Kelly Osbourne Hospitalized After Seizure

Ozzy Osbourne's daughter was rushed to the hospital after suffering a reported seizure.

Ultimate Guitar

Ozzy Osbourne's daughter Kelly was rushed to the hospital after suffering a reported seizure on March 7 while filming an episode of her E! show "Fashion Police".

TMZ reports (via UltimateClassicRock) that the incident happened just before noon on the show's set in Los Angeles, when Kelly told fellow host Melissa Rivers "I don't feel good," then fell out of her chair and began shaking.

Rivers and an emergency responder apparently attending the show rushed to Osbourne's aid, and she came around a few minutes later.

She was then taken to a hospital via ambulance, with co-host (and comedy icon) Joan Rivers telling People magazine, "She is fine."

Her mother Sharon was sighted visiting her daughter at the facility, where Kelly is reportedly being kept overnight for observation.

The past few years have been tough for the Osbournes on the medical front, with Sharon battling breast cancer and Kelly's brother Jack being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis last year.

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    Such a shame. She and Jack have come a long way since their bratty public life introduction on that dreadful MTV show. I hope this is nothing serious and she makes a good recovery.
    Diony x
    "The past few years have been tough for the Osbournes on the medical front, with Sharon battling breast cancer and Kelly's brother Jack being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis last year." And the housefire.
    Thats bad news, I hope she's okay. I def give her and Jack respect after how they've changed over the years.
    When your father has done as much drugs as her's has you're bound to inherit something nasty from his gene pool.
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    That's what happens when the daughter of the Prince of Darkness sings Country.
    Have some respect. How ignorant are you?
    remember, some people on this site are 10 years old. Some in body, and others in mind. This really sucks. I hope she has a speedy recovery.
    You obviously don't know the definition of the word "ignorant". I think the term you're looking for is "asshat".
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    Alright, but you asked for them.
    At the time I wrote that, I had downvotes (one was probablys Oraznatac) I believe you can only edit your post up to a certain period of time though.
    Am I going to hell/get banned too if I say she was doing the Harlem Shake...? Anyway, jokes (tasteless or not) aside, I wish her a speed recovery.
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    damn. hope she gets well soon my friend had a seizure in my kitchen once, and it was scary as hell just to watch. can't imagine what it feels like.
    When I first read it I thought it said Sharon and I got excited. I despise that woman... But I hope Kelly gets well soon.
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