there and doing the work that's needed to keep it alive. Rap and Hip Hop and electronic music are winning because they're out there doing the work. No its not easy, sometimes it isn't lucrative, but if you aren't having fun and keeping rock n' roll alive, get the **** out of it, you don't belong here. Go home.
    Maybe if people pulled their heads out of their asses and stopped calling Pop, Rock we wouldn't have this problem. Well, we would, except we would know that Rock is 99% dead in the mainstream.
    Of course that rock is dying, specially with bands writing awful songs like "eez eh".
    I love Kasabian! All of their music is pretty good to me! They are pop though. And i don't believe they will be the next Zeppelin. This statement is really pretentious. Rock and Roll isn't FOR them ya know? Rock and roll for everyone else.
    Rock is dying out/already dead because this is what modern rock sounds like, sadly.
    Rock n roll died yonks ago, it was a movement just like any other. Math rock, thats where it's at.
    You're right. I need to get back into some math rock. I haven't listened to A Minor Forest in... yonks.
    In the mainstream, yeah rock is pretty much gone but I can't say it's dying out...there are new rock and metal bands coming out every year. I don't foresee it dying out any time soon unless all the bands start getting this dumbass attitude of thinking you are going to save an entire genre. Play music and make art...that is what will keep rock alive
    Yeah, rock n' roll is dying and the internet is just a fad...
    Same old blah blah blah... here's a guy that never heard about Ty Segall or The Black Angels or Thee Oh Sees or another thousand of great guitar bands. Sucker.
    I've been hearing this for a long time. If something's been dying for 10 years...well, it's not really dying, is it?
    yea its been awhile since i heard any good rock shit.. wouldnt say its dead, just stale. and listin shitty bands doesnt exactly help ur argument either
    Dark Canuck
    Rush! Big Wreck! Sheepdogs! Monster Truck! Rock and roll is alive and well in the great white north.
    That's true. All these *******s talking about rock being dead or dying don't seem to realize that Rush still exists.