Keane Declare War On Pop

artist: Keane date: 05/16/2012 category: music news
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Keane Declare War On Pop
Keane have declared war on "mindless, temporary pop" after hitting the top of the UK chart with their fifth album "Strangeland". Singer Tom Chaplin says he is proud to buck trends and still be successful. "It's a relief that people are still willing to listen to music like ours, because it's clearly becoming a rarer thing. It feels to me like when we first started out in 2004, there were loads of bands and over the years they've all fallen by the way side." What does he think of the mainstream music industry today? "It seems to have changed quite a lot. Getting exposure for new bands is becoming much harder," he said. "It's more about the entertainment side of things and less about the music and authenticity. We're living in the Simon Cowell generation. Everyone seems to be a product of a TV show and it's made music quite generic, which I find very frustrating." "When we were teenagers, we had Britpop, so we had all this great music in the charts, even the singles chart had some authenticity then. It seems much harder to find great music in the charts these days, that's not to say that it isn't there, but it's much harder to find. I can't think of that many great records that have been a chart success in the last few years." Discussing the new album on, pianist Tim Rice-Oxley said the band was keen to return to their roots and focus on songwriting rather than fancy studio tricks. "We wanted it to be less production-led, and make sure the songs were really great," he said. "That certainly took a while. You write a lot of s--t songs to get to the really good ones." Keane will tour the UK throughout May until June 8, finishing with a slot at Scotland's T In The Park festival.
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