Katatonia's Daniel Liljekvist: Exclusive Tour Diary. Part 8

Here is Katatonia's Daniel Liljekvist exclusive tour diary.

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Monday 05 April 2010 DE / Frankfurt Hang over de Luxe! Not really. Somehow I never seem to get a hangover, never did. Quiet in the bus today with the Finns not being around. Outside of the venue I bump into three men waiting to get their Katatonia CD's and vinyl's signed. It's a voluminous collection and I'm stuck there for a good ten minutes. Long sound check today which doesn't help much with this moronically un-concentrated band, me included. Restless times in the dressing room. I even deleted my MySpace account out of boredom. We all find it hard to get a boost before this gig as STS is not playing. Every show up until now we all kinda sync'd with the songs Swallow The Sun where playing to know when we should get dressed for our show. Like Sodo fixing the plasters for our in ears, when to put on the stage clothes...there were always songs in their set to let us know these things. Now when Long Distance Calling are playing we have no idea. I always help Jonas with his wireless pack on the last song STS play and we have this ritual when we sing along in Finnish (Swedish style. Very funny) and shake hands as we're going "Tjanare". Tonight it's all a mess but we manage to get dressed in time. Chaos. But the show went great, as usual, and we leave Frankfurt in our half empty bus.

Tuesday 06 April 2010 DE/Munich

The bus is still moving when i wake up. This has only happened to me once before on this tour. Right, I forgot, we are going to Thomann. For you who don't know what Thomann is, I can tell you it's a big building where they sell music gear. Very...well, if you compare this to a sex addict coming to a strip club where he/she can actually touch the strippers you might get an idea. Anyhow, we get lost (of course), and spend some three hours finding the damn village where this store should be. Sodo is very upset/sad that it's taking so long as he was looking forward to this day more than anything in the world.

When we finally arrive, me and Jimmy find the drum section and we find a new hard case for my cymbals. Just what we wanted. We meet up with the rest of the herd downstairs just to find they're in the middle of ordering some stupid guitar stuff so I sit down and read some magazines. There is this guy(?) with his mother(?) looking at B.C. Rich guitars in a booth to the left of me. He looks like a normal rocker but his face...either inbred or his mother fed him with a slingshot till he was 5. I don't understand German but I guess he is asking his mother for a guitar and when he doesn't get one he knocks over a guitar case and looks just stupid...very very stupid. We arrive at the venue extremely and unprofessionally late due to this Thomann shit but thanks to our awesome crew the stage is built in three and a half minutes and everything is just dandy.

The club is packed but I don't have that extra boost tonight. I just wanna go home really. We don't even prank LDC! Well, the show gets played, can't remember anything special with it, and we have a few beers with LDC before we hug and say good bye. Repack all my stuff that's going back to Sweden and sit in the back lounge of the bus with a beer when Ronnie comes with the news that the Bulgarian promoter is fucking with us and we will most likely cancel that show. Arrive at hotel late. To be continued.

Wednesday 07 April 2010 Still Munich (Should be travel day) So I get a text message on my iPhone from Ronnie at 9am saying basically "Show in Sofia cancelled" so I went back to sleep. One show cancelled on the whole tour!! And it wasn't even our fault. We booked the hotel rooms for one more night as we were trying to get plane tickets to Greece. Me and Nille shared a room and we decided to go get some beer from Lidl, cheap and not so tasty. Well, Nille bought the beer actually and I drank it. The rest of the night consisted of beer drinking, sauna and pizza. Me and Nille had a few beers at the hotel bar before we went back to our room for Spotify and more beer. Good times! Flying to Greece tomorrow but that's someone elses story. Peace out!

- Daniel Liljekvist, Katatonia, 2010

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    This is really cool. I'm loving it so much i'm printing each Diary Part as it is posted, and i store it along with my collection of tabs, music magazines and gear catalogues!
    Aww, poor sodomizer XD I like Nystroms diary bits best.. Its a shame about all that stuff getting cancelled and whatnot.
    He looks like a normal rocker but his face...either inbred or his mother fed him with a slingshot till he was 5.
    Hahaha!!! This diary is ****ing awesome! Great insights.