Keane Declare War On Pop

Keane are pleased to beat "mindless, temporary pop" to the top of the UK album chart this week. Find out about their latest success here.

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Keane have declared war on "mindless, temporary pop" after hitting the top of the UK chart with their fifth album "Strangeland". Singer Tom Chaplin says he is proud to buck trends and still be successful. "It's a relief that people are still willing to listen to music like ours, because it's clearly becoming a rarer thing. It feels to me like when we first started out in 2004, there were loads of bands and over the years they've all fallen by the way side." What does he think of the mainstream music industry today? "It seems to have changed quite a lot. Getting exposure for new bands is becoming much harder," he said. "It's more about the entertainment side of things and less about the music and authenticity. We're living in the Simon Cowell generation. Everyone seems to be a product of a TV show and it's made music quite generic, which I find very frustrating." "When we were teenagers, we had Britpop, so we had all this great music in the charts, even the singles chart had some authenticity then. It seems much harder to find great music in the charts these days, that's not to say that it isn't there, but it's much harder to find. I can't think of that many great records that have been a chart success in the last few years." Discussing the new album on, pianist Tim Rice-Oxley said the band was keen to return to their roots and focus on songwriting rather than fancy studio tricks. "We wanted it to be less production-led, and make sure the songs were really great," he said. "That certainly took a while. You write a lot of s--t songs to get to the really good ones." Keane will tour the UK throughout May until June 8, finishing with a slot at Scotland's T In The Park festival.

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    Not a huge fan of Keane but I agree with their sentiments. And even if they're not rock 'n' roll, at least they write their own songs and play their own instruments. And don't sing about partying up in any f**king club.
    Not a Keane fan, but I couldn't agree more about the Simon Cowell generation of drivel in the charts.
    *sniff sniff* Hmm, do i smell hypocrisy? I heard some of your songs bro...not exactly rock n roll..
    "everyone's a product of the entertainment industry..." meh meh meh... nice press photo man.
    Im confused as to who or what Keane think they are? I agree that mindless pop has always ruined things but its a necessary evil - music would be boring if it was all the same. HOWEVER Keane are just, and I mean JUST above the mindless pop level and I really cant understand where they have gotten this lofty opinion of themselves. Oh well keep, err, rocking guys...
    I don't know who they are or what they play, but i honestly don't care. As long as THEY PLAY REAL INSTRUMENTS and their music is deeper than getting drunk and having sex at clubs, then they're alright with me.
    I'm sure we all already knew a lot of mainstream music is bland pop, and of course the mainstream music industry has changed since 2004. It always changes, we didn't have glam metal playing on the mainstream radio during the 90's. I think with the help of the internet our musical exposure has never been higher. Think about how hard it would have been to find some of the artists you listen to if it wasn't for the internet.
    Keane does make pop music, but they do have a lot more substance than anything else I've seen in the charts I don't like them, but I do respect them
    They can't declare war on pop, but they could do an inside job to end the autotune-era.
    Uuuuh.....Keane isn't some special band that's so different they can talk this kind of junk. They're "meh" at best.
    Do you really think if you take away the generic pop music its audience would suddenly have taste in music? Yeah I doubt it. You have to understand that the people who buy this music don't really care about the quality. They want the most basic, simplistic music and they want a pretty face slapped on it.
    Insanity ninja
    So I assume it's going to be civil war then? Pop artist pitted against Keane? My money's on Lady Gaga.
    iommi600 wrote: So... what makes these guys think that their music has anything special?
    Listen to Hopes and Fears, bro.
    Doesn't Keane make Pop music?? Their songs are not exactly what I would call hard rock..
    GrungeHippie26 wrote: *sniff sniff* Hmm, do i smell hypocrisy? I heard some of your songs bro...not exactly rock n roll..
    He didn't say they were rock n roll. What, do you think rock n roll is the only 'authentic' music?
    As for the article, I'm kind of on the fence. Though it does seem like the music in the charts is crap, Keane came through in a phase when that genre of music was big. Bands like Snow Patrol and Coldplay and Embrace were all starting to get big. He has a dogmatic view because of this. There's always been shit music in the charts. In the 90s and early 00s it was bands like S Club 7 and Steps and Blazin Squad. The genre of good music in the charts has just changed now. You have stuff like Gotye, and Adele (even though I don't rate her I see why people like her) and Florence and the Machine.
    Pop as always been that way, saying your music is ''truer'' or ''real'' music is pretentious. Art is Art. Pop is music. It's here to stay. People really need to get they're head out of their asses and let music be instead of always fighting over styles and genres of music. It's stupid and pointless.
    Keane is an awesome band. they are the greatest rock band of all time. thats why they're still on the top. Most bands like Def Leppard look up to them. without Keane there wouldn't be great music. Man haters....
    GrungeHippie26 wrote: *sniff sniff* Hmm, do i smell hypocrisy? I heard some of your songs bro...not exactly rock n roll..
    Yes you do. If Petrucci says this I am volunteering to join his kick-the-pop-industry's-ass militia.
    They're totally right with blaming most of the bands in mainstream but I guess their music isn't the best either. It's just my opinion but I don't think that's the kind of Genre that should be played in mainstream and also sometimes you like rock, punk, metal, pop, reggea, ska or even hip-hop. The Genre doesn't totally matter as long as one likes the music and the music is good. Although it's a shame that many really great bands don't get acknowledged in public, many band get acknowledged by the fans of their genre (e.g. Rock). In my opinion there's also a mainstream in every popular genre like rock or metal and that's were the fans of the genres find their favourite bans.
    GrungeHippie26 wrote: *sniff sniff* Hmm, do i smell hypocrisy? I heard some of your songs bro...not exactly rock n roll..
    Though he isnt really saying that he want more rock on the charts, hes just saying that he wants the quality of popular music to increase and more foucsed on good song writing.
    I always find it funny when people complain that "pop is too mainstream" pop music = popular music I see their argument against the Simon Cowell generation, and while they may be pop-rock themselves at least they write their own songs and write them to sound (what they feel is) good rather than to have a dozen hooks and sell the most.
    ShevanelFlip wrote: Pop as always been that way, saying your music is ''truer'' or ''real'' music is pretentious. Art is Art. Pop is music. It's here to stay. People really need to get they're head out of their asses and let music be instead of always fighting over styles and genres of music. It's stupid and pointless.
    as usual, the least retarded comment is thumbed down.
    Tom Chaplin never claimed Keane wasn't a pop band. He just said it was Keane's job to "fight against mindless, temporary pop." It's not a battle of styles, it's a battle of substance. Not all pop music is bad, it just seems like the vast majority of it is these days. Keane, however, is a decent band, and Tom Chaplin is simply lamenting the current state of mainstream music. What's wrong with that?
    So Keane want to 'ride in there and cut their heads off'? I'm sure I've heard that somewhere before...
    If i was starting a war on pop, im not use id use keane as the frontline band...
    But Keane is the most insipid, middle-of-the-road pop there is. Their main demographics are 14-21 year-old girls and 43+-year-old housewives. They were and still are a diluted Coldplay. I'm not saying they're bad per se - they're fine at what they do - but them saying they're not part of the wave of generic pop filling Radio 1 and 2 is like Metallica saying they're not really metal, or Eric Clapton saying he's not big on blues.
    Tom Chaplin - By day he goes by the alias 'Mr Hypocrite', but as the moon rises he transforms into his alter ego 'Captain Obvious'! As much as I ultimately agree, Keane's version of the arguement falls flat on it's arse when they refer to Britpop ridden charts of the UK Top 40 in the 90's as a hotbed of musical integrity. I mean come on!
    When did they claim to be more rock and roll? Why are people pulling them up on the genre they play? All they said was that they're sick and tired of Pop, and the difference between Keane and Pop is that they actually consider what they write. I can't see a point in the article where they say they're amazing, or show any sort of arrogance.
    How does this have the positive response it does, when the rock is dead articles all get a huge flame war. It's the same exact thing, just worded differently.
    I think what he said is fair, but I don't like the idea of music being made as a reaction to some other type of music.
    Nowadays, too many musicians use 10 songwriters on one song only to have it sound bland. Keane is only slightly above generic radio-pop, but at the very least they write their own music.
    Stupid 'war' is stupid! The mainstream music has and will always be very bland and samey, that's the whole nature of mainstream/popular things in any kind of media. If he finds music frustrating then, I dunno, stop listening to chart stuff!? There are plenty of amazing artists around. There's no need for a 'war'. This is just jokes