Ke$ha Is Obsessed With Rock N' Roll

artist: Ke$Ha date: 05/13/2011 category: music news
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Ke$ha Is Obsessed With Rock N' Roll
Ke$ha, the pop singer full of L.A. swagger, just got a lot hotter after revealing her real love of rock n' roll. Hands up: how many of you can claim to own "An original vintage Guns N' Roses Appetite for Destruction T-shirt." No-one? Well, Ke$ha does. "I bought it off a guy called Evil Ed who was wearing it at a dive bar in Nashville one night," she told Spin magazine. She continued with her favorite song: "Iggy Pop's Real Wild Child.' It's the last song I play before I walk onstage and the first song I play when I get off stage," and her favorite album is "Bob Dylan's Nashville Skyline. He is one of the most amazing songwriters ever and I grew up listening to him. I have always been inspired by the honesty in his lyrics." She adds "I love Girl from the North Country Fair' [sic] with Johnny Cash; it's one of my favorite songs of all time. It is one of the absolute best things you could ever hear." Top marks, but we didn't expect a surprise like this. Next she'll be saying she'd like to ride a narwhal in the jungle, naked - oh wait, she said that too. We'll leave on her favorite joke: "What's the last thing you want to hear after giving Willie Nelson a blow job? "I'm not Willie Nelson."
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