Kerry King: 'I'm Very Proud of the New Slayer Material'

artist: Kerry King date: 08/08/2014 category: general music news

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Kerry King: 'I'm Very Proud of the New Slayer Material'
Kerry King gave a brief update on the current state of Slayer affairs, sharing a confident stance regarding the band's upcoming material.

"I never go online and see what people are talking about because people are ten foot tall behind a computer screen, you know?!" he told Arte Concert at last weekend's Wacken Open Air festival. "But, you know, a lot of [the reaction to "Implode"] was positive, a lot of people said, 'For anybody that was worried about what Slayer was gonna sound like post-Hanneman, don't worry about it.'"

Adding that he's still aware of the thoughts many fans have towards the group's decision to venture forth after Jeff Hanneman's death, Kerry noted, "I know people are gonna think that [we can't make another quality album], people are gonna expect us to fail because it's the first record without Jeff; I get it.

"But I'm also very proud of what of we've done so far towards new material. It's fast, the slow stuff's heavy. I mean, it's ... Everything that people liked Slayer for in the past is on this record," he added (via Blabbermouth).

As reported, the new album is expected to feature Hanneman's posthumous efforts, although King pointed out on several occasions that forcing Jeff's material onto the record is not an option if the songs aren't good enough. The band's latest song, "Implode," was presented back in May, check it out below.

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