Keith Richard's Fingers Remember Riffs

artist: The Rolling Stones date: 07/19/2012 category: music news
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Keith Richard's Fingers Remember Riffs
The Rolling Stones have made the incredible achievement of lasting 50 years as a band. Keith Richards says it's easy to forget songs they wrote years ago, but many guitarists will relate to how his muscle memory seems to remember all the classic riffs for him. After fumbling around for the first few bars, Keith says "the fingers remember even if you don't. I don't practice as much as I should, probably. But now that we're putting the act together again, I'm getting the chops back together." The Stones are yet to reveal their plans for a 50th anniversary celebration, but the band are expected to perform again with a special event, with rumors that they'll be releasing new material which could be produced by Jack White. Last week, Mick Jagger said he expects the band to put something together by "this autumn." "There's things in the works," said Richards. "There's nothing final. We've had a couple of rehearsals lately I think it's definitely happening, but when, I can't say." An extra bonus for fans could be the rumored documentary, though the film is yet to be officially announced.
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