Kerry King: 'I Would Leave Slayer Today if Tom Said He Was Done'

"It would be stupid to call it quits," the guitarist adds.

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As a solid portion of fans keeps insisting on Slayer calling it quits being the best option after the passing of guitarist Jeff Hanneman and drummer Dave Lombardo's firing, Kerry King addressed the matter, confirming that he has no intention of carrying on as somewhat of a one-man show. Chatting on Steve Austin Show - "Unleashed," Kerry noted that if singer/bassist Tom Araya was to quit the band, it would by all means mark the end of Slayer. "The only reason I would leave Slayer today is if Tom said he was done, 'cause then it's just me," he explained (via Blabbermouth). "Or if I was done and it was just Tom, I don't think Tom would wanna do it. It's now just the two of us." Ever since Slayer started talking to press after Hanneman's passing, Araya kept expressing his uncertainty regarding the group's future in basically every interview. Tom repeated multiple times that he needs to sit down with King and discuss the future, going far enough to ask himself "Why am I doing this now?" "His death has changed everything," Tom told Steppin' Out magazine later last month. "It changed my attitude about some things. Someone said, 'It's really great that you decided to tour and move on,' but these tours were scheduled in advance." Back to Kerry's interview, the guitarist also shared his thoughts on Lombardo's firing, explaining that the drummer basically did the whole thing by himself. "When Dave was in [the band] this last time, I figured I'd be on the stage with him until one of us fell off the stage, dead," the guitarist said. "Things change. He got some bad advice and listened to some bad advice, gave us an ultimatum ten days before we went to Australia [to do the Soundwave festival tour]. "And I said, 'I can't have this over my head.' And I feel bad for Dave to this day; I really feel bad for him because he shot himself in the foot. Maybe he thought he had the upper hand, but you ain't gonna get me... Before I got home, I knew exactly what I was going to do for Australia." Apart from stressing that Slayer is still a strong unit with massive global following and calling the decision to quit "stupid," King reminisced the old days and time when he first saw Metallica live. "They were doing what we were doing the way we wanted to do it," Kerry said. "We just weren't there yet. They were probably six to eight to twelve months ahead of us, just with sh-t-togetheredness. Even back then, I look at Dave Mustaine, and to this day, I love him as a guitar player; he's one of my favorites. And then I saw him playing and it just blew me and Jeff away that he was just ripping solos and he wasn't even looking at what he was playing. And we were just like, 'Man, that's awesome.' And were just into it. Me and Jeff were six months apart in age. We were just like the same person." What do you think the future might hold for Slayer? Let us know in the comments.

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    So I guess Bostaph isn't considered a member just because he isn't the original drummer? Playing in a band for about a decade apparently won't give you recognition as one...
    So he says that he won't let Gary Holt contribute to the writing, and then says that it's just Tom and he. ???
    sh-t-togetheredness I've decided I need to use this word at least once per day.
    "Just me", yeah, not the new drummer and guitarist you took into the band.
    I'd understand why Gary wouldn't be considered a proper member yet but Bostaph has been part of Slayer for over a decade.
    Looks like nothing new is happening with Slayer. There must be a UG Staff who's die hard Slayer fan, and he/she is the only reason they keep popping up in the news here. Every story, they say the same shit. Until another one dies, or they split up, I don't wanna read any more about this retarded business known as Slayer.
    This news is confusing. Firstly there's no Slayer anymore, so there's nothing to leave. Secondly if Tom and then Burger left, that would mean Bostaph = Slayer.
    Despite personal opinion that there is "No slayer anymore", there is still a band out there named Slayer, with fewer original members than ever before, but still named Slayer nonetheless. And if we look at the current state or Slayer as a business, Tom and Kerry are probably listed as the two main owners, so Paul would likely get in trouble if he tried carrying Slayer on by himself.
    Kerry king slayer is already done & over when Jeff died a big part of slayer died, Jeff was the bread & butter that wrote alot of slayers music & basically from the beginning wrote the majority of the albums until he passed, now it truely sucks that you have become a business, Kerry king is now taking over slayer, why don't ****ing Tom just step up, but unfortunately we will never know. Rest in peace Jeff hanneman.
    I agree one man acts are generally terrible. Look at "Black Sabbath" after Dio left the first time. In any case I can agree that it is definitely not the same without Jeff. But to completely discredit Gary and Paul is just unfair. Nobody asked for this to happen, but for those that paid to see them it's only fair to finish the tour and reassess from there
    Mostly agreed, but as for Sabbath after Dio, Headless Cross with Tony Martin on vocals is a killer record.