Kerry King: 'I'm Very Proud of the New Slayer Material'

"I know people are gonna expect us to fail," the axeman adds.

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Kerry King gave a brief update on the current state of Slayer affairs, sharing a confident stance regarding the band's upcoming material.

"I never go online and see what people are talking about because people are ten foot tall behind a computer screen, you know?!" he told Arte Concert at last weekend's Wacken Open Air festival. "But, you know, a lot of [the reaction to "Implode"] was positive, a lot of people said, 'For anybody that was worried about what Slayer was gonna sound like post-Hanneman, don't worry about it.'"

Adding that he's still aware of the thoughts many fans have towards the group's decision to venture forth after Jeff Hanneman's death, Kerry noted, "I know people are gonna think that [we can't make another quality album], people are gonna expect us to fail because it's the first record without Jeff; I get it.

"But I'm also very proud of what of we've done so far towards new material. It's fast, the slow stuff's heavy. I mean, it's ... Everything that people liked Slayer for in the past is on this record," he added (via Blabbermouth).

As reported, the new album is expected to feature Hanneman's posthumous efforts, although King pointed out on several occasions that forcing Jeff's material onto the record is not an option if the songs aren't good enough. The band's latest song, "Implode," was presented back in May, check it out below.

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    I've tabbed it! 0-0-0-0-0-0-0-1-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-1 plz rate, thnx, metulz \m/
    I feel honoured, KerryKing01 replied to my joke about Slayer on an article about Slayer. It's like the planets aligned or some sh*t.
    jeff's material not good enough? i'm sure it wouldn't have been that different...considering kerry is playing exactly the same thing they've always done. EEEEEFEEEEE/dial-up modem.
    I had completely forgotten that they'd already released a new song until now. That summarizes the track, really. It's not bad, it's just entirely forgettable.
    That's what I thought. I like it, it definitely speaks Slayer, but nothing special
    I'm not all that excited to be honest. Implode sounds more like a band trying to be Slayer, rather than Slayer themselves.
    Scab Slayer plays to empty seats!!!!! FU Kerry for ruining the once mighty slayer! This isn't Slayer, it's the new dive bar tribute band taking over the world! They should retire. No one can replace Jeff on guitar with the style of playing he brought to that band, or his classic songwriting ability! So with that being said: Screw Kerry "Burger" King and his cover band!!!!! Have fun playing the dive bar tour. Make sure the owners of that place help move that oh so heavy, spine breaking, pool table out of the way. And put it back after the shows over! $layer is done and finished for good!!!!! F.U. to Tom & Kerry! *flushes this tribute version of the band right on down the galaxy's most filthiest , darkest , vile , bile , stench ridden , evilest , putrid , rancid smelling , turd filled & never backed up or clogged toilet* Hail Lombardo !!!!! R.I.P. Jeff
    Humourous, but I don't personally care that the band has lost 2 of it's members, Napalm Death have no original members and that doesn't stop them being a favourite of mine, along with King Crimson, whose sole consistent member is Robert Fripp, just as a few examples.
    I really don't get all the Slayer hate on this site. It sounds good to me. Of course, if Jeff were still around it would be great and a lot has been that there are only two founding members, but Bostaph is a seriously under rated drummer, check out Divine Intervention, in my opinion, one of thrash's most under-rated albums. Also, as regards to King, if you look at the writing credits on their post-millenium albums, King was responsible for just as much of those songs as anyone else, so at least give him a chance!
    It's just that Jeff is definitely the better of their two guitarists, and Slayer hasn't done anything noteworthy in a while, so nobody is really expecting this album to be good
    lyrics sound forced. just not overall very natural. good riffing, sounds like slayer, but not their best showing, either. i'd kind of hoped they'd try very carefully to make everything cohesive and put their best foot forward, but to be fair, since the 90s they've kinda made a habit of throwing a bunch of potentially good ideas at the wall and hoping it works, so it's been a lot of instant hits and "mehs". this is more along the lines of the latter, not what i'd expect from a first single
    "For anybody that was worried about what Slayer was gonna sound like post-Hanneman, don't worry about it" See,'s saying things like this that make people dislike you even more.
    a lot of people said , 'For anybody that was worried about what Slayer was gonna sound like post-Hanneman, don't worry about it.'" Those first four words are key....
    What is it about a band member leaving a famous band (whether by quitting, getting fired or passing away) that makes SO MANY people want to criticize the band and make claims that "it's not _____ without ____!"??? I honestly don't get it. Maybe I don't have the inferiority complex that so many of the 10 foot tall computer warriors that King mentions has. I've been a Slayer fan for about 25 years now and I'm looking forwardto the new record. Do I LOVE "Implode"? Not really but it's one song. How about we calm down a little and wait to hear the new record? Metallica recorded AFJA after Burton died. Iron Maiden recorded SO MANY classic albums after Paul left. A member leaving a band does NOT mean the band is over, a "cover band", etc.
    When Jeff left, they lost their best songwriter. That's the difference.
    “Best songwriter” is very subjective. Hanneman was a great metal songwriter, absolutely… but King and Araya wrote some of Slayer’s best material as well. We won’t know how much writing (if any) Gary Holt will contribute to the new album but having him in the band certainly won’t hurt. He’s arguably a MUCH better metal songwriter than anyone that’s ever been a member of Slayer. I’m just saying… let’s try not to judge too harshly until we have an album to listen to.
    It may be subjective but he's actually right. Its really quite clear when you look at the song credits on just about any Slayer album. Take Reign In Blood for example: Angel of Death, Postmortem and Raining Blood are given credit to Hanneman alone. Is it any coincidence that the best songs on the album were written by him? Actually Seasons In The Abyss is an even better example, The best and most varied songs on it were written by Hanneman alone. Heck, according to the song credits most of that album was written by Hanneman anyway. So is it any surprise that the album is considered among Slayer's best, if not their best work?
    It may be subjective, but the vast, vast, vast majority of Slayer songs I like are written by Jeff or both him and Kerry, meaning the albums I gravitate towards the most are the early ones. I don't care for God Hates Us All, or basically anything Kerry has written post-Divine Intervention, but I think it's fair to say I didn't like Jeff's contributions on those albums either. But I'll never, ever put on Christ Illusion or God Hates Us All before their best work, or literally any other metal band. I'll take muzak over those albums. Jeff wrote most of the anthemic riffs and lyrics, he's the one who introduced the hardcore influence on the band, and I just find Kerry's style nowadays to be vanilla tough guy shit that I have no time for. I don't have an inferiority complex, and I don't think I'm tough shit, so just try wrapping your head around that as an honest opinion instead of being passive aggressive.
    This is...predictable. Any Thrash band could do the exact same song, and I wouldn't be surprised.
    Mr Winters
    That's thrash metal for you
    No, not really. Classic Slayer doesn't feel that way. I know it's Slayer. Same with classic Megadeth/Metallica/Anthrax. And that's just a short list. This feels very much was written to be "safe".
    I'd say Kerry King has definately visited Ug and seen what has been written about him. lol
    I listened to 10 seconds of Implode.Jesus it sucks.I love Slayer bit for chrisake.
    im still excited about the tour, seeing slayer will be ok but I can't wait to see suicidal and exodus
    I think half of the problem with this song is that it sounds too over-produced, like they're trying to make it sound heavy.
    So when is it gonna be released? Spit it out Burger! Can't w8 to hear Slayer Cover Band debut album.
    I don't even like slayer but I feel the need to tell you guys to shut the **** up. Kerry King started this band with Lombardo, He is the one who recruited hanneman and araya to be in it.
    I'll give him the benefit of the doubt to see. who knows? Maybe he wised up a little.
    Cover Band? still 50% original members, people don't call Kiss a cover band, more than alot of bands can say, like GnR, Queensryche,(oh which one)etc.....
    I was going to mention the picture of Deep Purple but replica_ already did. WTF? BTW who is Kerry Ling and is he related to Kerry King in any way?
    Don't understand the hate here. It's still Slayer, though just ditching Dave was a di** move. This new song is eh. Definitely different sounding. Not bad, but Tom's voice doesn't seem "into it" as much.